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1.  This Week in SCOHA – November 6th, 2019
Well the beat goes on for the Junior Redwings (5 straight wins), Intermediate Canadiens (5 straight wins), and the Masters Hawks who haven’t lost since week 3. These teams are finding their stride before the Christmas break and they aren’t about to slow down… Let’s get the tree out of ...
by Chris Marttila on 11/07 10:24AM - Story - 35 Hits
2.  This Week in SCOHA - October 29th, 2019
Tomb it may Concern: This Hallowe’en edition will leave many howling while some will be getting ready to hand out those boring toffees in the orange wrapper or non-ripple chips with only 5 in the bag. Scary stuff this past weekend at the ol’ barn so let’s ...
by Chris Marttila on 10/29 11:51PM - Story - 66 Hits
3.  This Week in SCOHA – October 22nd, 2019
This weekly blog should be interesting, I am home sick and I’ve been sipping on a vintage 2006 NyQuill. Let’s uncork what’s been happening on the ice… JUNIOR DIVISION: While we were fighting over ...
by Chris Marttila on 10/22 04:57PM - Story - 76 Hits
4.  This Week in SCOHA - October 11th, 2019
High scores were definitely on the menu last week as SCOHA pucks went home sore. Several players are getting acclimated to their new team’s playbooks while team rivalries are heating up like a bowl of uncovered pea soup in the microwave. Grab a bagel. Grab a coffee and sit down ...
by Chris Marttila on 10/14 05:35PM - Story - 107 Hits
5.  This Week in SCOHA – October 1st, 2019
There’s no question the rivalries are heating up. Some teams are trying to start a campfire in a soggy firepit but will find their stride soon, it’s a long season. Let’s peel back the onion from the weekend that was in Scohaville.
by Chris Marttila on 10/02 11:51AM - Story - 127 Hits
6.  This Week in SCOHA – September 26th, 2019
Please put your seats in the upright position, make sure your seat belt is securely fastened, we are ready for take off on another installment of This Week in SCOHA… oh.. and please view responsibly.
by Chris Marttila on 09/27 05:27PM - Story - 201 Hits
7.  This Week in SCOHA –September 18th, 2019
Week 2 is in the books. Legions of fans turned out for an action-packed Sunday of SCOHA hockey. Kids waited for autographs and selfies after games like never before. Let’s shake out the rug and see what went down.
by Chris Marttila on 09/19 03:20AM - Story - 217 Hits
8.  This Week in SCOHA –September 10th, 2019
We are off and running! Several players changed teams over the off-season while some teams have their deck chairs somewhat in the same spot. Let’s dive into week one of action…
by Chris Marttila on 09/11 04:32AM - Story - 221 Hits
9.  SCOHA Summer Update – July 9, 2019
Go ahead, have seconds at the bbq, we still have plenty of time before off-season regiments are handed out by team captain’s. With about a month before the big SCOHA Draft, several players are contacting their agents to see how much wiggle room their teams have to re-sign them or ...
by Chris Marttila on 07/09 11:04PM - Story - 358 Hits
10.  This Week in SCOHA – May 26th, 2019
May 25, 2019 Jim Mercanti Memorial Golf Tournament On the eve of the 2019 Jim Mercanti Memorial Golf Tournament, players and organizers had their eyes on the CHCH weather forecast while dusting and shining ...
by Chris Marttila on 05/26 10:08PM - Story - 432 Hits
11.  This Week in SCOHA – April 2nd, 2019
These playoffs are blowing everyone's hair back. Unfortunately some more than others. Semi final weekend had tv ratings skyrocket while popcorn and soda were in very high demand at the arena. Shout out to Mary, the waitress upstairs, who is back from maternity leave! Let's unzip this past weekends action. ...
by Chris Marttila on 04/02 10:32AM - Story - 350 Hits
12.  This Week in SCOHA – March 19th, 2019
Another high-flying weekend of playoff hockey that saw some teams polish the apple for a much needed 2 points while others have a few bumps in the walkway. At any rate, let’s go over the week that was. ...
by Chris Marttila on 03/20 10:02AM - Story - 402 Hits
13.  This Week in SCOHA – March 5th, 2019
My hip is still sore from falling off the edge of my sofa. Tore through 2 bags of popcorn watching some crazy playoff hockey over the weekend. Pretty close games, no one got their lunches eaten which makes for more fans and tv ratings. Let’s get right to it.... ...
by Chris Marttila on 03/05 08:59AM - Story - 377 Hits
14.  This Week in SCOHA – February 27th, 2019
Now that we are all sick and tired of shoveling, here’s the scoop on last week’s week in SCOHA which saw master’s Division lift the lid on their playoff season. Meanwhile, rivalries heated up in the Junior and Intermediate groups as they look forward to getting the 2nd season underway. ...
by Chris Marttila on 02/28 12:50PM - Story - 260 Hits
15.  This Week in SCOHA – February 18th, 2019
Lots of catching up to do as my work was busier than a one-legged ass kicker last week, apologies for not getting a blog up. This week we saw the Masters Division finish up regular season play. Standings in all divisions are tighter than security for a presidential motorcade. I ...
by Chris Marttila on 02/19 10:51AM - Story - 262 Hits
16.  This Week in SCOHA – Jan 29th, 2019
What a weekend of action over at the quad. Most of the games were close while a few others .. well you get my drift. Let’s unpack the weekend that was before my break is over... JUNIOR ...
by Chris Marttila on 01/29 10:18PM - Story - 272 Hits
17.  This Week in SCOHA – January 25th, 2019
What a weekend of action! Our game of the week saw the masters Bruins beat the Kings 6-3. More ups and downs than a Pamela Anderson dvd. JUNIOR DIVISION: PENGUINS 8 OILERS 3: Make that 7 straight wins for the Penguins, these guys are ...
by Chris Marttila on 01/24 08:57AM - Story - 284 Hits
18.  This Week in SCOHA - January 18th 2019
Back in the Saddle after more rays than a marijuana plant. All 3 divisions are heating up like a bowl of tomato soup with no lid on... JUNIOR DIVISION: PENGUINS 5 REDWINGS 1: penguins have rattled off 6 straight wins to take ...
by Chris Marttila on 01/19 12:52PM - Story - 248 Hits
19.  This Week in SCOHA – January 3rd, 2019
Back on the ice after the Christmas break where some of us realized we are now a 2XL and brown socks and slippers are cool. Junior Penguins have put together a modest 4 game winning streak while Intermediate Canadiens have only one loss since mid- November, these guys are hotter ...
by Chris Marttila on 01/03 10:32AM - Story - 236 Hits
20.  This Week in SCOHA – December 19th, 2018
Just another day on the beach for the usual point-getters this past weekend as the rivalries are warming up before the new year. Stick tap of the week goes to Master’s Blackhawks Bob “Deep Fryer” Schweyer returned to the lineup and skated like a deer running through the woods, making ...
by Chris Marttila on 12/19 12:05PM - Story - 217 Hits
21.  This Week in SCOHA – December 11th, 2018
JUNIOR DIVISION: No games this week but I had a chance to chat with Bruins goalkeeper Roman Bratovz up at the Hot Stove Lounge and we chatted about his past SCOHA achievements and had some laughs over a few Carlsberg’s. Roman’s resume ...
by Chris Marttila on 12/11 02:39PM - Story - 186 Hits
22.  This Week in SCOHA – Dec. 4th, 2018
Another action-packed week of SCOHA hockey that has many fans sitting on the edge of their sofa’s. Just a heads up, message your team rep if you detect any gamesheet errors and have them email me before the 8pm Monday deadline so I can fix it before posting the ...
by Chris Marttila on 12/04 03:01PM - Story - 222 Hits
23.  This Week in SCOHA – Nov. 27th, 2018
Another weekend in the books as the SCOHA season starts to ramp up, just in time for everyone to gain 12 pounds over the holidays. Junior Blackhawks are the hottest team right now, having won 4 straight and with a few ties before that, haven’t tasted defeat since Oct.12th for ...
by Chris Marttila on 11/27 11:56PM - Story - 202 Hits
24.  This Week in SCOHA – Nov. 20th, 2018
What a week of action! Thanks to the team reps who did their part in crossing off players scratched from the lineup. Besides a few phantom jersey numbers getting points, things went as smooth as a double crown and coke on a Friday evening. Let’s check out some highlights (and ...
by Chris Marttila on 11/20 10:49PM - Story - 198 Hits
25.  This Week in SCOHA - Nov.14th 2018
JUNIOR DIVISION: PENGUINS 6 BRUINS 1: The Bruins game plan to get out of their 5 game winless slump got eaten by their dog. Mike Haslam fired home a pair of goals and an assist to slide the Penguins to a ...
by Chris Marttila on 11/14 08:04AM - Story - 210 Hits
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