This Week in SCOHA - March 26th, 2024

The Terry Lee Appreciation Edition

Hey gang, we are seeing the playoff intensity ramp up which was evident by the penalties column on the game sheets. That said, let’s peel back the onion and go over the games from this past weekend.

United Division:

Bruins 4 Flyers 3: This game was anyone’s to win. Justin “eastgate” Mol scored the game winner with about 9 mins left as the Bruins slid past the Flyers 4-3. This game was nuts. Hearing from a few of the 8 fans that attended and they said this game was close to boiling over at numerous points. Chris “Mr.Usual” Conroy scored a pair for the winners and Bruno “carlos” Santanato shut the front door on several occasions to preserve the big win. Adam “straton” Briggs, Mike Rostecki and Ryan Haslam replied for the Flyers who despite a pair of losses, managed to squeak into the final 4.

Oilers 4 Blackhawks 3: The Oilers ended any hopes for a Blackhawk championship trophy photo as they beat the boys in white 4-3. Tristan Graham led the way with 2 goals while Steve Ditta had 2 assists. Fans are still talking about the Oilers pulling their goalie with 2 seconds left in the 1st period and scoring on a planned play off the draw that went off Blaine Betzold’s kneecap and in. Hawks threw everything but the kitchen and bathroom sink at Justin Ross but the Oilers corporal of the corded cottage stood large in the crease all night. Oilers will now face the Bruins next and the Wings get the Flyers.

Redwings 5 Sharks 3: This game was insane. When the dust settled, the Wings prevailed 5-3 thanks to Justin Dechalelets’ goal with a shade over 14 mins left in the game. Strong effort by Sandro Marrone who tallied up a goal and 2 apples for the winners. Sharks remain winless in the post-season for the first time ever under the tenure of gm Fudge.

Masters Division:

Kings 4 Bruins 1: Frank “jambon” Jambrosich scored the eventual game winner as the Kings folded up the Bruins like a fitted sheet that no guy knows how to fold correctly. Paul “jersey” Shorer also chipped in with a goal and is playing as if his contract is up at the end of the year. Tymen Edelkoort turned aside 23 shots for the win while Eric “guzzle” Sippel had the lone Bruin goal. Looking back at the game sheet, Bruins were missing Dennis Dion and Lee Paule so that’s why they lost.

Penguins 7 Flyers 2: WOW 7 different scorers lit the lamp for the Pens drew all over the Flyers 7-2 despite getting 4 penalties. Goal of the night went to Kevin Roy and if you missed it, it’s your own damn fault, I am not going to replay it. Stick tap to the penmanship on the timekeeper for this game. Good grief, looks like it was all typed for crying out loud. Vince Mercuri took a roughing penalty so there goes the Most Sportsmanship Award down the toilet.

Stars 8 Redwings 4: See what happens when the legend Dave Langille misses a game, all hell breaks loose. Final score was 8-4 for the Stars and this was a tough one for Wings captain, GM, and all-around nice guy Terry Gudgeon who wasn’t mincing words after the game. Danny “friendly giant” DiGiancinto scored the game winner and took the game puck home just for fun. He said he will bring it back this weekend. Larry Litzgus scored a hatty and added a tuna helper for the Redwings and lemme tell ya, if this guy doesn’t get a better contract next season he just might fly the coop and play in the KHL.

Blackhawks 9 Sharks 3: What on earth did Terry Lee have for dinner before this game? 6 GOALS! Yes, confirmed by captain Billy Kircos that Terry Lee scored 6 goals as the Hawks trounced the Sharks 8-3. There aren’t enough words to describe this effort. Has anyone ever scored 6 in a SCOHA playoff game? I know dale Brons put 6 in his own net one night but that’s another story. Let’s not forget the Sharks scoring 3 goals in a span of 1:18 which is also quite the accomplishment despite the loss. Crazy game, folks, you missed a good one.

Well that’s all that shook down this past weekend at the SCOHA Ice Palace. There are no games this weekend as Easter gets in the way of our hockey careers. This fella is off to the sand and sun in a bit over a week so I will miss my team's semifinal and possibly the championship game but will be back for the Master’s lifting of the cup on the Sunday. Good luck to all teams, chat soon.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist

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