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This Week in SCOHA - Mar 8 2016

Playoffs   Week 2:



Blackhawks - 7   Bruins - 6    Big win by the Hawks Friday night as Ron Cybalski had the hat trick

Redwings - 1   Flyers - 0   RedWings' Tim Visser with the tight shutout

Penguins - 1   Oilers - 1  No winner but lots of action in this game



Flyers - 2   Blackhawks - 2    The theme was a tie for the Intermediate division , as the Flyers shocked the Hhawks,     Joad Durst with a pair

Kings - 3   Penguins - 3   Another game and another tie

Sharks - 3   Bruins - 3  Final game of the night for Intermediate and another tie



Sharks - 4   Devils - 3        Sharks' Guy Shaver with a nice playoff hat trick to squeak out a win vs the Devils

Canadiens - 3   Blackhawks - 1  Habs keep rolling and are 2-0

Stars - 5   Flyers - 1    Stars big upset vs the Flyers  as Stars'  goalie Tony Mercuri stole the show and was helped by Bob Tirnanic with a pair

This Week in SCOHA - Feb 29 2016

Playoffs   Week 1:


Redwings - 7   Oilers - 0   RedWings pounded the Oilers with the shutout by Steve Cuthbert and two goals each by Sunny Suhai and Steven Ditta

Penguins - 4   Bruins - 1  Pens handled the Bruins easily Friday night Jason Harvey with a pair

Blackhawks - 5   Flyers - 0  Another shutout for BlackHawks' Kevin Hikida



Kings - 3   Sharks - 1  Kings got two by Walt Blagdon

Bruins - 8   Flyers - 2   Bruins beat up the last place Flyers by 6 goals led by Dwayne Kavanaugh

Blackhawks - 6   Penguins - 5    Blackhawks - Hat Trick  Joad Durst



Canadiens - 3   Stars - 2      The first place Habs squeaked by the Stars with a late goal with less than 2 minutes left for the win. Habs' Henry Marfisi with two

Devils - 3   Flyers - 0       In the big upset of the division Devils' Brian Deanes with the clutch shutout

Sharks - 4   Blackhawks - 1   Sharks' Ghislain Piche  got the winning goal

This Week in SCOHA - Feb 22 2016


Oilers - 6   Flyers - 1      Oilers big break out game with two goals each by Troy Sheridan and Dina LaPorta

Blackhawks - 8   Bruins - 0  BlackHawks' Kevin Hikida with the big time shutout and three goals by Ron Cybalski and two by Luc LaCasse

Redwings - 4   Penguins - 1      Red wings finished the season off with a bang as they beat up the Pens



Sharks - 3   Penguins - 1       Sharks finished the season with a nice win against the tough Pens

Kings - 3   Flyers - 1      Kings' Steve Marshall with had two more goal to add to his pile this season

Bruins - 1   Blackhawks - 0     Bruins' Etienne Venne  with the tough donut in this nail biter



Sharks - 2   Canadiens - 0    Sharks'  Richard Paquet adds to his shutout total with another one Sunday night

Devils - 5   Blackhawks - 0  Devils' Brian Deanes finished the season perfectly with a nice shutout and Devils' Dale Brons added two goals in the win

Stars - 6   Flyers - 1    The new look Stars were led by Larry Litzgus who tallied four in the big win to finish off the season for the Stars


This completes the 25th anniversary season of SCOHA  and now on to the playoffs !!!!

This Week in SCOHA - Feb 15 2016


Penguins - 6   Blackhawks - 4     Pens once again lead by league leading sniper Shawn James with the Hat Trick and Dave Braid had two goals as they outlasted the Black Hawks Friday night

Redwings - 7   Flyers - 2     In the smashing of the night the Wings took apart the Flyers led by Bryan Purins with a Hat Trick and Rob Merritt with two and Dave Holmes with two as well

Oilers - 3   Bruins - 2  In a tight game that was decided by a goal the Oilers got past the Bruins



Kings - 3   Sharks - 3      In the only tie of the weekend ,  Sharks led by Nick Miscione with two goals  and Kings had Dave Johnson with two goals of his own

Penguins - 7   Bruins - 4    Pens light the lamp 7 times. Steve Smith with the Hat Trick as they beat up the Bruins. The Bruins' Wayne Sliwinski had a pair

Blackhawks - 6   Flyers - 2  Black Hawks' Troy Izlakar had two of the 6 goals for the Hawks as they added to the Flyers' tough season



Stars - 6   Blackhawks - 4        With some fresh line combos the Stars broke out of the funk led by Grant Voisin with  two goals as the Stars finally beat the Black Hawks Sunday afternoon.    Hawks led by Bill Kirkos with two goals for the losing side

Sharks - 4   Flyers - 2   six different goal scorers Sunday evening  as the Sharks won this match  up

Canadiens - 4   Devils - 2    Habs led by Henry Marfisi with two as they beat the struggling Devils 


This Week in SCOHA - Feb 8 2016

SCOHA  invaded the First Ontario Centre Friday night and Sunday afternoon in our 25th anniversary celebration 

Redwings - 5   Bruins - 1  RedWings' Steven Dita and Peter Tompkins had two goals each to help paste the Bruins Flyers - 3   Penguins - 2  In a back and fourth game, the Flyers squeaked past the Pens Oilers - 5   Blackhawks - 3    Oilers' Charlie Polizzi with the hat trick in front of the scouts as he helped down the BlackHawks at the former Copps Coliseum   Intermediate: Flyers - 3   Bruins - 3            Flyers' Jim Lennie had the hat trick as he took care of all the scoring for the Flyers and then Bruins led by Mike Miscio had a pair of his own Sharks - 6   Blackhawks - 3   Sharks' Charlie Polizzi had 4 more goals (7 all told at Copps this weekend)   as the fish doubled up the BlackHawks Kings - 2   Penguins - 0   Kings' Bill Templeman had the shutout in front of a big crowd as he silenced the Penguins   Masters: Sharks - 3   Devils - 0      Sharks Richard Paquet kept the shutout theme going as he silenced the very quiet Devils Canadiens - 5   Stars - 0   Joe DeFaria of the Habs was able to save all 4 shots he saw as he added to his league leading shutout totals. As the struggling Stars could not get going again Flyers - 6   Blackhawks - 1  Flyers led by Dean Fournier had two goals as they took apart the last place BlackHawks just before the Super Bowl. Just in time to hear Lady G croon the American National Anthem.  


This Week in SCOHA - Jan 30 2016


Blackhawks - 6   Flyers - 2    Black Hawks routed the Flyers and led by Ron Cybalski with the hat trick and two by Doug Moulton

Redwings - 4   Oilers - 0    Big shutout by Red Wings' Tim Visser and two goals by Sunny Sahai

Penguins - 6   Bruins - 1  Pens beat up the Bruins  with six different goal scorers



Penguins - 2   Blackhawks - 2      Black Hawks' Joad Durst supplied all the scoring for his side as they tied the Pens

Flyers - 4   Sharks - 1  Flyers with a nice win vs the Sharks and led by Steve Watt with a pair

Bruins - 3   Kings - 1     Bruins' Wayne Sliwinski had a pair of goals to help down the Kings on Sunday night



Devils - 1   Stars - 1       In a tight game where both goals scored within 15 seconds of each other Grant Voisin for the Stars and Bob Schweyer for the Devils

Flyers - 7   Canadiens - 4    Flyers solved the Habs puzzle and stopped the unbeaten streak of 16 games on Sunday. Kevin Boyd had a pair for the Flyers    and Alan Rizzuto had a pair for the losing side

Sharks - 9   Blackhawks - 3            In the smashing of the night    Sharks bit the Hawks  led by the Dave Cathcart with a hat trick and John Toth with a pair of goals 


This Week in SCOHA - Jan 24 2016


Penguins - 8   Oilers - 2     In the smashing of the weekend the Pens were all over the Oilers led by John Spatazzo with his first hat trick with Pat Ryan chipping in a pair.

Flyers - 2   Bruins - 2    In a tight goaltending and defensive match nothing was decided by the end of this one.

Red Wings - 3   Blackhawks - 1   In the quick game of the night , the Wings were led by three different goal scorers as they downed the BlackHawks.



Penguins - 7   Flyers - 3  The other Penguins also had a big goal night as they potted seven. Led by Pete Fantauzzo with a pair.

Bruins - 4   Sharks - 3     Bruins' Mike Miscio had a couple on Sunday as they beat the Sharks by a goal.

Kings - 3   Blackhawks - 3    In a back and forth game ending in a deadlock , nothing was settled in this one as well.



Flyers - 4   Devils - 0     Flyers' Gord Johnson had the big shutout and the Flyers were led by Tim Manning with a pair as they  handed the Devils the loss.

Stars - 2   Sharks - 1   A late PP goal by the Stars in the final moments of the game had the Stars pull off a big win

Canadiens - 3   Blackhawks - 3   Another tie on Sunday as the Habs and Flyers ended up in a draw . Flyers' Bill Pauhl had a pair. 


This Week in SCOHA - Jan 4 2016

Bruins 7  vs Flyers 1          In the pounding of the new year year Bruins led by Wayne and Jason Sliwinski with 2 goals each as well as Alfonso Tinebra as they beat up the Flyers
Penguins 3 vs Kings  3       In a tight contest Pens had two goals by Dave Armstrong and Kings led  by Alan Herron with a pair
Sharks 5  vs Black Hawks 4          In a back and fourth affair, Sharks led by Charlie Polizzi with a Hat trick and the Black Hawks were led by Jeff Davis with a pair
Sharks 5  vs Devils  0      Sharks' Richard Paquet had the big shutout Sunday Night as the Sharks dominated the defending champs the Devils
Flyers 8 vs Black Hawks 3        Flyers were all over the last place BlackHawks as they were led by Bill Pauhl and Tim Manning with two each as they destroyed the struggling BlackHawks
Stars 2 vs Canadiens 2              Canadiens riding a 12 game win streak had the win streak snapped by the surging Stars as the Stars scored a come back goal  in the second period  to get the tie .  

This Week in SCOHA - Dec 28 2015


Redwings - 4   Bruins - 2     Borrowed Penguin Shawn James scored two for the Wings helping to double up on the Bruins

Penguins - 4   Flyers - 2  Penguins' Brian Spilak had a pair as the Pens doubled up the Flyers

Blackhawks - 5   Oilers - 1   Black Hawks'  Ron Cybalski had the hat trick in a five point night as the Hawks blasted the Oilers



Penguins - 7   Blackhawks - 1   Penguins demolished the Black Hawks on Sunday as Dave Armstrong and Scott Cochrane had a pair each

Kings - 4   Bruins - 1  Kings' Steve Marshall keeps rolling with his team leading goal count with two more goals

Flyers - 3   Sharks - 3   Flyers' Steve Watt got a pair of goals as the Sharks and Flyers battled it out in a tie 



Sharks - 10   Blackhawks - 6  In the crazy game of the weekend with 16 goals, Sharks' Guy Shaver had a hat trick and Vince Mercury had a pair. Black Hawks' Tony Montgomery had a pair in a losing cause

Canadiens - 4   Flyers - 2  Habs'  Ralph Ionico had a pair as the Habs kept rolling along and have a secure strangle hold on first place

Stars - 3   Devils - 0  Stars' Tony Mercury shone Sunday night with the shut out as the Stars have won three straight to get out of the basement.

This Week in SCOHA - Dec 21 2015


Redwings - 5   Oilers - 1      Decisive win by the Wings Friday night as they scored 5 goals led by Sunny Sahai's pair

Flyers - 3   Blackhawks - 3     It was the Hawks' Ron Cybalski with all the scoring for the Hawks as he had the 'trick as he helped tie the Flyers

Penguins - 4   Bruins - 4     Bruins' Tom Mitchell and Mark Davies both tallied 2 as they helped  tie the Pens



Bruins - 3   Sharks - 1    In a spirited game Sunday, the Bruins nipped the Sharks by a couple of goals

Kings - 1   Blackhawks - 1  In a defensive tilt Sunday night at the Quad it was a battle of great goaltending as the game ended at ones

Flyers - 6   Penguins - 2    Team rep Dave Wichman lead the Flyers with a pair of goals as they handled the Pens who were led by new recruit Scott Cochrane's pair of markers



Stars - 7   Sharks - 3     Stars' Larry Litzgus back from the IR had 4 goals and a couple of helpers as line number one accounted for all 7 goals. He and Kelly Rintjema had two each on the top line as they beat the Sharks and Guy Shaver who had a pair

Canadiens - 3   Blackhawks - 1    Habs kept rolling and the wins keep coming as they continue to be on top of the division

Flyers - 3   Devils - 1    In a battle of defence on Sunday the Flyers got past the Devils on Sunday night