This Week in SCOHA - March 14th, 2024

The Pre-St.Paddy’s Edition

Well that was quite a bunch of games on the docket this past weekend! More upsets than I can imagine since I joined the league back in 78.

First off, we are opening up team sponsorship starting next season. To get full details, email either Chris Barratto or Terry Gudgeon. Their email addresses are on the website. Or just do the old-fashioned way of communicating, flag one of them down at the rink. Apparently 2 teams are already sponsored for next year so get your questions answered sooner than later to avoid disappointment! Great way to promote your business, folks!

United Division:

Oilers 2 Redwings 2: This was a SCOHA classic, fellas! Both teams left it all on the ice. Andrew baker tied things up with a tick under 5 minutes left to secure the tie. Some Chris Marttila guy scored for the Oilers, as did Shawn James. For the redwings, Marco Caiella also scored. This game was off the wall, kind of like skateboarding in an empty pool with jeans and a pair of Vans shoes on in Orange County, California. Not biased but watch out for this determined Oiler squad.

Bruins 5 Blackhawks 0: Bruno Santanato came to the rink with his gear in one hand and a can of Jolt Cola in the other. He turned away 36 shots for the shutout and the game puck. His 49th career shutout as the Bruins folded up the Hawks like grandma folds up the very corner of the napkin to wipe her face. Ross LaCasse scored the eventual game winner while Chris Conroy netted a hatty for the B’s who swarmed the hawks every single time they got the puck. Hawks were missing a few guys, one in particular was Johnny Carvalho who hated missing this game. He didn’t tell me that, I just assumed. Anyone see Conroy’s goals in this game? Guy could sit on the couch eating pop tarts and Lunchables all day but still come to the rink and light er’ up.

Flyers 4 Sharks 1: Flyers brought a snowmobile to the snowball fight. This game was in Charlie Sheen mode. Hope the ice baths helped the bruises after this one. I can’t even get into a pool under 78 degrees, never mind a damn ice bath. Dylan McInerney scored the game winner while the captain of the ship, Mike Haslam, scored a goal and added a hamburger helper to lead his mean in orange to victory. The Flyers stormed the Sharks castle all night despite down 4 players. Sharks went home knowing they will need a better effort this weekend and I have a feeling they will. Angelo Fidanza scored the lone Shark goal and despite rumours he will depart the Sharks for the Dundas Ants next season, he is quick to squash any thought of his dismissal.

Masters Division:

Bruins 5 Penguins 4: An hour before gametime, this one beared all the hallmarks of a possible upset and the Bruins didn’t disappoint. Ghislain Piche scored on a penalty shot to make it 5-2 but the the Pens came back, falling a bit short, 5-4. Fans went home pretty happy the way both teams played but the penguins have set a high bar for themselves this year, only losing one all season before this defeat. Anything can happen in the playoffs, folks. Steve Horner scored 3 for the Bruins but that is expected when he accounts for 82% of the payroll on this team. In the end, the Bruins hung on to the 2 points. The ledge of this game knows no boundaries.

Blackhawks 2 Redwings 1: I watched this game in it’s entirety except when I needed to take a leak. Steve Smith scored with a shade under 7 minutes left as the Hawks edged the Wings 2-1. What an effort by the Wings but the playoff tenacity of the hawks seemed to one-up the guys in white. Al “get off my lawn” Oddie scored a beauty for the Redwings in a losing cause.

Flyers 2 Kings 1: Another Pepto Bismol upset as the Flyers snuck by the Kings 2-1. Ed “shaky” Walton scored the game winner and Joe LoCiccero turned aside 19 shots as the Flyers leaped right into the hunt for the cup. You don’t have to squint hard to see this Flyer club has some serious potential. Earlier in the season, they couldn’t organize a 2-car parade but they seem to be playing a lot better the last 4 or 5 weeks. Don’t count them out.

Stars 4 Sharks 3: What a difference without Shark defenceman Len Brown in the lineup. When the final buzzer went, the Stars escaped with a 4-3 win. Dino “diceman” Giudice scored the winner with a bit over 5 minutes left to seal the W for a motivated Stars team. They were lucky the Sharks didn’t capitalize on the 3 powerplays they had but who am I to say. Both goaltenders played well, this could’ve been an 80’s style 9-8 Oilers/Jets game. Sharks have all the pieces to content, there are still a few games left. Apparently Monday morning’s practice was a pretty spirited one, concentrating on battles along the dasher boards and winning more faceoffs the hard way. Shark’s Ed Aitchinson score a pair in a losing cause and still talked to reporters after the game.

Well that puts a lid on last week’s action from Scohaville. This weekend we will see some desperate teams stepping up to stay in the mix for the cup. Looking forward to the sore legs just in time for some green beer and that beermug side-to-side thing people do to act like true Irishmen. Have a great rest of the week and hey, keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist

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