A Teams 2004-2005

A- Division Players Information 2004-2005
# 1 Flames # 2 Blues
Bob Wallace (def) (R) Guy McPhee (def) (R)
John Zanon (for) Kevin Doyle (def)
Norm Lyell (goal) Andy Rossit (def)
Gino Celebre (def)Gene Dupuis (def) Mike Merkler (for)
Paul Stubb (def) Paul Hayes (for)
Tony Rimac f/d Jim Hill (for)
Joel Tambeau f/d Steve Doyle (def)
Pat Sergi (for) Maurice Cecca (f/d)
Rick Baumgartner (for) Bruce Smith (def)
Byron Millette (for) John Sebastiano (for)
Russ Bryers (for) Mike Richard (for)
Paul Cleary (for) Mike Ciavarella (for)
John Faguy (for) Briamn Bollert (for)
Dennis Haradyn (for) Lane Dunlop (goal)
# 3 Thrashers # 4 Stars
Randy Roubos (def) (R) Dave Arbic (for) (R)
Don Ellis (goal) John Elter (for)
Larry Sipos (for) Joel Taggart (for)
Jack Dell (for) Jim Croucher (goal)
Bill McBay Mike Haslan (for)
Hank Prenger (for) Sandro Stramenga (def)
Brian Macneil (def) Gil Moore (for)
Ted Mackenzie (def) Guy Shaver (for)
Jeff Wright (def) Paul McLeod (for)
Warren Russell (for) Paul Bradica (def)
Dale Scott (for) Dave Loewan (for)
Gerrard Barraou (for) Bob Pauhl (def)
Andre Leblanc (for) Pete Marlow (for)
Kelly Rintjema (for) Rick Weatherstone (for)
# 5 Bruins # 6 Sabres
Dan Austin (for) (R) Carl Buckner (for) (R)
Paul Doucette (for) Doug Markham (for)
Bruno Bortollotto (for) Brian Prince (for)
Pete Gilmour (def) Scott Utter (for)
Les Pierce (def) Gary Atkinson (def)
Len Demetrie (for) Frank Mercuri (def)
Sandro Cipparone (for) Dave Castelli (for)
Jeff Doucette (for) Glen Stuebing (for)
Mike Archer (for) Mike Ciaramella (for)
Al Oddie (def) Tom Moore (for)
Todd Kerr (for) Nick Mol (def)
Paul Vukosa (for) Nick Castelli (for)
Ed Riley (f/d) Adrian Woodward (goal)
Gary Yachetti (goal) Mike Moore (for)
# 7 Sharks # 8 Leafs
Gino Tittarella (for) (R) Bill Curran (for) (R)
Bill McNeil (f/d) Craig Mcgilvery (for)
Emidio DiPietro (for) Mark Powell (for)
Ralph Sciullo (def) John Pasalic (for)
John Annibale (f/d) Fred Bauer (def)
Lino Ruggieri (for) John Stipan (def)
Alfonso Tinebra (for) Jim Pyne (for)
Vic Cercone (for) Rick Gagne (def)
Mike O\'Brien (goal) Peter Neumeyer (for)
Albert Facenda (for) Mark Shadwell (for)
Lloyd Ripani (def) Jason Anderson (for)
Vince Agro (for) Chris Drakos (for)
John Szasz (def) Eric Coombs (for)
Rob Diemer (for) Stephan Simon (goal)
# 9 Flyers # 10 Devils
Tom Burns (def) (R) Brent Atkins (def) (R)
Rob Mayer (for) Dino Vacca (for)
Dave Cairns (for) Greg Ross (for)
Pete Rodgers (for) Jeff Armour (goal)
Shane Doyle (goal) Dale Brons (for)
Sam Monte (for) Pete Stampone (def)
Dave Wolfe (def) Ron Powell (for)
Dan Kinsella (def) Norm Col (def)
Steve Kennish (for) Mario D\'allesandro (def)
Lance Davis (for) George Gillis (for)
Brett Lewis (def) Frank D\'allesandro (for)
Randy High (for) Rick Grunwald (for)
Dave Friketch (for) Dennis Whitwell (for)
Pat Caruso (for) Bob Howarth (for)
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