League Rules:

If a team loses any players or its goalie, the league will look for replacement players (anytime during the regular season).

The League will look for replacement players of equal rating.

No player will be replaced once playoffs start.         *To be implemented for the 2022-2023 season.

Any player receiving a three (3), or more, game suspension will be called in front of the disciplinary board to explain his actions. The Team Rep. is also invited.

When a player brings a new player(s) into the league, the draft committee will make every effort to place them on the same team (first year only). The Executive has to be informed of this fact in writing (e-mail).

After eight (8) games the Executive will look at all the teams and assess if equalization is needed, and if there is anything within the rules that can be done to balance the division.

Refereeing complaints have to be in writing to the president (e-mail), and have:                  

                                -at least 2 complaints received, from players or team reps on 2 different teams.                          

 The league will then investigate the complaint.

Any proposed changes to the constitution have to be made 30 days before the AGM and in writing to the secretary.

All returning players are guaranteed a spot for the following season, up to and including July 1st   

After July 1st it will be first come first serve for the upcoming season. After we have reached the maximum number of players for the division (13 skaters and a goalie per team) players will be informed and put on a waiting list.

Penalties may be assessed at any time before, during or after a game, when an offense is committed, regardless of whether or not play is in progress. Penalties may also be assessed for infractions of rules committed during the pre-game warm-up, when observed by the Referee and/or League Official. Any player(s) who is/are assessed any penalty(ies) in the pre-game warm-up shall automatically have their name(s) placed on the Official Game Report (game sheet)

*To be implemented for the 2018-2017 season.

Stoney Creek Old Timers play under CARHA rules.

Additional SCOHA  Rules:

We play two (2) sixteen minute periods. Goalies start game at opposite ends from their team’s bench.

1. The timekeepers will put 19:00 minutes on the clock as soon as the Zamboni leaves the ice and the warm-up is started. At the 17:00 mark the referees will blow the whistle/ timekeeper will sound the buzzer, signaling the end of the warm-up. The clock will continue to run and the refs will drop the puck at the 16:00 minute mark or when both teams are ready. The time clock will stop at the first stoppage of play.

2. Timekeeper will continue to write on the game sheet when Zamboni door closes, and what time the game ends at.

 At the end of the game please shake hands quickly and vacate the ice and benches in an expedient manner.

All Teams must designate an on-ice Captain and 2 Assistant Captains “C” & “A” . These are the only individuals that are authorized to speak to the referee's during a game. Any profane or offensive language by any player at anytime will result in a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. A second incident of this conduct during the same game will result in a game ejection.

Any player receiving three (3) minor penalties in a game will be assessed a Game Ejection (GE), from that game only. Game Ejection (GE) carry no additional action.

No slap shots (stick above the knee) or fake slap shoots . A two (2) minute penalty will be enforced if this occurs.

No center red line on icing calls (only have to be outside your blue line.)

Any player that raises the stick above the shoulder, whether contacting the puck or not,  will receive a two (2) minute penalty.

If the puck hits the goalies head or the goalie mask comes off, the play is blown dead immediately.

If after hitting the goalie mask, the puck crosses the goal line, it is no goal.

Half visor is mandatory and full visor is recommended to play in SCOHA.

Any contact with the goalie in the (Blue Ice) Goalie crease, the offending player will be assessed a two (2) minute goalie interference penalty.

If the offensive player is pushed into the goalie by the defending player, the defending player will be penalized.

Players must try to avoid contact with a goalie outside the goalie crease, any deliberate contact with a goalie  and a goalie interference penalty will be assessed.

Any player receiving a fighting major will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

Any player that drops his gloves but does not strike another player will receive a game ejection and

  a two (2) game suspension.

No Team rep. Is allowed to sit players (shorten the bench) other than in the last 3 min. of a playoff game.

Any Team rep. Caught sitting players will be removed as a Team rep. *To be implemented for the 2015-2016 season.

Any player verbally abusing a Referee, Time Keeper or League Executive (game office) will be given one warning (this is at the discretion of the official). If it continues a two (2) minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct will be assessed, and if it still continues a Game Misconduct will be assessed (GM21) (Verbal Abuse of game Official). This carries an ejection from that game and a one (1) game suspension.  If this conduct continues the league will take further action. *To be implemented for the 2015-2016 season.

Protective Equipment - Helmets-

A player on the ice whose helmet comes off while play is in progress, shall not participate in the play in any manner without their helmet.

The player must immediately

(A) proceed to the players bench or

(B) put the helmet back on with the chin strap properly fastened.

Player may not return to the ice without a helmet.

 If a player participates in the play in any manner without their helmet, the play must be stopped immediately. No penalty is to be assessed. 

 *To be implemented for the 2019-2020 season.

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