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Player Movement and Ratings

SCOHA 2009/2010

Player Movement and Ratings.

At the AGM meeting earlier this year and at the ratings meetings following, a lot of time was spent on getting the player ratings to a point where there would be parity in the league. If you bring a new player in, and know his caliber, it is in the best interest of the league to be upfront and rate him accurately. There is no fairness in the draft if new players rate themselves lower to slide in on a friends team and sit in the bush, trying to gain an advantage. We as a league do not have protected players, but are open to trying to accommodate guys wanting to play together. If guys are rated properly at the beginning there should be a very balanced league and players will not have to be moved.. On the other side if that player has an over inflated or unknowingly rates himself too high, the drafting team is put in the hole. This is why after a set no. of games we decided to re-evaluate new players, like the ratings meetings we had for existing players. A rep-meeting or a formula to re-rate new players in a transparent forum seems to be the best way to analyze if there should be any player movement. The idea is  to keep the league balanced and allow everyone an opportunity to play competitively.

If anyone is in a conflict of interest with someone on their team, they should abstain from the deciding vote. I do not see this as a closed issue, with the lack of info being shared, I'm not sure as a rep. I can adequately explain to my teammates the way the league approaches this issue.

Mike Vanderzee, rep Predators, Master Div.     

Season Updates

SCOHA 2009/2010
Schedule Changes - Makeup Games

Intermediate :  

Saturday Jan 23rd 6:15pm Wild Vs Blues Saturday Jan 23rd 7:15pm Bruins Vs Flyers       Saturday Jan 30th 6:15pm Leafs Vs Red Wings Saturday Jan 30th 7:15pm Oilers Vs Sharks   If your team requires a goalie for any game, you must call Gene Dupuis @ (905) 679-8050 to arrange for a replacement.

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