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"B" Division-Great Regular Season!

SCOHA 2004/2005
Congratulations to all teams in the "B" division on a great and very close regular season. In fact only 11 points separate 1st to 8th. As well congratulations to the Islanders for winning their final regular season game. They could be the dark horse in the play-offs now that all of their players are back. I am glad to see that we had parity this year in our division. Good luck to everyone in the play-offs!


SCOHA 2004/2005
I would just like to thank SCOHA,for once again, supplying another fun filled season of hockey & most important time with good friends. I think the players owe the team reps and the SCOHA management a great big thank you. I for one, have had more fun in this league, then all my forty years of hockey Once again, thanks very much, Lance Davis.

Anonymous Postings

SCOHA 2004/2005
A decision was made last month to disallow anonymous posts. Its too easy to forge an article and attribute it to someone else. From now on, you must log on to a valid userid to submit a post. This includes the anonymous poster that submitted an article on Sunday. Sorry, but we need to know who is posting before we publish. If you can't remember your password, the system will email it to you as long as you provided a valid email address when you signed up. If you still have problems, send me an email.

Message from the Pres!

SCOHA 2004/2005

Let's first get all the bad comments off the web, if you have to vent - call me, not once have I recieved a call regarding the league, other then from a team rep or an Executive member. If you dont know by now , I will tell you that all of the Leagues executives and team Reps are Volunteers, giving up alot of there time during the season, but anytime i call them in the Summer months. Most of the members have no idea what goes on during the off season, So I will give you a little insight since I have been on the Executive since 1995. Summer meetings, meetings with City hall trying to keep our ice times, lining up the schedule ,refs, timekeepers and I am just touching on a couple of issues that go on all year round. What I am trying to say, is that the Executive and team reps go beyond just playing hockey. Each year we ask for help for the league and the tournament, and it is the same people time in and out, Then I read about getting rid of the players / team reps/ executive, If someone is ready to step up and take over all the BS we as Executive and reps take please call ,because new blood is good. As far as players not showing up, team reps do appreciate calls but - do we need to babysit? NO. So unless you want to walk a mile in our shoes and take the responsibilities, step up and be known.

I've enjoyed my time on the Executive and have met numerous people over the years which I have felt honoured to call my friends now. The Executive is right now working with the City in moving to the Quad pad for next season along with extra games this season at the Quad,

So when you hear about the AGM in late May or early June make an effort to show up. Because usually 20 people decide on how the league is run. If you want to pick a team please step up and let us know now, not half way thru the season. please feel free to call me or talk to me at the Arena, PS the presidents spot is open for election for next season so read between my lines, it would be nice for a change to show up at the Arena to play and watch, just like 90% of the players do while 10% care how the league is run.

Thank you for letting me vent but it has been along 10 years to get this league where it is today since Frank and myself took the reins. So next time you talk to your team rep or one of the Executives just remember - we have lives outside of this hockey.

Tom Burns

Equalization of teams ,what a farce

SCOHA 2004/2005
Since the beginning of the season if your whole team shows up and you do well they ( the executive) tear it apart in the name of equalization. Therefore we have all learnt from this that it is best to sand bag a few games so you dont look good and they will give your team some help. The Islanders needed some help but it was the predators who get " Crooker "from the imaginary waiting list" , that know one gets to see except the chosen few. What a farce . Oh lets not forget the predators have two executive on that roster. Change should be done right now to help the Ilslanders "Crooker "should go to the ilslansers for their B+ player because " Crooker " never gets off the ice any way and he has just arrived to the Predators so its not like he has made many friends and he is not gonna make any if he never gets off the ice anyway . Thank you for your time Bob Bazinet


SCOHA 2004/2005
When is the executive going to step up and deal with this team. In the past month they have defaulted 2 games. It's a pain in the ass to show up for the game and end up playing shinny. If the team rep can't get his team out - replace him. If his players don't want to play- replace them. If what the executive says is true, there are enough players on the waiting list to step up and take their place. If the executive won't deal with it- replace them Don Ellis


SCOHA 2004/2005
I was wondering if anything is going on this year at Christmas? A family skate like last year? I just have to make plans for a family dinner and would like to work around it. Last year I had to miss out and would not want to miss again this if at all possible.