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THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – January 10th, 2021

Cooped up

SCOHA 2019/2020

Hey fellas, hope everyone had a good Christmas. I've watched Netflix twice now, feel all cooped up like being stuck in a car full of bees. This Covid thing could last longer than a Honda Civic for crying out loud!

After talking to a few fellow Scohaiians last week, there seems to be some creativity circulating amongst us. After several chili nights and Indian take out dinners, masters division sniper Guy Shaver has made use of his many empty toilet paper rolls. He has made a symphony orchestra worth of horns that he plans on selling online.

Meanwhile over in the junior division, the Haslam gang are knee deep in a 30-day Lego challenge. They have completed a barn and a space shuttle so far. Intermediate superstar Bob Tenison has reportedly switched gears during the lockout and has enjoyed curling up with a blanket with some New York bestsellers and saucy books to keep occupied. Masters Chris Barratto is still trying to figure out his cheese making kit he got for Christmas.

Before I continue, I would be remiss if I didn't voice my displeasure with a few players that staged  a march last week to Terry's house to protest our lost season. They smashed windows, looted the place and even took photos sitting at his computer desk. Worst of all, they drank his last Molson Golden from the fridge. We will refrain from revealing the organizer of this protest but his name rhymes with Cave Ditchman.

At any rate, hope you are all keeping safe and are following the rules. We all look forward to that first night we can all have some pints, pizza and nachos up at the bar. There will be more than one player hanging like a wreath the next morning, myself included.

Chris Marttila

THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – December 2nd, 2020

2nd Wave Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

Well so much for that. I spent $199.00 for the SCOHA Centre Ice Package for my tv then Terry goes and announces the season is suspended. Had the popcorn and colas ready for opening night, too…. A big nothing burger to say the very least.

Well the Draft Night 2020 Extravaganza went off without a hitch. Gord Bryce took his usual half an hour for each selection, disobeying the egg timer dings all night but he eventually got the last laugh, assembling a Bruins squad only Don Cherry would love. Grit, skill and determination were his 3 key puzzle pieces in compiling his dream team.

The newly-named United Division looks liked a bag of all-dressed chips with all types of flavoured talent scattered amongst the 4 teams.

Some bigtime SCOHAIANS made the tough call to opt out for the season, more importantly master’s puck wizard Guy Shaver. Little does he know, his wife actually sent the email. Guy has been over at the arena shoveling the parking lot thinking we are starting up again this Sunday. Since his tent got thrown in the back of a garbage truck down at City Hall this week while hanging out with the protesters, he remains optimistic we will get this season up and running soon.

Let’s give the arena skate sharpening kid some appreciation. He’s spent most of his lonely nights at the rink with the sharpener still on making cool sparks for something to do. Sticks might be increased to $800 each if and when we get back to the regular norm..

As of right now, there are more cases than the Hamilton Airport luggage carousel in our city. No one has a clue when we will lace up the twirlers again. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for those damn chicken wings up at the Lounge….

Master’s Chris Barratto is using this off-time wisely. He set up a synthetic basement rink and is practicing his wrist shots nightly with his cat in net. His white cat is now a black one. Last we heard, Chris’s beard has officially reached his knees.

Other than that, it’s been pretty dull without hockey. Everyone has watched all of Netflix twice, we are volunteering to do the dishes, and the damn lights have been up since November 8th.

Keep positive, fellas. Barring any court challenges or recounts, we all hope to get back to the rink real soon.

Classic hockey line of the year from legendary Edmonton broadcaster Cecil “Tiger” Goldstick, “If they played this game in my backyard, I would’ve closed the drapes”… 

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Membership Covid-19 Update November 23, 2020

Code Red

SCOHA 2019/2020

Good Day, SCOHA 
As you are aware when Hamilton entered Code Red on Monday, November 16th, all hockey including our league was put on pause before we could get started. We will remain in Code Red for a minimum of 28 days.  This will put us right into our Christmas Shutdown. 
When we do come out of Code Red next month our first game back would be Friday, January 8th for United and Sunday, January 10th for the Master division.  This still gives us a 12 Game shortened season with play-offs.  If by chance we are not permitted to resume at that time the 2020-21 Season will , unfortunately, be canceled for safety and lack of weeks remaining to warrant a season. 
Refunds will be provided for all canceled games or a full refund for the full season if we cannot get started. There will also be partial refunds for expanded rosters in masters if that is still the case when we resume. 

We should have more details on a Return to Play plan the week of December 14th. 
Stay safe,

 SCOHA executive

SCOHA Membership Covid-19 Update Oct 8 2020

Return To Play

SCOHA 2019/2020

Hope everyone is healthy.

An email is being sent to all players who have registered to play and the players on the spare/waiting list.

This is what is happening with SCOHA this season. COVID-19 has forced us to make many difficult decisions to make this season happen.

Junior     had 49 players not signup this season.
Int.          had 47 players not signup this season.

Masters had 29 players not sign up this season.

We will be getting a Dressing room for the game, but we still have the 15-minute before and after each game to enter and exit the rink.

The season will be 18 weeks in duration, tentatively commencing mid-November..

With the number of players that have registered and said they are playing; we are structuring the league in this way:

Masters will have 8 teams (10 skaters and a goalie) Each team will have 2 Friday night games this season.

Junior and Intermediate will have to be combined into the "United" Division, 6 teams, (10 skaters and a goalie) playing a 50% split of the game on Fridays and Sundays.

We need all players to return their jerseys to their team Captain or league executive.

Any question contact- Terry Gudgeon     President at 289-440-0414 or terry_gudgeon@hotmail.com
                                         Steve Ditta          V P Junior Division at 905-929-1822 or ditta40@hotmail.com
                                         Dave Wichman  V P Intermediate Division 905-548-9906 or dlwcons@cogeco.ca
                                         Joe LoCicero       V P Masters Division 905-975-4702 or jlocicero29@gmail.com

SCOHA Membership Covid-19 Update

Tentative Start

SCOHA 2019/2020
SCOHA membership-
Remember everyone is responsible for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
The Executive is working hard to ensure everyone's safety before returning to the ice.
The executive is proposing that the AGM be canceled (can't have a large meeting for foreseeable future) The existing Executive would stay in place for the upcoming season. Meaning executive terms would be increased for one year. (for 2020/2021 season only)

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THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – August 10th, 2020


SCOHA 2019/2020

Well the cement has hardened on the SCOHA 2019-20 season. I’m not going to “mask” the fact that we all saw it coming. So how are you feeling? Can’t imagine how many of us have been so nervous to have diarrhea since the Modern Indian Buffet opened their doors about 10 years ago. Stick tap to Chris Barratto who decided to grow a rather large beard in his attempt to start a ZZ-Top cover band. Some players have admitted to wavering from their off-ice regiments but are confident they will get back to playing weight once the league announces a return to play plan. Til then, bacon burger dogs are on the menu in the foreseeable future.

SCOHA has been asked if we can play some crowd noises through the arena speakers when play resumes. For some Masters teams, booing would make it feel more like the real thing. Stay tuned.
Meanwhile over in the Intermediate circuit, Bruins Tim Pettitt has gone through his wooden stick stash at his campfire pit. He has mastered the Sher-wood flavoured spider hotdogs and hopes to have it on the Lookout Lounge menu next season.
Meanwhile, in Junior news, Oilers captain Steve Ditta is in the midst of collecting his Oilers jerseys. His basement smells like a mixed sub with double onion but give the guy credit, he is doing his part.
Speaking of cub reporter Guy Shaver, he was spotted lurking in the tall grass at the rink looking to sneak in a skate with the figure skaters over the weekend. Unfortunately, his two-two he made out of his Sharks jersey didn’t fool the rest of the skaters and was asked to leave the bubble.
On the injury front, the layoff was welcome time for some players to heal some bumps and bruises. We are all hopeful no one has suffered any offseason mishaps and hope to see everyone back at the rink soon!

Chris Marttila

Mid Summer SCOHA Covid-19 Update

Stay safe!

SCOHA 2019/2020

We hope everyone is safe.
After many hours of discussion with SCOHA members, the Executive, and the Quad, the decision has been made to cancel the remainder of the  2019/2020 playoffs.
This upcoming season will be very hard to layout and plan for with the COVID-19. All the executive effort has to be concentrated on achieving this goal.
All players will have to sign a COVID-19 waiver form before they can play this upcoming season.
We did not make this decision lightly, there is no sign of us starting in the 2020/2021 season anytime soon. We have plans in place for October or November or December start of play.

Some members have informed me that this is overly optimistic.
We will be putting additional rules in place for everyone’s safety. Will advise of new rules when finalized.
Have had one member tell us that he will not return to play till there is a vaccine.
When we have a start date, we will be contacting everyone that has pre-signed up to see if they still intend to play this upcoming season?
As of now, the Quad is only letting figure skaters and hockey skill development on the ice.  8 skaters and 2 coaches, absolutely no games, come to rink dressed in gear, 15 minutes before ice time and 15 to leave, temperature taken at door, every player has to supply their own water bottle, no dressing rooms are in use, everyone has to wear a mask to enter and leave, no parent or
spectators are allowed. 

We would ask if all team reps can help in getting the jerseys back, by either having players drop off at your house or if convenient picking them up. Please inform Chris Baratto of your progress.
Stay safe and healthy
SCOHA Executive

This Week in SCOHA - May something something, 2020

Phase 1 Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

The answer to the quiz last week "Name that Scohaian" is Glenn Rouse!!! Thanks for all those who messaged with their guess, it was fun... The weeks are getting longer and longer. This one has been agony. I am as tired as a pair of dentures after a cold buffet but the blog isn't gonna write itself so saddle up, fellas, I've got some updates on a few of the goings on from the goings on.
This week's blog is brought to you by Bill Curran's Kitchen Guitar Party... more hits than Snoop Dogg on a Friday night... I am still waiting for some Anne Murray... give him a listen, Bill is slicker than a boiled onion on the guitar.

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This Week in SCOHA – April 30th

6 Foot Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

Smoking up and skipping school had a lot of you in trouble constantly but now weed is legal and schools are closed. Damn kids are living the dream! This thing is dragging on and on. I still haven’t stooped to doing a puzzle, I don’t know about you.  Intermediate sniper Brock Hotrum tried to make his own hand sanitizer but it came out as a rum and coke, what are the odds….

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This Week in SCOHA - April 22, 2020

Earth Day Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020
What on earth is going on? While the Covid19 cases are rising more than a Chris Barratto low blocker-side wrister, some SCOHA heroes have been spotted keeping their skills sharp overseas in Sweden. They are all waiting for the green light to finish off our season but we are all still waiting for the lights to get turned on at the quad pad. Every store there is like an Ikea. The national tool is an allan key. Swedish meatballs are just called meatballs. No one has a clue who the Swedish Chef is…  I can go on…..
Some rumours swirling around the water cooler this week had our season continuing in late-July at a neutral arena in South Florida so get your swimming trunks ready and make sure your will is updated.

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