This Week in SCOHA – November 9th, 2023

The Dale Brons Annual Homemade Butter Tart Sale Edition

Another week in the books, folks. Some teams are already in playoff mode while others are struggling like the time a bottle of Italian salad dressing opened up in my laptop bag back in '89. United Flyers are just 1 point up on the Hawks as the two teams meet this Sunday, should be a good game, take the over 5.5 goals, that's the only Proline tip you are getting from me. Masters division sees 4 points separating 1st and 6th! Good greef.

United Division:

Redwings 4 Bruins 2: Muppet News Flash: Marco Caiella is a good hockey player. This guy is smoother than a premium Quebec marble cheese for crying out loud. He had a goal and an assist, 28 blocked shots and 34:12 of ice time. Brad Ballman turned aside 23 shots to preserve the win for the Wings, earning him the game puck.

Flyers 7 Sharks 4: In Ron Cybalski's return to SCOHA action as a spare, the veteran scored a pair and added an assist as the Flyers beat the Sharks 7-4. Flyers were down 4 guys so they used their bullets correctly by dressing some key spares that didn't look out of place. For the Sharks, Sean Riley scored a hatty then played the next game as well and scored for the Bruins. I will have whatever Sean had for a pre-game meal, thank you muchly.

Blackhawks 6 Oilers 0: Anthony "swags" Quaglia turned aside 14 shots for the bagel as the Hawks folded up the Oilers like an origami swan. Marc "taco" Bellehumeur had a no-humour game, scoring a pair and skating like he had a motor on his skate blades. Newcomer Kevin "busta rhymes" Scimes has fit in well, scoring a goal and adding a helper for the winning side. Hawks had Taylor Swift watching from their private box so that helped.

Masters Division:

Penguins 6 Stars 2: Bruno DiGiovanni adds coffee grinds into his pre-game pasta sauce to make him skate faster. You didn't hear it from me. Bruno had a highlight reel goal and so did Paul Clearly but what else is new. Cleary is smart out there. Knows his planets. But what about J.J. "ju-jubes" MacNeil who is having a great season. Great job between the pipes!

Kings 2 Sharks 0: Tymen Edelkoort turned aside 28 shots for his first shutout of the season as the Kings scored 2 powerplay goals in a 2-0 win over the Sharks. Dom Chiarini scored the game winner. He plays a tough game, he could find trouble at church. We discussed Chiarini's impact on last week's Dump & Chase podcast and declared Dom as a top 10 masters player. Not up for discussion.

Bruins 8 Flyers 2: Seven different players scored for the Bruins as they lit up the Flyers 8-2. Scott Johnson stopped 18 shots for the win, continuing his strong start to the season. Did Steve Horner go pointless for the Bruins? Can't believe it. Veteran Terry Hughes was a scratch for this game, so we will have to wait to see if he passes Leaf great Rick Vaive for all-time goals scored.

Blackhawks 3 Redwings 2: Darren "gotta wait til next August for the best" Corneau scored a pair as his Hawks snuck past the Redwings 3-2. Steve "killa" Watt and Larry "ballroom" Litzgus replied for the Wings.

You guys can tell me if i've been drinking heavily but this Redwing team is on the cusp of rolling out a lengthy winning streak. You heard it here first.

Well that's all from this end of the ice. Right back at it in a few days, the season is in full swing. Fans are done watching boring baseball so that should help attendance and team apparel sales. Anyways, have a great rest of the week, fellas, keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Cub Reporter

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