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3 Divisions ??

SCOHA 2003/2004
Could someone please tell me who on the executive has the authority to introduce a 3rd Division. I'm on the executive and this was not mentioned at any meeting during the course of the year. The last time it was brought up as league business was at last years AGM and it was decided by those in attendance not to proceed. What has changed since then?? Introducing a 3rd Division without increasing our ice allotment will change the structure of the league. We would end up with something along the lines of an 8 team A division (sorry its now called junior), a 8 team B division (oops intermediate) and a 4 team rec division.  Which 56 players will be moved from the A and B divisions to start the REC division (I mean senior)?  Who will decide? What is the criteria? Will there be exceptions? I don't deny that at some point in the near future we will have to address the need for a 3rd division. When we reach that day, lets do it correctly and ask for the members permission to proceed.   Don Ellis  

Policing ourselves on the ice

SCOHA 2003/2004
We have one of the best run old timers leagues around but lately instead of acting like grown men we are behaving like teenagers playing GOON hockey. The referees do a good job officiating our league. We must get through our heads that we are all over 35 years old in this league and boarding or sticking each other is abolutely unacceptable. We tend to make fun of other Hamilton leagues down the mountain but as the injuries mount up as we get closer to the play-offs each of us must ask ourselves what kind of hockey do we find acceptable in our league. Remember guys, we all have to go to work the next day after a game. Let's play hard and leave the Goons to other leagues.

New Menu Option

SCOHA 2003/2004

You'll notice that a Results menu option has been added over on the left side with the schedules and standings. Each division's game results for the regular season are now available.

Note: The Round Robin results are now there as well !

First Half In the books !

SCOHA 2003/2004
The first half is done (well, not strictly half but who is counting?) and the division Leaders are the Flames in the A division and the Flyers in the B division. Remember - you can't use non-roster players for the rest of the season - round robin and playoffs. You may use another goalie that is rated the same or lower than yours - check with your division Veeps to be sure.

NEW DIVISION for 2004/2005 Season

SCOHA 2003/2004
Calling anyone interested in having SCOHA create a new division for older players, who would prefer to play in a league without much younger, much faster and much better skilled players (i.e. a new category of "C" rated players and possibly including "B" rated players from the "40+" division). I am finding it more difficult to keep up with some of the better players in our "40+" division and would probably enjoy the game more if I was playing against players closer to my ability and age. Anyone interested in the above or anyone having a better idea, please contribute to this page and post your comments now. You may also send me an email at patrickcosgrove@quickclic.net Thanks.

Dec 26th and 28th Boxing Day Weekend Schedule

SCOHA 2003/2004

We will be playing on Boxing day and on the 28th. The A division will be playing on Boxing Day (Dec 26) and the B division on Dec 28th.

There will be a 2 1/2 hour Family and Friends skate from noon until 2:30pm on Boxing day. Stay tuned for more info - I'm thinking of doing some stuff for the kids as well as a food drive for charity - any volunteers or ideas - send me an e-mail. Click the read more link to see the actual schedule.

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