Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Penguins 10 5 3 23 86 67
Flyers 10 7 1 21 75 67
Oilers 9 8 1 19 76 68
Bruins  7 9 2 16 60 75
BlackHawks 6 8 4 16 75 81
RedWings 6 11 1 13 54 68
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Leafs 10 6 2 22 64 53
BlackHawks 10 7 1 21 58 46
Penguins 8 7 3 19 54 54
Canadiens 8 8 2 18 54 55
Bruins 7 10 1 15 53 67
Flyers  5 10 3 13 60 68
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points GF GA
Kings 13 3 2 28 77 43
Bruins 10 6 2 22 77 48
Sharks 9 7 2 20 60 55
Flyers 8 8 2 18 60 72
Flames 7 8 3 17 60 60
Stars 6 9 3 15 77 81
RedWings 5 9 4 14 47 69
BlackHawks 3 11 4 10 49 79

This Week in SCOHA – Jan. 8th, 2019

As the regular season gets closer to playoff time, teams are getting prepared for the final push to position themselves for the playoff run.

Penguins - 7 Blackhawks - 4
The Penguins gained soul possession of 1st place by beating a depleted Blackhawk line up. The Haslam's ran the show each getting 2 goals for the winning side with Michael also adding an assist. It appeared to be a chippy affair with so many penalties that at one point the Blackhawks had more players in the sin bin then on the bench.

Bruins - 7 Oilers - 3
Another high scoring game that saw the last place Bruins move up a position from the bottom while knocking the Oilers down to 2nd place. Justin Mol was the top scorer for the Bruins with the Hat Trick. The Oilers put in a good effort in the 2nd period after being down 5 - 0 to get within 2 but just ran out of gas.

Flyers - 5 Red Wings - 3
This game was a tight one, tied 2 - 2 after the first. The Red Wings had the lead in the 2nd for just over a minute before Walter Blagdon tied it up with his 2nd goal of the game. Walter also added an assist to the game winning goal scored by Charlie Polizzi. The Flyers are now tied with the Oilers for 2nd place.

Leafs - 7 Habs - 5
A beauty battle between 2 of the original 6 teams. This was a seesaw affair with both teams exchanging goals leading to a 2 - 2 tie after one. The 2nd period was no different as both teams took turns with the lead before the Leafs slammed the door shut with 2 goals 18 seconds apart. Bob Tenison added 5 more points to his stats with the Hat Trick and 2 assists to maintain his strong lead in the scoring race. Rob Baker and Mike Miscio also had a pair of goals each for the losing side.

Bruins - 3 Penguins - 1
If this game was decided by penalties the Penguins would have won 3 - 1. Dave Armstrong opened the scoring for the Penguins and then 39 seconds later Glenn Rouse evened it back up. Rob Train scored the game winner with 4:24 seconds left in the first and then it was nap time. Not much more to say about this game.

Blackhawks - 2 Flyers - 0
The Flyers must have thought that with Chris Martilla on vacation there wasn't going to be a blog so there wasn't any point in doing anything exciting. Which is exactly what they did. If it weren't for the 2 goals by the Blackhawks the score sheet would be completely blank as there were no penalties either. 2 thumbs up to Steve Cuthbert with the shutout.

Blackhawks - 4 Bruins - 3
The Blackhawks welcomed back Ed Walton after missing a few games for knee surgery. He responded with a goal and assist to lead his team in the win. Kevin Boyd also had a pair of goals and an assist for the winning team. Dale Brons showed no ill affects from his ailing back to score a pair for the Bruins. Joe Locicero who not only holds the 2nd place position in least goals against with a 2.76 GAA. He now also leads the goalies in points after getting another assist on the Bruins 2nd goal.

Kings - 7 Stars - 2
Astronomers were left bewildered as there were no Stars to be seen on this night. King Henry owned the night with 2 goals and 2 assists to lead his team to a royal thumping. Mike Vanderzee, Munish Baranowski, and Joe Muchynski, also had 2 points each to bolster their standings in the top 10 scoring race. Walter Iszkula had a helping 'hand' with 2 points as well. Not much to say about the Stars who at one point this year were in the top 3 of the standings. The Kings look like they have a stranglehold on the President's Trophy leading all teams in all divisions with 26 points.

Sharks - 6 Flames - 2
It was Lucky 7 night as #7 Mark Shadwell had a goal and 2 assists, #17 Jim Albanese had 2 goals and an assist, # 71 Mike Archer had 2 goals, #77 Kevin Robinson had an assist, and #75 Ron Cooper had an assist. Peter Fantauzzo had 2 goals in the first to tie the game up for the Flames but were easily extinguished by the Sharks in the 2nd.

Flyers - 5 Red Wings - 0
J.J. MacNeil was the first star in the SCOHA 'Feature Game' with the big shutout as the Red Wings continue to struggle with finding the back of the net. 5 different players scored for the Flyers including Domenic Guistini who also had a pair of assists. The game was so out of reach by the midway point of the 2nd period Bruce McDonald was caught eating a hot dog on the bench while Joe Venditti was calling in his pizza and wing order to the 'Lookout Lounge'.

That's all Folks.
A big hat tip and a high five to Chris Martilla who does this every week.

This Week in SCOHA – January 3rd, 2019

Back on the ice after the Christmas break where some of us realized we are now a 2XL and brown socks and slippers are cool. Junior Penguins have put together a modest 4 game winning streak while Intermediate Canadiens have only one loss since mid- November, these guys are hotter than Wilma Flintstone in a 2 piece right now. Over on the Masters side, Vanderzee has his Kings rolling over teams like Nana rolling out the dough for her special cookies. At any rate, let’s unpack the week that was in SCOHA...



PENGUINS 4 FLYERS 0: Flyers mindset was still on the sofa watching the Hallmark specials with that annoying aunt that just won’t go home. Ross Lacasse unwrapped a can of whoop ass, scoring 2 and helping out on another as the Penguins took care of the Flyers. Felix Potvin-like performance in the nets for the Penguins who are on fire and have no intentions of sliding down the hill on their stomachs any time soon. Dave “Magic” Johnson added 3 apples for the winners.


BLACKHAWKS 4 OILERS 1: Oilers dynasty season has hit a fork in the road of late, only 1 win in their last 6 which has tightened up the standings like a jar of Grandmas homemade beets. Hawks’ Brett Rivers came to play, scoring a pair and adding an assist for the Hawks who erase a 3 game losing streak in a convincing way. Oilers will fire things up again soon, this team is built from the ground up, nationally ranked. Insane.


REDWINGS 5 BRUINS 2: Dino “Suitcase” Laporta is the fill-ins of all fill-ins. This guy wears out workboots so bad, his foot is sticking out. He pulled the team but to the rink. 2 goals and an assist helped propel the Wings to a thirs straight W and Wayne Sliwinski notched a deuce for thge winning side. For the Bruins, Hallsy added his 2nd snipe of the season in a losing cause.



With star forward Rob Baker performing in the Nutcracker down at the Grimsby Legion, the Habs were short a key guy but managed to squeak out a 3-2 win over a depleted Penguins lineup. Habs’ Mike Miscio scored 2 goals and celebrated like he’s done it more than once. Like a Sunday morning tap in for par. Easy. Penguins’ Dave Armstrong scored his umpteenth goal of the season in a losing cause.


LEAFS 2 BLACKHAWKS 2: Now every team in all 3 leagues have at least one tie. Hey what about a 3 minute 2 on 2 overtime? Just a thought. .. Hawks Lucas Warren with his 3rd dangle of the year and Gary “The Whirl” Poole added his 2nd of the campaign. Leafs Guy Romeo scored a goal for the ages with one hand on his stick, one leg in the air, and a coors light in the other hand. Impressive. He skated circles out there like a donkey being let loose on a beach. Great game!

In the nets, both goalies showed why they are Vezina Trophy candidates. More saves that the dvd box set of Baywatch.


BRUINS 5 FLYERS 4: Bruins Wayne Sliwinski is as smooth as a 70’s cigarette commercial. Another 5 point night sealed the victory against a Flyers team that had bus legs. Captain Dave Wichman added postgame, “We skated like we were in cheesecake out there.” We need to regroup, get our bearings straight and get out there next week and get the W”

Flyers Veljko Gavric scored a beaut from the slot for the Flyers in the loss. Flyers have 1 win and a few ties in 8 games and feel like we are getting shoved around the litter bin too much. Look out for a more spirited game this week.



FLYERS 7 STARS 5: Old fashioned shootout at the ok coral as the Flyers topped the Stars 7-5. Flyers Bill Paul lit it up with a 3 point effort, as did John Annibale. On the Stars side of the scoresheet, Eric Sippel and Larry Litzgus fired home a pair while Pat MacAleese added 3 helpers. Both teams filled the nets like Captain godamn Highliner. Good game, fellas.


REDWINGS 7 BLACKHAWKS 2: redwings hadn’t won since Jesus was a baby, 9 games ago. Huge effort by this hockey club got them back in the winning column. Champagne is still being cleaned off the dressing room walls. Danny Digiacinto (De Mayo) scored a pair for the Wings while Danny Gabriele had a helper hatty (3 assists). Gabriele after the game, “It’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Years, it’s what you eat between New Years and Christmas. We are turning this season around. Full off-ice regiments, we are going all the way this year! Blackhawks will go over some game film and promise to be ready for next week.


FLAMES 7 BRUINS 3: In our nationally televised game of the week, The Flames lit up the Bruins thanks to Peter “the Fonz” Fantauzzo with 3 goals and 2 assists. The Bruins got swished around like Listerine but don’t worry about these guys, they will be sniffing around at the end of the season... Stick tap to Bruins goalie Joe LoCicero with an assist on the Bruins 1st goal. Big red shiny apple for the corner of his desk.


KINGS 4 SHARKS 2: Big crowd on hand to watch this steam bomb of a game. Shark’s Jim Albanese played like he had flares behind his skates. Fit him for an orange onesie, he is a crook out there with the puck, He scored a dandy and added a helper for his team but it wasn’t enough, Kings win this one 4-2, who have won 4 in a row and are poised to go on another streak. Kings Joe “Ohhh you Didn’t have to but Thank You Very “Muchynski tallied 2 goals for the winners.


Well that’s all from this end of the ice, I am on vacation for a bit, Masters Stars Chris Barratto will be writing up the blog of all blogs next week so show him some love. Next 3 or 4 games will be intense, just like camping. Good luck this weekend, guys.


Chris Marttila

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