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Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Oilers 13 6 3 29 94 82
Flyers 12 7 3 27 77 59
Bruins 9 8 5 23 90 88
BlackHawks 7 9 6 20 73 75
Sharks 7 12 3 17 69 86
Canadiens 6 12 4 16 71 84
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Flames 17 0 5 39 82 35
BlackHawks 12 5 5 29 94 72
Flyers 13 7 2 28 101 70
Stars 11 6 5 27 85 78
RedWings 7 12 3 17 68 73
Bruins 5 11 6 16 67 94
Penguins 6 13 3 15 58 76
Sharks 2 19 1 5 79 136

This Week in SCOHA – February 7th, 2023

The Pucks In Deep Edition

Well that’s a wrap on the Masters 2022-23 regular season. The Flames folded up all opponents like a used picnic blanket and are poised to lift the championship trophy in a matter of weeks. United Division still has some sorting out to do as far as seedings go but that will all come to fruition this weekend.


Let’s scrape the ice off the window and see what happened last weekend in Scohaville. No more Friday games this year so you will have to spend it at home watching old Alf re-runs or if you are lucky, some Hallmark “oh no how are we going to raise enough money to keep the bookstore open” movies.





FLYERS 3 CANADIENS 2: Let’s hear it for the boys… the Haslam’s that is.. Father Mike scored a pair of snipes and son Ryan also scored to propel the Flyers to a 3-2 victory over Les Canadiens de Montreal. Flyers Al Granata, known for his scoring prowess around the net, set up the Flyers 2nd goal on an acrobatic, behind the back pass that made all 4 fans stand up to cheer him on. For the Habs, Andrew “fedex” Fedoruk and whoever suited up as #93 scored some pretty sweet goals. This game was pretty tame or the refs left their whistles in the car. Not one penalty was called, a great show of sportsmanship amongst the two teams.


BLACKHAWKS 4 BRUINS 1: The Hawks were down 6 bodies, Blackhawk Down! That didn’t stop the rest of them from putting in an honest night’s work as they cruised past the Bruins 4-1. The Bruins were missing rookie sharpshooter Chris Conroy and are really missing Charlie Polizzi on the blueline. Charlie is done for the season with a leg injury. Hopefully his recovery is going well. Richard Forster can stickhandle around a wet paper bag. Well anyone can but he can do it better and faster than anyone else. He scored the lone goal for the B’s. Let’s give some props to Hawks call-up goaltender Xavier Jackson who played a thriller between the pipes.


OILERS 6 SHARKS 6: Quiet down the crazy as the young kids say. This game saw the Sharks get out to a 4-0 lead before the Oilers got their act together. With a bit over a minute left, the Oil went ahead 6-5 only to have the Sharks tie it up 42 seconds later. Both teams loaded up their respective buses and left the rink with a hard-fought point. Jason “hitman” Hoffman scored a hatty for the Oilers while Justin “limeridge” Mol and Joe Shulist ran away with a pair each for the guys in teal. Quick advice for all you pre-game meal enthusiasts out there, don’t and I repeat Don’t ever settle for a beef gravy on your hot chicken sandwich. It sat in my stomach like a block of cheese the size of a car battery the whole game. 8 Redbulls wouldn’t have given me anything remotely close to a wing.




PENGUINS 2 BLACKHAWKS 1: Hawks Lee Paule (aka Pauly) scored late to make it a close game but it wasn’t enough as the Pens inked 2-1 win to keep their strong play going as they look forward to the playoffs. William Reid and Captain Steve Smith scored for the Penguinos as they fired 39 pucks at Joe DeFaria. I don’t know what else to say about this Penguin team. They have the best fanbase in the league, their ticket sales have already surpassed all of last season and their GM Steve Smith has all but promised he will run with the same lineup next season. Pretty hard to accomplish that feat but he’s a smart guy, I’m sure he will do his best.


BRUINS 4 STARS 2: United Division lent the Bruins Brad Ballman to guard the twine and it paid off as he turned aside 23 shots for the big 4-2 win over the Stars. Steve “around the” Horner returned to the lineup after missing some games and didn’t disappoint. The Bruins pending free agent scored 2 goals and added an assist for the winning side. Was nice to see Bernard Boulianne lace up the twirlers again, he looked great out there, even came up to the pub after to say hi to the fellas.


FLAMES 2 REDWINGS 1: This game garnered the most interest amongst us SCOHA fans. The Redwings had so many chances to tie this up but Tymen Edelkoort had cellophane across the goal mouth all night. Flames Dave Graham led the crusade with a pair for the winners while Steve “killa” Watt scored the lone Redwing goal. You could tell during the handshakes that the Wings left it all on the ice. Great game by both sides.


FLYERS 4 SHARKS 1: The Sharks were handing around for the most part but the Flyers turned up the volume and escaped with a 4-1 victory. Both goalies played well and are certainly still feeling some lower body soreness as we approach mid-week but they will be ready to get on the plane for Sundays playoff openers. I had the over 5.5 on this one so thanks guys, you owe me one.


Ask anyone who’s ever played in this league, it doesn’t matter what place you finished at in the regular season, there are always upsets in the playoffs. Goalies get more dialed in and add a few more weird rituals to their game day routines. They tap each goalpost a few more times than normal and wear the same underwear until they are eliminated. Hope no goalie has chile and toast as a pre-game meal… or beef gravy.


Chris Marttila


SCOHA Blogologist / Stat Keeper / AANG (all around nice guy)


This Week in SCOHA – January 31st, 2023

The Playoffs Are Coming Edition

January was a tough year but we made it through it! I swear, if this was May or June, it would’ve ended weeks ago… At any rate, Master’s has one game left til playoffs and United has 2. There are still some teams jostling for better positions so this weekend’s games have some drastic meaning. We’ve got quite the scoring race going right down to the wire in the Masters Division. Dave Armstrong leads with 59 points, 13 ahead of Larry Litzgus but the Larrinator is up by 3 goals on Dave. We will see what happens Sunday! United Division sees Oilers’ John Carvalho leading the pack with 35 points, 3 up on hawks Marc Bellehumeur and 4 on Oilers’ Justin Whitwell. Should be an interesting race to the finish. We will keep you posted. All these guys can pile up the points, they’ve had a great season! The rest of us yield to their offensive expertise….


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This Week in SCOHA – January 18th, 2023

The Net Was Off For Half An Hour Edition!

Ok, gang, there’s a few players in this league who could play in the KHL with a Northface winter jacket under their jersey, no shoulder pads, no elbow pads, and still pile up Bedard-like numbers. Every game is too simple. Don’t we all wish. The rest of us are just trying to keep the damn puck moving. A few United games got the barn buzzin’ on Friday night. Fans were so loud, the players couldn’t hear the refs whistle. Let’s take the lid off and see what things looked like last week in Scohaville.


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This Week in SCOHA – January 11th, 2023

The January Blahs Edition

Well folks, the holiday season has come and gone. Thumbs down to those players who failed to air out their gear for the past 3 weeks hoping it would air out naturally if left alone. Rumblings from the arena staff are that it smelled like hot sick in the dressing room corridor on Sunday night. Could’ve been United’s Marc Poulin throwing up for the 18th time this season but was most likely awful smelling gear. I have a deeply engrained belief that the games will have more intensity from now on as we start what we like to call the 2nd half of the season. United Division standings are tighter than a snare drum as we kick off the post-Christmas rush to the playoffs. Meanwhile, Masters Flames are hotter than a grass snake in a wagon rut, still waiting for their first loss of the season.



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This Week in SCOHA – November 1st, 2022

The Possum Lodge Edition

The possum lodge edition you ask? Well United Division sniper Brent Haslam showed up at the rink Sunday night, unzipped his hockey bag and a live possum jumped out and scared the daylights out of everyone in the proximity. Easily the Panasonic play of the Week, folks and I am not making this up. You might ask how did he not hear this thing running laps around his gear while he was carrying it in the damn arena.. or how did it not piss all over everything. Those are questions you will have to ask him yourself. Or I will and will report back next week. 

At any rate, I was away for work last week which is why you didn’t see the weekly roundup on here but I am back ready to go. Week 6 of this nagging sprained thumb from summer hockey is feeling about 90%. Thumbs up to that. 

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This Week in SCOHA – October 18th, 2022

The Season is in Full Swing Edition

I haven’t run any data or crunched any numbers, but I feel super confident in declaring October to be the top month for use of the word “Spooktacular”. This past weekend was pretty damn spooktacular as far as goal scoring goes. Hey did anyone see Paul Cleary’s goal Sunday night? Upstairs where grandpa keeps the flashlight. Great to see this guy back in the lineup and a great guy in the damn locker room, I can attest. More jabs than Muhammed Ali and Sonny Liston…


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This Week in SCOHA – October 4th, 2022

The Sore Back Edition

Hey folks, I spoke to a fellow Scohaian on Sunday and we were saying how good it feels to be back for winter hockey. He then added that when the start of hockey comes, the wives’ favourite time of year starts with the Hallmark Christmas movie commercials in full swing. While we are at the rink, we will all miss those repetitive storylines of a marketing executive who hates Christmas but goes home and meets a man at the Christmas tree lot that challenges her beliefs, sees the joy of the season and falls in love with said man then gives up her city life to get married to him and stay in the small town. Meanwhile, us guys are trying to figure out who sits a shift when 7 damn forwards show up!

Let’s unmask the week that was in Scohaville……


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This Week In SCOHA – September 26th, 2022

The Opening Night Edition

Welcome back, gang! Some players carried on where they left off last year while some needed a blow torch to get the rust off the blades after a crazy first night of SCOHA action. Masters Division veteran Guy “Braun Series 7” Shaver was seen in the grocery store buying avacodos and eggs so you know his mind is on a stronger season even though he spent the majority of game day afternoon sitting on the standard with stomach pains reading the Spectator funnies.


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Junior Championships 2021/2022
Flyers   5   VS      Bruins 4   In Overtime           
Intermediate Championship 
Canadiens 5    VS       1
Masters Championship 
Bruins   7   VS       BlackHawks 2