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Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Oilers 13 9 1 27 100 85
Flyers 13 9 1 27 91 82
Penguins 12 8 3 27 109 89
Bruins  9 11 3 21 83 96
BlackHawks 8 10 5 21 92 99
RedWings 7 15 1 15 64 88
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Leafs 13 6 4 30 78 58
BlackHawks 11 8 4 26 71 58
Penguins 11 9 3 25 69 69
Flyers  8 11 4 20 81 83
Canadiens 8 12 3 19 63 73
Bruins 8 13 2 18 67 83
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points GF GA
Kings 15 5 2 32 91 57
Bruins 13 7 2 28 94 56
Sharks 10 10 2 22 70 74
Flames 9 9 4 22 72 70
Stars 8 10 4 20 93 91
RedWings 7 10 5 19 59 78
Flyers 8 12 2 18 66 90
BlackHawks 5 12 5 15 62 91


Team Name Win Loss Ties Points For Against +/-
Oilers 2 0 0 4 10 7 +3
Bruins 1 1 0 2 7 6 +1
RedWings 1 1 0 2 5 6 -1
Penguins 1 1 0 2 7 7 0
BlackHawks 0 1 1 1 6 7 -1
Flyers 0 1 1 1 2 4 -2


Team Name Win Loss Ties Points For Against +/-
Bruins 2 0 0 4 6 3 +3
BlackHawks 1 1 0 2 5 3 +2
Leafs 1 1 0 2 6 5 +1
Penguins 1 1 0 2 8 8  0
Flyers 1 1 0 2 3 5 -2
Canadiens 0 2 0 0 7 11 -4


Team Name Win Loss Ties Points For Against +/-
Sharks 2 0 1 5 10  4 +6
RedWings 2 1 0 4 10  6 +4
Flames 1 0 2 4 10  5 +5
BlackHawks 1 0 2 4  8  6 +2
Stars 1 1 1 3  4  5 -1
Bruins 1 2 0 2  6  6  0
Kings 1 2 0 2  5  9 -4
Flyers 0 3 0 0  1 14 -13

This Week in SCOHA – March 19th, 2019

Playoff Hockey

Another high-flying weekend of playoff hockey that saw some teams polish the apple for a much needed 2 points while others have a few bumps in the walkway. At any rate, let’s go over the week that was.



BRUINS 2 FLYERS 0: Roman Bratovz put on a goaltending clinic, stopping 53 shots en route to a 2-0 whitewash of the arch-rival Flyers. This game was crazier than St.Paddy’s Week in Liverpool that saw 16 minutes in penalties doled out by the refs. Geoff “I am outta here” Chowen along with Sean Riley tallied the goals for the Bruins.


PENGUINS 5 BLACKHAWKS 4: a 9-goal barn burner saw the Penguins slip by the Hawks 5-4 in front of a jam-packed arena. Mike Haslam was the games 1st star with 2 goals and an assist to lead the way. For the Hawks, Nick Troback notched a pair in a losing cause. Haslam has a ton of skill for a potent Penguins team, dirty with the puck, like I mean Holiday Inn hot tub dirty... always finds the game sheet.


OILERS 4 REDWINGS 2: Oilers Jay Dimitroff can shoot the puck, guys. I heard he fired slappers downstairs for 10 hours at the water heater to try and flood the basement... Another 2 goals to spearhead the Oilers over the Wings 4-2. Ryan Aikens had the 2 lone goals for the Redwings...



BRUINS 4 LEAFS 2: Just your average garden variety hard working playoff game for the Bruins who are peaking at the right time. This time they knocked off the Leafs 4-2, who were brimming with confidence behind their star goalie Bill Templeman and power forward Bob Tenison. Captain Wayne Sliwinski scored a goal and added an apple to cement the victory for the Bruins.


FLYERS 2 BLACKHAWKS 1: Fans waited outside for the Flyer players to emerge so they could get some autographs and photos. Flyers hung on for the big 2-1 victory to enter the hunt for the cup. Flyers “protector of the painted plumbing” Tymen Edelkoort played an amazing game in net. More blocks than a New York street map as the Flyers held off a ferocious attack by the Hawks toward the end of the game. When the final horn sounded, Flyers escaped unscathed and will face the Penguins this weekend. Chris Marttila "The Hun" and Jason “Playboy” Hoffman tallied for the winners.


PENGUINS 7 CANADIENS 6: This game had a bit of everything. Parades to the penalty box and a boatload of goals as the Penguins outlasted the Canadiens 7-6. Troy “Get in the Car” Izlakar was the hero for the Pens, scoring a hatty for the home side. Canadiens were missing Rob Baker, who was at the Butter Tart Festival as a guest judge.



STARS 1 FLAMES 1: Your typical defensive playoff game that would make Larry Robinson wet his jeans. Both goalies deserve the game puck so cut the damn thing in half. Stars Larry Litzgus could score with a pair of 1938 buckle-up skates if he had to. He scored the Stars goal while Rob Frith responded for the Flames. Great game as no fan went home disappointed.


REDWINGS 4 KINGS 1: What’s up with the Kings? Spent more time in the box than Tommy Lee on a Friday night. 5 minors spelled defeat as they need to tighten things up before it’s too late. Wings Vince Mercuri was again out of this world, scoring 2 doozies for the winners. Terry Gudgeon was a tower on the blueline. Kings needed an Uber to get around this guy. Scott Johnson made several tantalizing saves in the Wings crease, turning away more shots than an AA meeting.


BRUINS 5 FLYERS 1: Bruins are back on track, folks. 5-1 win over the Flyers. When the snow finally melted, Bernard “Beef” Boulianne and Gary Guthro each scored 2 for the winning side. Carlo Deluca had the lone snipe for the Flyers who were missing 5 players in a pivotal game.


SHARS 2 BLACKHAWKS 2 What a game! Nationally televised on TvOntario, this one saw both teams wear out the ice from start to finish. Fans chanted “5 more minutes... 5 more minutes” wanting more action but sorry fans, no extra time for these guys. Great matchup.


Well that’s the action from the past few weeks. Play resumes this weekend with some teams needing a big win to move on while others will be shaking teammates hands until next fall. Underdogs are proving anything can happen when playoffs come while favourites are finding it tough to finish games off. Good luck this weekend, fellas!


Chris Marttila

This Week in SCOHA – March 5th, 2019

Playoffs have arrived

My hip is still sore from falling off the edge of my sofa. Tore through 2 bags of popcorn watching some crazy playoff hockey over the weekend. Pretty close games, no one got their lunches eaten which makes for more fans and tv ratings. Let’s get right to it....



REDWINGS 3 PENGUINS 2: Ryan “A5-35” Aikens drank 2 Jolt Cola’s and a Red Bull. We had to call Binbrook Fire to cool him off after the game. He even scored a shorty (not what my wife said). Redwings surprise the Penguins 3-2. Wings goalie Lane Dunlop (no relation to Charlestown Chiefs player/coach Reggie Dunlop) saved everything. Hell, this guy could’ve saved my parents marriage for crying out loud... ok maybe not but he would sure try. Close game that had everyone in the stands on their feet for the most part.


FLYERS 2 BLACKHAWKS 2: 8 more minutes of these teams going back and forth would’ve made for some great tv. Both goalies stood on their ears if that’s even possible. Flyers Walt Blagdon brought his usual bag of snakes, scoring a goal and helping out on another. This guy must eat kale and spinach while tying up his twirlers before the game. Hawks Nick Troback forgot to slip the refs a 5-spot before the game, sat in the sin bin twice.


OILERS 6 BRUINS 3: Serving 5 minors and still winning a game is as rare as oyster mushrooms. That’s what the Oil did on this night. Jay “Big Play” Dimitroff dropped a deuce for the winners as they snuck by the Bruins 6-5. More back and forth’s than a ping pong game or a table tennis game, same thing...

Both teams spread the scoring around like a basement party at Cheech & Chong's place. We love the high scoring games but the coaches don’t.



BRUINS 2 PENGUINS 1: Bruins Glenn Rouse scored the game winner, took home the game puck and is proudly displaying it on the mantle. Bruins squeaked one out 2-1 in a pretty intense playoff game for the ages. Bruins’ goalkeeper James Fielding calls his goal crease the Field of Dreams. He turned the Penguins shooters into a cellphone and pocket dialed the cop shop for robbery to preserve the victory.


BLACKHAWKS 4 CANADIENS 1: 2 power play goals and an empty netter, sounds like a good name for a band. Hawks goalie Steve Cuthbert is playing dirty. So dirty, not even Mens 3 in 1 Axe body wash could clean it up. Imagine thinking one type of body wash can do 3 different types of washing. You gotta be an impressive idiot to fall for that.  Anyways, Canadiens remained on the ice after the game as captain Mike Miscio had his team doing wind sprints until they threw up to show them how bad he wants to win the cup. Watch for a different Habs team next time out.


LEAFS 4 FLYERS 1. Bob Tenison and his grade A grass fed burger passes set up 2 goals as the leafs beat my Flyers 4-1. Bill Templeman and Tymen Edelkoort made 88 saves each but Leafs Alan “pickled” Heron found the twine twice for the winners. Game was closer than Ernie & Bert for the most part before the Leafs scored 3 in the final frame to preserve the W.



BLACKHAWKS 4 FLAMES 4: This game had potential to be a bit spicy. Announced attendance was 8. 8 different scorers found the sheet as hawks clawed back from a 3-1 deficit to tie the game. Flames Peter Fantazzo controlled the game. Carved up the ice like Tony Hawk’s skateboard in an empty pool. Both teams had the ice packs out after this one, great playoff intensity.


SHARKS 4 FLYERS 0: Sharks’ Mark Shadwell re-taped his twig before this one, went out there and scored 2 goals, added an assist, then drove the team bus home. Wily veteran goaltender Richard Paquet stopped all 36 shots for the bagel , ate the puck after the game to prove a point. Flyers didn’t allow reporters into the room afterwards as they had a players only meeting to get the ship turned around in a hurry. Expect a better outcome next time, I predict it right now.


REDWINGS 4 BRUINS 1: 4 different players scored for the Wings as they took off against the powerful Bruins 4-1. Scott Johnson turned away 32 shots for the win between the wickets for a hungry Wings team. Vince Mercuri continues his out of this world play, scoring another goal for the winners. Reporters overheard Scott Johnson’s ghetto blaster playing old Scorpions and Helix music before the game to get his team prepared. Big Win. Bruins will be playing some desperate hockey next time out to keep their season alive.


KINGS 4 STARS 2: Kings Joe”Thank you very “Muchynski was a man with a mission out there. This guy ate half a damn lasagna 2 hours before boarding the team bus. Windows were open the whole way to the rink. He made amends by scoring 2 big goals as the Kings shot down the Stars 4-2. Stars’ Chris Baratto was unavailable for comment after the game. He was upset with his pre-game submarine sandwich, they forgot the mustard and he asked for no onions. No one sat beside him on the bench, apparently he will be writing a letter to the sub shop.


Well that washes our hands of a crazy weekend of ice hockey at the ol’ quad pad. Junior playoffs continue Friday evening while the other 2 divisions have the weekend off. Time to heal some playoff wounds and get ready for the final push. Enjoy the rest of the week, Keep your damn stick on the ice, fellas.


Chris Marttila

This Week in SCOHA – February 27th, 2019

Looking Forward to Getting the 2nd Season Underway

Now that we are all sick and tired of shoveling, here’s the scoop on last week’s week in SCOHA which saw master’s Division lift the lid on their playoff season. Meanwhile, rivalries heated up in the Junior and Intermediate groups as they look forward to getting the 2nd season underway.



BRUINS 6 BLACKHAWKS 6: Well the scorekeeper ran out of beads on her abacus after this one was all finished. 12 goals in a see-saw battle that ended up a 6-6 tie. Hawks’ Dennis Cybalski took home the game puck with 2 goals and 3 assists while on the other side of the ice, Justin “Eastgate” Mol scored 2 for the Bruins. Both team’s forward lines put the goalies on blast, shooting more discs than a plinko game. Hope both teams shore up the defensive play for the playoffs.


OILERS 3 FLYERS 1: This Oilers team has the train back on the track after a disasterous mid-season. I put these guys back as odds on favourites to win it all. Jay Dimitroff led the way with a goal and an apple for the winners while Ang Fidanza had the lone goal for the Flyers. Look out league, the Oilers are bringing the hammers out of the tool bag and are ready for the playoffs.


PENGUINS 6 REDWINGS 3: Pens’ Ross The Smash” Lacasse went top corn on 3 beauties to lead the Penguinos over the Redwings 6-3. Lacasse came to the rink with a black v-neck on ready to play one hell of a game, played like a bear with claws and fangs to lead his team. Not to be outdone, his teammate Dave “magic” Johnson tallied a goal and 5 assists. These 2 guys flew the team plane, took it off auto pilot and offered no nuts to the passengers.



LEAFS 3 PENGUINS 0: As one executive said to me yesterday, this Bill Templeman in net for the Leafs is going to be a real good player in this league one day. I can sense these things.  Just kidding, Bill. This guy could sit on top of the net with a cold cut combo from Subway in one hand and a root beer in the other but still make the damn save. He stopped all the Penguins from sliding down the hill for the shutout.  Steve “Kilo” Watt had a great game as well, scoring 2 for the winners who finished the regular season in first place. They will face a hungry Flyers club who have been chugging Jolt colas before each game lately. Watch out for them....


FLYERS 4 CANADIENS 2: Brock “Hot Wheels” Hotrum scored another 2 for the Flyers. He scores at an alarming rate. Flyers goaltender Tymen Edelkoort stood on his ear lobes, making over 58 saves to preserve the win like grandma’s 36 jars of marmalade that no one eats. Great all-round effort by the Flyers who are rolling into the playoffs like Fonzie rides his bike into Arnold’s on a Saturday Night for a soda and a kiss.


BLACKHAWKS 5 BRUINS 2: The Walter Blagdon train pulled up to the station, collected another 3 points then closed all doors and left without saying goodbye. Hawks are the toughest team to play against. Their goalie covers all angles like a king size mattress in an elevator. Their forward lines exude confidence like never before. Bruins are reviewing some game film prior to playoffs as they look to defend their last years dramatics.



BLACKHAWKS 2 KINGS 0: Things went a bit pear-shaped for the league leading Kings on the first night of the playoffs, dropping a close 2-0 game to the Hawks. It was a penalty-filled game as the referees saw this game start to go downhill like a toboggan. 11 minors called in total, looked like I was watching Slapshot for the umpteenth time.


FLAMES 5 FLYERS 0: Another shutout as Flames’ Ed “Bark at the” Mooney got the bagel as the Flames burned the Flyers 5-0. Paul Opie and Jason Anderson each scored 2 for the winners who started the playoffs on the right foot. Flyers were missing a lot of key players. More scratches than a midnight forest jog. Hope they have a better turnout this week.


STARS 1 BRUINS 0: You would think a 1-0 score would have the intensity of a loaf of bread but no way. 1.9 million viewers stayed up to watch this one as both goalies saw more rubber than Pamela Anderson on a Monday afternoon. Stars’ Brian Deanes had the shutout as he out-dueled Joe LoCiccero for th big win. Larry “Light the Lamp” Litzgus scored the lone goal in this one then waited in the lobby to sign autographs for the kids. Left the cap off his sharpie and it leaked everywhere in his shirt pocket afterwards....

SHARKS 4 REDWINGS 2: Sharks’ Richard Paquet was feisty in his cage all night long as his team doubled up the Redwings 4-2. Mark Shadwell drained 2 for the winners while his team won despite having 4 minors called against them. More hooks than a bass tournament as 4 hooking minors were handed out.


So there is the week that was in SCOHA. Junior and Intermediate turn things up to 11 as the playoffs ramp up. Some players are back from a few games off for load management, all knees are feeling good, and we are ready for some pretty intense hockey. Have a great rest of the week fellas.


Chris Marttila

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