AGM - Tuesday April 25th, 2023. 7:00pm at Old Stoney Creek Hall - Saltfleet Room  - 777 Hwy #8

Please note Playoff above tab has been updated with schedule, results and rules.

Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Flyers 13 7 3 29 81 62
Oilers 13 7 3 29 97 89
Bruins 9 9 5 23 93 92
BlackHawks 7 10 6 20 76 81
Sharks 8 12 3 19 75 89
Canadiens 7 12 4 18 78 87
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Flames 17 0 5 39 82 35
BlackHawks 12 5 5 29 94 72
Flyers 13 7 2 28 101 70
Stars 11 6 5 27 85 78
RedWings 7 12 3 17 68 73
Bruins 5 11 6 16 67 94
Penguins 6 13 3 15 58 76
Sharks 2 19 1 5 79 136


Team Name Win Loss Ties Points For Against +/-
Flyers 2 0 1 5 10 5 +5
Sharks 2 0 1 5 13 9 +4
Bruins 2 1 0 4 12 8 +4
BlackHawks 1 2 0 2 8 11 -3
Canadiens 1 2 0 2 9 14 -5
Oilers 0 3 0 0 12 17 -5


Team Name Win Loss Ties Points For Against +/-
Flyers 4 0 0 8 16 3 +13
BlackHawks 2 1 1 5 14 11 +3
Flames 2 2 0 4 11 10 +1
Stars 2 2 0 4 16 17 -1
Bruins 2 2 0 4 13 16 -3
RedWings 1 2 1 3 9 8 +1
Penguins 1 3 0 2 8 12 -4
Sharks 1 3 0 2 11 21 -10


This Week in SCOHA - March 11th, 2023

The What A Load Edition

Sitting Players For Load Management Sinks Oilers In Playoffs

United Oilers captain Jason Hoffman fessed up to reporters on Friday that he now wishes he didn't let players sit for load management ahead of the playoffs. The Oilers are mathematically eliminated from semi-final action after two losses and will play for pride next Sunday versus the Canadiens.

"The regular season is rather lengthy and takes its toll on some of our veterans. We thought a few games off would help heal the bumps and bruises but obviously we were wrong about that."

Most of Hoffman's roster are free agents at season's end but he hopes to begin contract talks as soon as the season wraps up. "Yes, we will be starting to negotiate with pending free agents the second the buzzer goes off next Sunday night."

Off-season exercise regiments are also priority for the Oilers and most players are on board with that. Star defenceman Justin Whitwell feels like climbing the escarpment backwards is a little extreme but will do his best.

Oilers face the Canadiens next Sunday and will be signing autographs after the game for their young fans outside by the team bus before it drives away into the sunset for the final time this year.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist


This Week in SCOHA - March 6th, 2023

The Gut Check Edition

Spoke to Masters Redwings veteran Larry Sipos in the parking lot before the game where he fielded questions from reporters, Larry nailed 6 classic hockey cliches when asked about his upcoming game against the Stars.

“We just have to take it one shift at a time”

“When you put the puck at the net, good things happen”

“More traffic in front of the net”

“You gotta give it 110%”

“You need to play a full 60 minutes or however long our games are”

“Do or Die game”

Turns out his Redwings took care of all the above and beat up the Stars 4-1 to stay in the mix toward a birth into the semi-finals.

The standing are tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm as only one game remains before the final 4 seedings are announced. United Division final 4 are pretty well decided but several teams are still playing for pride when play resumes March 19th.


FLYERS 3 SHARKS 3: This game had the whole enchilada. 10 penalities were called as both teams tried to show the other who the cup favourites are. In the end it was Sharks Cory “arsenio” Hall who tied the game with a minute left to preserve the tie. Both goalie stood on their ear lobes all game and several fans were seen taking in the action, mostly SCOHA players doing some advanced scouting. Kyle Mosley and Steve Albanaese also scored for the men in teal while Ryan Haslam, Mike Rostecki and whoever wore number 16 replied for the Flyers.

BLACKHAWKS 5 OILERS 4: The playoffs have been pretty dismal for this Oiler team who battled it out for top spot in the standings all season. In the end, they fell a bit short falling 5-4 to the Hawks. 5 different Hawks scored while Justin Whitwell scored twice for the Oilers. Both teams lined up on their respective bluelines before puck drop for a moment of silence for Hawk forward Walt Blagdon who is going through a tough time. Oilers are now mathematically eliminated from semi final action after the loss.

BRUINS 6 CANADIENS 2: Brock Hotrum led the way with a pair of goals and Brad Ballman steered away 17 shots as the Bruins defeated the Habs 6-2. Canadiens gave it all they had but eventually ran out of gas against a fast Bruin team. It didn’t help that the Canadiens took 5 minor penalties which would spell trouble for any team in this league. Bruins are currently in first place in the round robin standings with one game to go before re-seeding decides semi-final opponents.


BRUINS 2 FLAMES 1: This was the Pepto-Bismol Upset of the Week, folks. Bruins captain Gord Bryce walked into the bar afterwards with a “how bout that, eh” look on his face before media swarmed him for some post-game reaction. Steve “around the” Horner scored the game winner with only 1:26 left to lock in the W. Both goalies played outstanding, was too bad there had to be a losing team in this one. Rookie power forward Marc Verrier scored the lone goal for the Flames as he cements his path toward the rookie of the year award this season. Gary Guthro also scored for the Bruins as he continues to play well before becoming a free agent at season’s end.

REDWINGS 4 STARS 1: This game had all the earmarks for a classic SCOHA playoff matchup. Both teams battled hard in the 2nd half but Great Scott! There was some great goaltending by Jonas Scott and Scott Johnson that kept fans on their feet for the most part. Stars Frank Bortolin scored the lone goal for the Stars who are currently in 2nd place but several teams are right behind them looking to leapfrog when action continued on the 19th. Redwings Paul “the wasp” Buzzelli was all over the damn ice, scoring a pair but could’ve scored 5 as he was clearly the player that stood out the most according to scouts. Steve “60” Watt and John Carvalho Sr. also scored for the hot Wings who refuse to be dunked into the big bowl of blue cheese just yet.

PENGUINS 4 BLACKHAWKS 2: I could tell the Penguins were fired up for this one as I held the door open for them making their way to the ice. Pens wrote a masterpiece 4-2 victory over the Hawks and remain in the middle of the pack as far as the standings are concerned. Captain Steve Smith was at the rink early getting motivated before his team arrived. This guy’s pre-game speech must’ve been pretty good as his team didn’t let the foot off the gas all night. I predicted Steve Kivell would score and make it to the blog so there ya go Steve, good game!

FLYERS 6 SHARKS 0: Nothing much happening here just Dave Armstrong setting the tone and scoring goals all night again. Add another 3 snipes to his lucrative SCOHA resume as the Flyers thumped the Sharks 6-0. The pending unrestricted free agent will be seeking upwards of $8 million next season so when league president Terry Gudgeon announces the salary cap, teams will start releasing players to make room for Dave. I swear Guy Shaver and Dale Brons have to get on the same team next year so they can be called the Brons Shaver line. Guy scored a goal that only 98% of us wish we could score midway through the 2nd period. He took the game puck home for his cat to push around the kitchen floor with her right paw.

Well that puts another lid on the mason jar of SCOHA action from last night’s action. As mentioned, no games on the 12th so many of us can rest some bumps and bruises. Have a great week, we will touch base again after next games.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist / Podcast Host

This Week in SCOHA – February 21st, 2023

The Playoffs are Here Edition

Well folks, this is an abbreviated version as I sit in Sunwing gate 524 waiting to fly to Cuba.

United Division:

Last week of regular season. Things get real this upcoming weekend. Watch out for the Sharks and Canadiens who are rolling into the 2nd season full steam ahead.

Masters Division:

The Pepto Bismol Upset of the Season as the Sharks hosed down the Flames 4-3. This Sharks squad are determined to put a struggling regular season behind them. Great game to watch!

The Stars edged the Penguins 4-2. Redwings and Blackhawks tied 1-1. Flyers folded up the Bruins like an origami grasshopper 5-1.

Anyways, good luck next weekend as both divisions aee now in full playoff mode. Chch news is calling for the storm of the century on Thursday so stay safe.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist

This Week in SCOHA – November 1st, 2022

The Possum Lodge Edition

The possum lodge edition you ask? Well United Division sniper Brent Haslam showed up at the rink Sunday night, unzipped his hockey bag and a live possum jumped out and scared the daylights out of everyone in the proximity. Easily the Panasonic play of the Week, folks and I am not making this up. You might ask how did he not hear this thing running laps around his gear while he was carrying it in the damn arena.. or how did it not piss all over everything. Those are questions you will have to ask him yourself. Or I will and will report back next week. 

At any rate, I was away for work last week which is why you didn’t see the weekly roundup on here but I am back ready to go. Week 6 of this nagging sprained thumb from summer hockey is feeling about 90%. Thumbs up to that. 

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This Week in SCOHA – October 18th, 2022

The Season is in Full Swing Edition

I haven’t run any data or crunched any numbers, but I feel super confident in declaring October to be the top month for use of the word “Spooktacular”. This past weekend was pretty damn spooktacular as far as goal scoring goes. Hey did anyone see Paul Cleary’s goal Sunday night? Upstairs where grandpa keeps the flashlight. Great to see this guy back in the lineup and a great guy in the damn locker room, I can attest. More jabs than Muhammed Ali and Sonny Liston…


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This Week in SCOHA – October 4th, 2022

The Sore Back Edition

Hey folks, I spoke to a fellow Scohaian on Sunday and we were saying how good it feels to be back for winter hockey. He then added that when the start of hockey comes, the wives’ favourite time of year starts with the Hallmark Christmas movie commercials in full swing. While we are at the rink, we will all miss those repetitive storylines of a marketing executive who hates Christmas but goes home and meets a man at the Christmas tree lot that challenges her beliefs, sees the joy of the season and falls in love with said man then gives up her city life to get married to him and stay in the small town. Meanwhile, us guys are trying to figure out who sits a shift when 7 damn forwards show up!

Let’s unmask the week that was in Scohaville……


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This Week In SCOHA – September 26th, 2022

The Opening Night Edition

Welcome back, gang! Some players carried on where they left off last year while some needed a blow torch to get the rust off the blades after a crazy first night of SCOHA action. Masters Division veteran Guy “Braun Series 7” Shaver was seen in the grocery store buying avacodos and eggs so you know his mind is on a stronger season even though he spent the majority of game day afternoon sitting on the standard with stomach pains reading the Spectator funnies.


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Junior Championships 2021/2022
Flyers   5   VS      Bruins 4   In Overtime           
Intermediate Championship 
Canadiens 5    VS       1
Masters Championship 
Bruins   7   VS       BlackHawks 2