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Lookout Lounge - New Specials for 2011-2012

SCOHA 2011/2012


Hi Joe!!


I just want to inform you about the special we're now going to offer on Sunday and Friday Nights.  I would really appreciate it if you could pass it along to each team so they're aware.


We're now going to offer $4.50 (tax inc.) domestic bottles on Sundays after 3pm and Fridays after 8pm.  Those include Canadian, Coors Light, Export, Molson Dry and Canadian 67.  For free food we will stick with the free pizza but will give all the guys the option of the cheese nacho or the french fry platter (upgrades for those will still be available).


Thanks alot Joe!!


Mandy Allen

Lookout Sports Lounge


Canadian Blood Services

SCOHA 2011/2012

The Stoney Creek Old Timers Association has joined the Canadian Blood Services Partners for Life Program and have pledged to give 20 units of blood over the next year.  We are asking all players who are eligible to donate blood to sign up as member of this partnership simply by following the instructions below.  Once you register, every time you donate blood it will go towards SCOHA’s pledge to save lives.


By donating blood you can save the lives of three people.  Over 50% of Canadians say that they have needed blood themselves or have a close family member who received blood.  If three lives can be saved by one donation imagine what SCOHA can do. 


We already have 3 people signed up and 1 donation !!!


Click on "Read More: below to see more

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Movember 2011

SCOHA 2011/2012

 Some of us men tend to be too busy, too lazy or just too proud to take care of ourselves.  It’s the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude from our fathers' generation. 

Johnny Gettin' 'er done before the game.
I assume by now that you have heard of Movember in support of Prostate Cancer Canada.  Some of us have decided to donate our faces to raising awareness about prostate cancer for the month of Movember (formerly November).  While the funds raised are great, more important to us is the discussion and awareness that it raises every time someone looks at our varied, uneven, scruffy, partially grey Mos.  
For the cause !!

4,400 men die of prostate cancer in Canada each year and one in seven men will be diagnosed during his lifetime. That’s the equivalent of two guys on any hockey team and one of our close friends we golf with each week.  Those rates are staggering.  Not that we won’t ask you for funds to support Prostate Cancer Canada, because we will -  the real reason we are doing this is to raise the conversation with you to ensure that every man you know over 40 has had their exam this year.  If they haven’t, please encourage them to book an appointment. 

Click here to donate to the SCOHA  team effort

Click here to join the team.


Many thanks to Brian Spilak of the Bruins for putting this together and getting the guys participating ( and talking ...)

If you have any Movember pics or links to Youtube videos, send them to me at scoha@curran.ca and I'll get them posted


2011 Bruins Movember


Heart and Stroke

SCOHA 2011/2012

 Time Won't Stop for Stroke - Reaching the hospital for treatment as quickly as possible at the first signs of stroke could save your life and keep you from experiencing mental and physical disabilty.

Don't Wait to Act on a Heart Attack - Thousands of Canadians die from heart attacks every year because they don't receive medical treatment quickly enough. Don't wait to cal 9-1-1 when you notice the signsClick on "read more" below to see the symptoms for a Stroke and Heart Attack.

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