B Teams 2004-2005

B- Division Players Information 2004-2005
# 1 Leafs # 2 Hawks
Vince Penny (def) Frank Sergi (def)
Al Angelone (def)             Paul Vespa (def)
Richard Paquet (goal) Bruce MacDonald (def)
Mauro Fortunato (def) Ian Hunter (for)
Anthony Picone (for) Ed Stek (for)
Frank Bisignani f/d Dan Butler (goal)
Tony Filice f/d Peter Djeneralovic (for)
Luch Fidanza f/d Rino Mostacci (for)
John Jagusic (for) Rick Smith f/d (R)
Joe Picone (for) (R) Frank Vespa (for)
Denis Dion (for) Wayne Davis (for)
Ron Gismondi (for) Rico Deangelis f/d
Paul Miller f/d Ralph Ionico (for)
John Santarelli (for) Rick McFarlane (for)
# 3 Blues # 4 Sharks
Danny Stanidas (def) (R) Ron Cooper (def) (R)
Bob Henderson (goal) John McMurtry (def)
Vic Ostapiak (def) Roger Martin (for)
Sergio Pinto (def) Fred Warring (for)
Dave Thompson f/d Steve Bomberry f/d
Scott Fletcher (for) Gord Johnson (goal)
Pat Ielasi f/d Sandy McLeod (for)
Robert Jacobs (for) Steve Ryan f/d
Allan Pattison (for) Mark Skrtich (def)
Lee Paule (for) John Toth f/d
Joe Butera (for) Ken Barrette (for)
Walt Chaykowski (for) Ken Burns (for)
Bruce J. MacDonald (def) Robert McCoy (for)
Nick Stankovich (for) Kevin Robinson (def)
# 5 Predators # 6 Senators
Frank Scattalon f/d (R) (Ex) Bob Bazinet (def) (R)
Gino Tittarelli (for) (R) (Ex) Frank McLellan (for)
Howie Micks (for) Jim Swick f/d
Paul Belluz (def) Tony Montgomery f/d
Ghislain Piche f/d John Balsillie f/d
Marc Baronette (for) Dominic Distefano (goal)
Gary Guthro (for) Grant King (def)
Brad Kinnear (def) Bob Tirnanic f/d
Paul MacTaggart (for) Marc Verrier (for)
Ralph Zadro f/d Terry Walihura (for)
Jim Beattie (for) Tom Bodnar f/d
Gus Castelli (for) Louie Halper f/d
Joe LoCicero (goal) (Ex) Gerry Hass (for)
Peter Syring f/d Ed Ivatec f/d
# 7 Penguins # 8 Kings
Mike Vanderzee (for) (R) Pat Cosgrove (def) (R)
Wayne Paxton (for) Paul Shewchuck (for)
Bill Kircos (def) Munish Baranowski (for)
Dennis Santucci (for) Walter Iszkula f/d
Don Dunster (goal) Louie Bilobrk (for)
Mario Fratarcangeli (for) Peter Fitzgerald f/d
Dale Malkovich (for) Bob Garside (goal
Wayne Pryde (def) Bruce Gunby (for)
Rick Saunders (def) Stuart McVittie (def)
Bob Carnegie (def) Mike Shewchuck (def)
Danny Gabriele (for) Dave Boekenstyn f/d
Andrew Laughlin f/d Mark Gallagher (for)
Paul McGraw (for) William Reid (for)
Gabe Desantis (for) Joe Tittarelli (for)
# 9 Islanders # 10 Canadians
Terry Gudgeon (def) (R) Joe Venditti (def) (R) (Ex)
Rick Shuker (def) Jim Mercanti (for) (Ex)
Brian Deanes (goal) Henry Marfisi (for)
Ken Field (for) Alan Rizzuto (for)
Trevor Graham (for) Bill Whalen (for)
Chuck Hostovski (def) Renato Campagnolo (for)
Tom McKittrick f/d Tony D'Alesio (for)
Ken Nault f/d Dino Giudice (for)
Rob Waldhuber (for) Domenic Giustini (for)
Cam Curran (for) Tony Sergi (for)
Ezio Iacobucci (for) Paul Campagnolo (for)
Gord King (for) Ken D'Andrade (def)
Jim Laidman (def) Doug Russell (goal)
Dino Cortina (for) George Vergadis (for)
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