This Week in SCOHA – Dec 21st, 2023

The Swiss Chalet Festive Special Was Better With Toblerone Edition

I’m writing this right after the Leafs got thumped 9-3 so get ready. Interesting news coming out this past weekend as Guy Shaver set up a SCOHA Christmas Kettle in front of the orphanage and sang The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow all day to raise money. Guy’s fees are all paid up until the 26-27 season. Slicker than 2 steel wheels in a bucket of lard, lemme tell ya.

United Division

Oilers 3 Blackhawks 3: These Oilers played like someone just scratched their new Smart tv. Pucks in deep. Forecheck, backcheck, paycheck. Make the final 3-3. Marc Bellhumeur didn’t score but assisted on a pair of Hawk goals. Kyle Allen, recently acquired from the Oilers, scored against his old team then stared down the bench with a collective smirk. Shawn James scored his 9th of the season and some Chris guy scored for the Oil. Oilers haven’t lost in 2 and seem to be finding their stride.

Flyers 7 Sharks 3: The Flyers brought a snowmobile to the snowball fight. The usual suspects were in on the scoring. Ryan Haslam had a hatty and 2 assists while Mike Haslam earned his keep with a goal and 3 apples for the winning side. Sharks had more spares than a bowling weekend as Brian Spilak scored twice in a losing cause. Flyers lead the league with attendance this year thanks to their 2-for-1 ticket deal at Woolworth’s. Now that’s great marketing!

Redwings 4 Bruins 1: This game was a lot closer than it appears. Kind of like a rear-view mirror. The trio of Marco and Matteo Caiella and Anthoy Whitwell are about ready to turn it up to 11 and take matters into their own hands. They sit atop the standings by a point on the Hawks and 2 on the Flyers. Player/Coach Yves Bisson has his team moving on all cylinders as we hit the Christmas break and are not giving away points like they are punchbowl sets or fondue warmers. I say the Redwngs go on a heater in the new year and go on a 5-game win streak, that’s my prediction and it’s not up for discussion..

Masters Division:

Flyers 2 Penguins 2: This game screwed up a total of 16,382 Proline tickets apparently. Penguins had spare Brad Ballman between the pipes while Joe LoCiccero turned back the clock and turned aside 9 shots for the point. I caught the 2nd half of this one on LiveBarn and lemme tell ya, this game saw more ups and downs than the CN tower elevator. Penguins saw Bruno DiGiovanni and John “Helter” Elter score while the Flyers got snipes from the Serge protector Pat Sergi along with Dave Graham. While I was disappointed with my Proline ticket, I give full marks to both hockey clubs for an entertaining game.

Sharks 4 Redwings 1: Ron Cooper scored a goal of the year candidate and took the game puck home as the Sharks trimmed the Wings 4-1. Ron’s tenacity and complete dedication to the defensive side of the game is second to none so when he chips in on the game sheet, his teammates respond well. Future SCOHA Hall of Famer Ron “arsenio” Hall also scored for the Sharks, and Ed Aitcheson tallied twice. The Aitcheson kid is going to be in the league for a long time if he keeps this pace up. League commissioner has a meeting after the Christmas break to discuss Ed having to use the other end of his stick to make it more fair for others involved. Not a Muppett News Flash, Larry Litzgus scored again, his ten thousandth of the season.

Blackhawks 4 Bruins 2: The mood in this game was moderate to lukewarm as 6 penalties were called. When the final buzzer sounded, the Hawks doubled up the Bruins 4-2. Two late goals sealed this up with a gold bow and their goals were documented as 2 shorties, 1 powerplay goal and an empty-netter. Impressive night I’d say. Bruins ot a pair of beauties from Ghislain Piche. Bruins Gord Bryce announced after the game that he will ne monitoring his team’s food consumption over the holidays and he better not see any egg nog in his players fridges.

Stars 7 Kings 4: The Stars all chugged Red Bulls before the game and it really showed as they crowned the Kings 7-4. Warren DeForest scored a pair and added a hamburger helper while the ringer, Gord Bryce (brought in for some toughness along the dasher boards and to make sure the ship got to shore safely) registered an assist. Stars Dino “guide us to thy perfect light” Guidice had 3 assists for the winners. It was his first 3-point game since he had 4 assists playing for the Dundas Ants back in 83’. His passing was greasier than a bavarian sausage. Watch out for this Stars team, folks, you heard it here first.

At any rate, that’s all from this end of the ice until 2024. Cheers to a safe and Happy Holiday. We will see everyone in the New Year! Enjoy the rest before the unofficial 2nd half revs up like never before…

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist

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