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This Week in SCOHA Tournament News

The Old Fool Edition

Credit where credit is due, folks.

Terry Gudgeon, despite feeling like he got ran over by the Lakeshore West GoTrain, managed to keep the tournament running very smoothly. We always appreciate your hard work and dedication to this league, especially this weekend!

To everyone who helped out, the teams that came in from the USA, Dofasco and other teams that played, timekeepers, and the bar staff at the Lookout Lounge (cook nailed the buffalo chicken sandwich!), SCOHA thanks you!

Was great seeing so many SCOHA past heroes come out to say hi, we all missed you! Great friends together and new friends met.

Tournament Winners:

Division A: Rhinestone Cowboy

Division B: Old Muggers

Division C: Bruins

Division D: KTSDI Ohio

Division E: Grimsby Legends

Have a great summer everyone,

Registration is now open for winter!

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist

This Week in SCOHA - April 16th, 2024

The Season Wrapup Edition

Seems like we only just started the damn season and just like that, teams are already planning for the draft. Stick taps to United Flyers and Masters Kings for their cup wins. Let's recap.... United Division: Championship Game: Flyers 8 Bruins 6: This game had more ups and downs than the CN Tower elevator if you are too lazy to walk up. In the end, Brent Haslam scored the game winner as the Flyers got past the Bruins 8-6. Final shots on goal? 33-21 Bruins. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! This game could've gone either way but any game could when you think about it. 7 different scorers for the Flyers while CJ Butler and Chris Conroy both had a pair of goals and an assist for the B's.   Consolation Participant Ribbon Games: Oilers 5 Sharks 4: The Oilers had only 1 guy on their bench but that didn't matter as they staved off the Sharks 5-4. Steve Ditta and Tristan Graham both scored twice for the Oil while Justin Ross and Geoff Verrier swapped positions and Geoff played net. Why the hell not. For the Sharks, Ron Cybalski dropped a deuce and added an assist.   Redwings 4 Blackhawks 1: This game saw the Redwings taking charge right from the get-go after a tough loss in the semi-finals to the Flyers. Hawks were missing Johnny Hockey so thats why they lost. Both these teams deserve alot of credit. Either could've been there lifting the trophy.   Masters Division: Championship Game: Kings 4 Stars 3 (shootout) I watched this one live online and lemme tell ya, folks... there were so many fans watching, they were loud and the players didn't disappoint. When the dust settled, Ken "giraffe" Hutchinson scored the shootout and cup winning goal for Mike Vanderzee's Kings. Prior to the shootout dramatics, Rick "tiktok" Estok scored a pair and wiley veteran Bob Tirnanic registered a pair of assists for the winners. Felt bad for the Stars after this one. They had so many chances but fell a little short on the scoreboard. Great game by both teams!   Consolation Participant Ribbon Games: Redwings 8 Flyers 7: Dave "le legende" Langille has many more seasons left in the tank. His 2 goals and 2 assists proved that, what a game. Terry Gudgeon, with his assist, passed Gordie Howe on the all-time Wings playoff helper list. For the Flyers, get a load of this: a SCOHA record, 11 different players recorded a point!   Penguins 7 Blackhawks 1: Good grief.   Bruins 7 Sharks 4: Bruins captain and GM Gord Bryce reminded his team before this meaningless game that the fans who pay to fill the arena deserve a strong effort regardless of whether its a championship game or not. His players bought in. Despite Terry Hughes' careless tripping penalty, the Bruins harpooned the Sharks 7-4. Ghislain Piche scored a pair while 5 different players lit the lamp for the B's. Andy Rossit scored a pair for the Sharks who will look back at the season as fun.   Well that puts a lid on another SCOHA season. Thanks to the league executives, timekeepers, refs and every player for making it a great winter at the rink. Looking forward to the 24/25 edition already. Registration is open on our website !   Thanks for reading these silly blogs all year, i will drop a few editions throughout the summer to let you know what our SCOHA heroes are up to...   Chris Marttila SCOHA Blogologist

This Week in SCOHA - March 14th, 2024

The Pre-St.Paddy’s Edition

Well that was quite a bunch of games on the docket this past weekend! More upsets than I can imagine since I joined the league back in 78.

First off, we are opening up team sponsorship starting next season. To get full details, email either Chris Barratto or Terry Gudgeon. Their email addresses are on the website. Or just do the old-fashioned way of communicating, flag one of them down at the rink. Apparently 2 teams are already sponsored for next year so get your questions answered sooner than later to avoid disappointment! Great way to promote your business, folks!

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This Week in SCOHA - March 2nd, 2024

The Sunburnt Edition

Back at it with a recap of last week's action. Masters regular season has wrapped up like a double cheese meatball sub, no onions. United still has this week to decide seedings. Right down to the damn wire!

Before we go further, our SCOHA family want to offer our sincere condolences to Scott Wheeler's family after Scott's passing. Many guys played either with or against Scott and I know i've added his name to this weekly script more than once. Rest in peace, Scott. We are thinking about you.

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This Week in SCOHA - February 21st, 2024

The Glass Shattering Edition

What a wild weekend of SCOHA action as it was the first, and hopefully not an annual glass shattering game between the United Oilers and Bruins that had everyone in the damn city talking. Then there’s Joe LoCicero stopping Mike VanDerzee on a penalty shot to help preserve the victory for the Masters Flyers. Anyways, let’s get right into it, I’ve got things to do.

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