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This Week in SCOHA - March 2nd, 2024

The Sunburnt Edition

Back at it with a recap of last week's action. Masters regular season has wrapped up like a double cheese meatball sub, no onions. United still has this week to decide seedings. Right down to the damn wire!

Before we go further, our SCOHA family want to offer our sincere condolences to Scott Wheeler's family after Scott's passing. Many guys played either with or against Scott and I know i've added his name to this weekly script more than once. Rest in peace, Scott. We are thinking about you.

United Division:

Flyers 6 Bruins 4: Quite the game, folks. Players went into this one with a feeling of agression, ready to remind each other who's in charge before playoffs. 9 penalties summed up the atmosphere between both benches. Fans lined up around the arena for the biggest walk-up crowd of the season. In the end, Ryan Haslam scored a pair as the Flyers topped the Bruins 6-4. Newcomer Chris Butler scored for the Bruins. Butler is a smooth skater from the Iron League who brings advanced puck moving ability and isn't afraid of the corners.

Blackhawks 7 Sharks 3: Hawks came in with a bee in their bonnet looking for a big game from all 3 lines. Three different Hawks dropped a deuce: Marc Poulin, Marc "taco" Bellehumeur and Johnny "you win a brand new 2025" Carvalho. The Sharks had goals from Duane Marzi, Shulist Joe and Steve "at least a point per game" Albanese. Watch for the Sharks in the playoffs, i've won serious cashola on this prediction before.

Redwings 6 Oilers 3: it was the Marco and Matteo Caiella show. Call your doctor for a prescription. May cause plenty of points with side effects of nausea and the runs for the opposition. Marco amd Matteo both scored twice for the winners. For the Oil, Shawn James, Todd Baranowski and Nick Castelli scored.

Masters Division:

Kings 6 Stars 3: Mike Vanderzee watched hundreds of hours of game films and read my reaction to his missed penalty shot last week. Mike went out there and scored 2 goals and an assist to pass Eddie Shore in the all-time points list. Kings doubled up the Stars 6-3 and lemme tell you something. Stars gm Chris Barratto was seathing after this game and we can expect a better result this weekend. Arena staff repainted the dressing room walls after Barratto peeled the paint off them with his post game rant. Stars Steve Kivell scored then dedicated the goal to the Cuban swimup bartender at the resort he recently visited. I believe his name was Jose. His brother is a fireman named Hose B.

Blackhawks 4 Bruins 1: Spare goalie Greg Hawko paused Season 2 of Good Times, got off the sofa and spared well but the Bruins dropped a 4-1 decision to the Blackhawks. Steve Smith took home the game puck again with a goal and an assist while the usual suspects added one goal each, Darren Corneau and Nick "the quick" Miscione. Ted Marszalek turned aside 19 shots for the W and passed Grant Fuhr in career wins all-time.

Redwings 6 Sharks 2: Larry "ballroom" Litzgus, a weekly staple in this writeup, scored a hatty as the Redwings folded up the Sharks like a Kapuskasing street map 6-2. Wings Al Oddie scored a pair as he looks for a substantial pay upgrade in the summer. This effort certainly helps his cause. There was extra salt on the fries for this game as 5 penalties were called.

Penguins 7 Flyers 2. This Penguin hockey club finished the regular season with only one loss as they trounced the Flyers 7-2. Gary Guthro of Guthro Insurance and a good guy scored a pair for the winners while Bruno DiGiovanni recorded 2 goals and an assist to take home the game puck. Bruno stopped by Ikea afterwards for a bookcase to house all the game pucks he gets rewarded with. For the Flyers, Enzo Giamichele and Peter "pan" Fantauzzo score some pretty impressive goals. Hey gang, some strong advice, take the Penguins on your Proline ticket for the entire playoffs.

Well that's all for this week. Can't wait to play hockey tonight with sunburn all over me, should be pretty fun. Have a great weekend everyone.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blog Guy

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