This Week in SCOHA - March 19th, 2024

The Pucks in Deep Edition

More upsets this past week, folks. Not the kind of upset like when you get back from an all-inclusive resort with free wifi but Bell still charges you $16 a day kind of upset.

United Division:

Oilers 5 Flyers 2: Nick Castelli & Friends invaded Philadelphia and blasted the Flyers 5-2. Justìn Ross stood on his ear lobes in the Oiler crease to preserve the big win for the Oil who are now in 1st place thanks to a better plus/minus than the Redwings. Brent Haslam scored both goals for the fellas in orange. Some Chris Marttila gut scored in consecutive games but who's keeping track.

Redwings 4 Bruins 2: Richard Forester chopped down the Bruins, scoring a pair as the Wings doubled the B's 4-2. This guy spends his spare time in the woods making wierd noises with his hands to attract big deer. He is that good at hunting, just like how he hunts down pucks every shift. Despite the loss, Chris Conroy and Justin Mol scored for the Bruins, the usual suspects for goals on the game sheet.

Blackhawks 4 Sharks 2: John " is it an suv? No, it's a" Carvalho scored a pair, including an empty-netter with 1 second left as the Hawks beat the Sharks 4-2. Duane Marzi and Matt Still scored for the guys in teal. Sharks are barely floating above water after dropping their first 2 games of the playoffs but anything can happen. It's not over.

Masters Division:

Penguins 5 Redwings 4: Wow, when the dust settled in this one, the Pens hung on for the 5-4 win. Gary Guthro took home the game puck with a hatty including the game winner with 29 seconds left. Captain Clutch, got him in the SCOHA playoff pool. Larry Litzgus scored a pair for the Wings. Come on Terry, pay this guy! He deserves a raise. Don't be so cheap.

Flyers 5 Blackhawks 3: Alex Greychuck was cutting wood because he can when he got the call to sub in net for the Flyers. He turned aside 23 shots as the Flyers continued their Cinderella story, topping the Hawks 5-3. Five different players scored for the Flyers who are ....  flying right now. Watch out, these guys are for real!

Stars 3 Bruins 1: Steve Kivell scored his 92nd career playoff goal as the Stars handed the Bruins a tough 3-1 loss. Who else but Steve Horner scored for the Bruins, who's coach and gm Gord Bryce denied reporters access into the locker room after the game. Veteran Bruin Terry Hughes played despite left elbow soreness. Remains day-to-day.

Kings 4 Sharks 0: Mike Christensen scored the game winner and Tymen Edelkoort made 26 saves for the shutout as the Kings crowned the Sharks 4-0. Tymen had his #30 retired to the rafters for the Dundas Ants last Thursday night so he was extra-motivated for this game. That Kings blueline is air-tight, they've got all the right pieces in place to go all the way to the cup finals. Don't even sit there and disagree with me.

Well that's all from this end of the ice. This week is flying by. Friday night United action is approaching quickly, better start airing out the gear for all to enjoy. Cheers, fellas.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blog Guy

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