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Playoffs !

SCOHA 2002/2003
The elimination round ran Friday night with a couple of upsets in the Over 40 division which were just a taste of things to come. The Canadians squeaked by the Blues 5 - 4 and the Canucks were shutout 3 - 0 by the Avalanche. In the over 35 division, the Sharks outshone the Stars 3 - 1 and the Bruins downed the Devils 4 - 1.

Sunday saw the top 3 B division teams fall in upsets , the only favoured team to win did so in overtime. The only A division game went to overtime, 4 on 4, 3 on 3, 2 on 2, 1 on 1 and then 1 on 1 with no goalie before the favourite scored to take the win as the Leafs won by the narrowest of margins over the Sharks 4 - 3. The Sharks had battled back with 2 goals in the last 2 minutes to send the game into overtime. In the B Division, Vince Mercuri scored in overtime while the teams were 3 on 3 to seal the win for the Kings over the Sharks 2 - 1. The Canadians upset the Senators 4 - 1 and the Stars doused the Flames 2 - 1. The biggest upset saw the Avalanche ground the 1st place Flyers 5 -2.

a dissapointed rookie

SCOHA 2002/2003
This was my first year in the league. I was very pleased with the officials, but not with the executive. They are all a bunch of useless nobodies if you ask me. Most of them can't even skate let alone make decisions about hockey games. I can honestly say that SCOHA is the worst run league I have ever played. ***** needs to go, but even more so them him *****. ***** thinks he is God and ***** doesn't know what a blue line is. Great executive you got going on there. I assure you I will never be back, along with a number of other people I have spoken with. It is in my opinion that the way SCOHA is going there won't even be a league at valley park within the next couple of years. You guys have more than enough work to do.....


SCOHA 2002/2003
Is therea chace to get the dates and times of the games for the playoffs on the web?

Note from Bill : The playoff schedule and rules are available either through the schedule link near the top of the page or here.

Week 22 A Division Hilites

SCOHA 2002/2003
The Blues had the Bruins for Sunday dinner in an 11-2 romp. Guy Shaver scored a hattrick and added a couple of helpers to lead the way for the Blues.

The Leafs overcame a 2 goal deficit to come back and tie the Canucks 3-3. No surprise for the Canucks - they now have 5 ties in the round robin. Craig McGilvery scored 12 seconds into the game and he added a helper on the second Canuck goal. Byron Millete and Bill MacNeil also scored for the Canucks with MacNeil and John Annibale adding assists. Hank Prenger, Jack Dell and Mick Moore replied for the Leafs with assists going to Randy Roubos, Freddy Bauer and a pair for Jack Dell.

Hey booboo watch out for the Rangers! So said the Sharks as they were sunk by the Rangers 5-2. Marco Delconte scored twice as did Rick Dozzi for the Rangers. Matt Krusto added a single. Assists went to Dale Brons(2), John Pasalic(3) and Rick Dozzi. Dave Cairns and Tom Burns replied for the Sharks with an assist going to Lance Davis.

The Flyers sent the Devils to h-e-double hockeysticks 7-2. Dan Austin opened the scoring for the Devils, but the Flyers stormed back to take the lead less than a minute later with 2 goals by Jeff Doucette. Jeff added 3 assists for a 5 point night. Paul Doucette scored once and added 4 helpers to also record a 5 point night. Not to be outdone, Dave Arbic scored a goal and helped 4 times for a 5 point night as well.

The Flames dumped the Stars 5-2 with John Zanon (2), Rick Baumgartner(2) and Ralph Sciullo scoring for the Flames, and Lino Ruggieri scoring twice for the Stars.

Week 22 B Division Hilites

SCOHA 2002/2003
Total meltdown as the Stars down the Senators 13-1 on the strength of a Darryl Sittler like 10 point night by Doug Tunis. 5 goals and 5 assists. wow.

Bruce McDonald scored twice for the Flames and Henry Marfisi scored twice for the Canadians in a 3-3 tie.

Flyers landed the Sharks a 3-2 decision in a curfewed match.

The Blues Crowned the Kings 2-1.

The Avalanche buried the Canucks 5-3 to record their first win in the round robin. Nowhere to go but up in the standings.

Vendetti's Canadiens Roar Back

SCOHA 2002/2003

On February 23, 2003 the Canadiens were down 3-1 and in great danger of assuring themselves an extra play-off game when they caught fire and scored two late goals to tie the Flames and gather a much needed point.

Donnie Ellis was outstanding for the Flames and if not for his efforts the Canadiens would have come away with a win.

The Canadiens now stand at 2-Wins, 3-Losses and 1-tie for 5 points in the "B" division and are now poised to move up in the round robin.

Go Leafs, Go

SCOHA 2002/2003
The Leafs continue to roll over the competition, shutting out the Flyers 4-0 after handing the Blues their first loss the week before. I have to assume Norm Lyell got the goose egg even though no goalie is listed on the sheet.

The Canucks pulled their goalie and tied the Rangers with 9 seconds left in the game on a goal by Bill MacNeil, his second of the game. Peter Neumayer scored the other Canuck tally. John "Pashi" Pasalic netted 2 for the Rangers. Gary Yachetti on loan from the Flyers for the Canucks and Jim Croucher for the Rangers both had strong games as each side had many scoring chances.