This Week in SCOHA - January 19th, 2024

The Brian Deanes Sitting on the Damn Beach Reading This Edition

Better late than never, family obligations, but we are still gonna recap last weekend’s SCOHA action whether you like it or not.

United Division:

Bruins 7 Flyers 3: Friday night was the storm of the century outside and Flyers goalie called in close to puck drop. Oiler defenceman Blaine Betzold threw on some spare goalie equipment and faced a determined Bruin team. He saw more shots than Norm and Cliff on a Tuesday afternoon at Cheers. Final score was 7-3 Bruins but put an asterisk beside this one due to an unexperienced netminder. On second thought, no asterisk, the game counts no matter what and just say the word star instead of asterisk.

Oilers 3 Redwings 3: Despite missing some key cogs in their wheel, the Redwings managed to salvage a point from the surging Oilers 3-3. Tristan Graham scored the game tying goal, his second of the contest, with 0:54 ticks left to give the Oil a well deserved point. Dave Johnson also fired one home and the Redwings are still saying the shot was over 40 km’s/hr. Redwings got goals from Al Herron, Doug Moulton and Denis Whitwell. Spare goalie Xavier “xray” Jackson was in between the piped for the Wings and relieved Blaine Betzold in net the game before. Thanks Xavier. For the Bruins, Justin Mol and Chris Conroy scored a pair each for the winners. Spare sniper Joe Schulist also scored along with Devin Friessen and Braden Lapointe. For the Flyers, Dylan McInerny and some new Adam guy #9 scored.

Blackhawks 3 Sharks 3: Matt Still (knows how to score) scored his 2nd of the game with 2:23 left as the Sharks fought back to tie the Hawks 3-3. Hawks were missing Johnny Hockey but you have to be ready to put forth your best effort regardless of who’s in the lineup. That’s what my novice coach Larry once said. Hawks Dennis Haradyn started this game on the wing so he slicked back his hair for the anthems, gave it the wet look. He picked up an assist on a goal by Kevin Scime late in the 2st period. Marc “recess is over I just heard the” Bellhumeur fired home a pair of snipes for the Hawks and is a definite contender for the league scoring title and the Terry Gudgeon goal-scoring ribbon.

Masters Division:

Blackhawks 2 Sharks 2: Both goaltenders shut the front door for most of the night. More robbery than Hasty Market’s 3.99 kraft dinner. Ted “planet” Marszalek and the previously mentioned Brian Deanes put in performances for the ages as this game ended 2-2. Final shots were 21-18 Sharks (thanks Nicole for tallying them up). Downtown Lenny Brown and Andy Rossitt scored for the Sharks while the Darren and Nick show took care of the Hawks scoring (Corneau and Miscione that is).

Bruins 2 Redwings 2: This game had more back-and-forths than when my mom used to vacuum the basement carpet. Steve “killa” Watt scored both Wing goals in usual Steve Watt fashion while Walter “don’t call me flamingo” Domingos and Brian Watson replied for the Bruins. Let’s pause and reflect on Dennis Dion’s 2 assist performance. This guy continues to resurrect his playing career on and off the ice. His ever-evolving skills are quickly being noticed by players and fans from across this damn country and everyone better take notice. Afterwards Dennis said to reporters that we can flatten the curve if we all just mask up.

Penguins 4 Kings 2: This was the Cable14 Quiznos Game of the Week and it didn’t disappoint. John Carvalho Sr. lit the lamp with about 7 minutes left which turned out to be the game winner, the 31st of his career. Mike Archer also scored for the Penguins who just signed an advertising deal for Reatime Sportsbet. He will be appearing on every single commercial break starting next week. For the Kings, Ken “giraffe” Hutchinson scored both goals, loaded and reloaded the team bus and even dropped everyone off at their front porches afterward. Can’t ask much more of this proven veteran.

Stars 5 Flyers 1: Stars folded up the Flyers like a 6-load super cycle night at the laundromat. Permanent press. Level 3 bounce sheets for just a somewhat noticeable freshness. Ed Venema (best name in SGOHA) and Henri Marfisi both scored a pair for the winning side while Nick “not a meany” Polimeni also tallied for the Stars. Ed Walton scored again for the Flyers who continues to impress scouts. This kid is going far in this league and will be a force to be reckoned with. You heard it here first, unfortunately this is not up for discussion.

Well as my old buddy Bugs once said, That’s All Folks. Enjoy this weekend’s games and the NFL playoff games. Guy Shaver’s been at the Bills stadium since Wednesday clearing the snow, should be good to go for tomorrow.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist

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