THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – August 10th, 2020


SCOHA 2019/2020

Well the cement has hardened on the SCOHA 2019-20 season. I’m not going to “mask” the fact that we all saw it coming. So how are you feeling? Can’t imagine how many of us have been so nervous to have diarrhea since the Modern Indian Buffet opened their doors about 10 years ago. Stick tap to Chris Barratto who decided to grow a rather large beard in his attempt to start a ZZ-Top cover band. Some players have admitted to wavering from their off-ice regiments but are confident they will get back to playing weight once the league announces a return to play plan. Til then, bacon burger dogs are on the menu in the foreseeable future.

SCOHA has been asked if we can play some crowd noises through the arena speakers when play resumes. For some Masters teams, booing would make it feel more like the real thing. Stay tuned.   Meanwhile over in the Intermediate circuit, Bruins Tim Pettitt has gone through his wooden stick stash at his campfire pit. He has mastered the Sher-wood flavoured spider hotdogs and hopes to have it on the Lookout Lounge menu next season.   Meanwhile, in Junior news, Oilers captain Steve Ditta is in the midst of collecting his Oilers jerseys. His basement smells like a mixed sub with double onion but give the guy credit, he is doing his part.   Speaking of cub reporter Guy Shaver, he was spotted lurking in the tall grass at the rink looking to sneak in a skate with the figure skaters over the weekend. Unfortunately, his two-two he made out of his Sharks jersey didn’t fool the rest of the skaters and was asked to leave the bubble.   On the injury front, the layoff was welcome time for some players to heal some bumps and bruises. We are all hopeful no one has suffered any offseason mishaps and hope to see everyone back at the rink soon!

Chris Marttila

by Chris Marttila

Stats guy, blog writer

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