THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – January 10th, 2021

Cooped up

SCOHA 2019/2020

Hey fellas, hope everyone had a good Christmas. I've watched Netflix twice now, feel all cooped up like being stuck in a car full of bees. This Covid thing could last longer than a Honda Civic for crying out loud!

After talking to a few fellow Scohaiians last week, there seems to be some creativity circulating amongst us. After several chili nights and Indian take out dinners, masters division sniper Guy Shaver has made use of his many empty toilet paper rolls. He has made a symphony orchestra worth of horns that he plans on selling online.

Meanwhile over in the junior division, the Haslam gang are knee deep in a 30-day Lego challenge. They have completed a barn and a space shuttle so far. Intermediate superstar Bob Tenison has reportedly switched gears during the lockout and has enjoyed curling up with a blanket with some New York bestsellers and saucy books to keep occupied. Masters Chris Barratto is still trying to figure out his cheese making kit he got for Christmas.

Before I continue, I would be remiss if I didn't voice my displeasure with a few players that staged  a march last week to Terry's house to protest our lost season. They smashed windows, looted the place and even took photos sitting at his computer desk. Worst of all, they drank his last Molson Golden from the fridge. We will refrain from revealing the organizer of this protest but his name rhymes with Cave Ditchman.

At any rate, hope you are all keeping safe and are following the rules. We all look forward to that first night we can all have some pints, pizza and nachos up at the bar. There will be more than one player hanging like a wreath the next morning, myself included.

Chris Marttila

by Chris Marttila

Stats guy, blog writer

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