Dec 26th and 28th Boxing Day Weekend Schedule

We will be playing on Boxing day and on the 28th. The A division will be playing on Boxing Day (Dec 26) and the B division on Dec 28th.

There will be a 2 1/2 hour Family and Friends skate from noon until 2:30pm on Boxing day. Stay tuned for more info - I'm thinking of doing some stuff for the kids as well as a food drive for charity - any volunteers or ideas - send me an e-mail. Click the read more link to see the actual schedule.

Dec 26th Home Away
10:00am A-Sharks A-Stars
11:00am A-Sabres A-Blues
3:00pm A-Bruins A-Rangers
4:00pm A-Leafs A-Devils
5:00pm A-Flames A-Flyers


Dec 28 Home Away
5:30pm B-Flyers B-Hawks
6:30pm B-Kings B-Canucks
7:30pm B-Canadians B-Leafs
8:30pm B-Senators B-Blues
9:30pm B-Sharks B-Stars

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