3 Divisions ??

SCOHA 2003/2004
Could someone please tell me who on the executive has the authority to introduce a 3rd Division. I'm on the executive and this was not mentioned at any meeting during the course of the year. The last time it was brought up as league business was at last years AGM and it was decided by those in attendance not to proceed. What has changed since then?? Introducing a 3rd Division without increasing our ice allotment will change the structure of the league. We would end up with something along the lines of an 8 team A division (sorry its now called junior), a 8 team B division (oops intermediate) and a 4 team rec division.  Which 56 players will be moved from the A and B divisions to start the REC division (I mean senior)?  Who will decide? What is the criteria? Will there be exceptions?
I don't deny that at some point in the near future we will have to address the need for a 3rd division. When we reach that day, lets do it correctly and ask for the members permission to proceed.
Don Ellis

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Can the minutes or the results of any decisions made at the AGM be posted on this site?
I agree completely with Don. A third division is not in the best interests of the league. The strength of our league has always been that it is a social league with all levels of ability playing together. The third division was voted down by a wide margin at the last official AGM we had and it should stay this way until the majority of the membership sees fit to change this. That is how a democratic process works.