Week 22 A Division Hilites

The Blues had the Bruins for Sunday dinner in an 11-2 romp. Guy Shaver scored a hattrick and added a couple of helpers to lead the way for the Blues.

The Leafs overcame a 2 goal deficit to come back and tie the Canucks 3-3. No surprise for the Canucks - they now have 5 ties in the round robin. Craig McGilvery scored 12 seconds into the game and he added a helper on the second Canuck goal. Byron Millete and Bill MacNeil also scored for the Canucks with MacNeil and John Annibale adding assists. Hank Prenger, Jack Dell and Mick Moore replied for the Leafs with assists going to Randy Roubos, Freddy Bauer and a pair for Jack Dell.

Hey booboo watch out for the Rangers! So said the Sharks as they were sunk by the Rangers 5-2. Marco Delconte scored twice as did Rick Dozzi for the Rangers. Matt Krusto added a single. Assists went to Dale Brons(2), John Pasalic(3) and Rick Dozzi. Dave Cairns and Tom Burns replied for the Sharks with an assist going to Lance Davis.

The Flyers sent the Devils to h-e-double hockeysticks 7-2. Dan Austin opened the scoring for the Devils, but the Flyers stormed back to take the lead less than a minute later with 2 goals by Jeff Doucette. Jeff added 3 assists for a 5 point night. Paul Doucette scored once and added 4 helpers to also record a 5 point night. Not to be outdone, Dave Arbic scored a goal and helped 4 times for a 5 point night as well.

The Flames dumped the Stars 5-2 with John Zanon (2), Rick Baumgartner(2) and Ralph Sciullo scoring for the Flames, and Lino Ruggieri scoring twice for the Stars.

Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association