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Team Captains Meeting

SCOHA 2006/2007

On January 16th @ 8:30pm-The Lookout Lounge the executive will be having a meeting with the team captains from both divisions.

It is important that all team captains or a designate attend. We will be discussing the following items:

  1. The First annual SCOHA golf tournament.
  2. The 2007 play-off format.
  3. The 2007 Old Fools tournament on April 20-23, 2007.
  4. New business

We look forward to seeing all of the captains at the meeting.

Thank You,

Joe LoCicero

2006/2007 Playoff format

SCOHA 2006/2007
Joe Locicero: Are we going to modify the playoff format this year. I know that it isn't easy to set up a playoff format that everyone will agree with given the fact that a 12 team league does not lend itself easily to settle who should play whom. I don't think that giving a team a chance to lose a game just because they ended up at the top during the regular season is justification for them to still continue in the playoff. Keeping in mind the position that I have constantly stated that "Since all players pay the same amount of money to play, that the number of games any team must sit out due to playoffs should be kept to a minimum.Also all teams should have a shot at playing in the playoff, as many years ago there used to be a slacking off of participation by teams who had been eliminated for playoff contention before the season ended, thereby screwing up the quality of play for those teams still in contention." In most other leagues, there is an elimination game by the bottom teams for a "Wild Card" position to earn a spot in the playoff round. My suggestion is as follows:I believe that the bottom 8 teams should playoff for the last four playoff spots. On the same weekend the first four teams should playoff for their playoff position-here if team 4 beats team 1, then team 1 assumes Position#1 in the draw and Team 1 gets relegated to position #4. And if team 3 beats team 2, then team 3 assumes psition #2 and team 2 gets relegated to postion #3. The remaining eight teams playoff in our usual format 1-8, 2-7...etc. Perhaps someone else out there has a better solution. If you do please share that with us by signing onto the website with a username and password. Then click on "Submit an article" at the top of the web page. Or Click on "comments" at the bottom of this article to recommend your solution. Thanks. Submitted by:Patrick Cosgrove

New Interim Executive at Large

SCOHA 2006/2007

Attention: SCOHA membership

We asked for candidates for a New Interim Executive at Large and we are please to announce that Tom Burns will be assuming the position for the remainder of the season. Tom has a great deal of experience with our association and we look forward to adding him to our executive team. A great deal of his duties will include: 

  1. Tom will sit on the disciplinary committee for the intermediate division along with Frank Scattolon and Joe Venditti. The disciplinary committee for the junior division will remain as Bill Curran, Joe Venditti. And Steve Doyle.
  2. Tom will assist Steve Doyle and Jim Mercanti in chairing the tournament. Steve Doyle will remain as lead chairman because of his experience and outstanding work in the past on the tournament. Jim has proven that he is vital in making sure that we stay on budget and will continue his excellent work in this capacity.
  3. Work as part of a team with the entire executive to ensure that remainder of the season is a success.

Please congratulate Tom as I do and support his efforts on the executive when you see him around the rink. 

Thank you,

Joe LoCicero, President

Dan Austin steps down as V.P.-Junior Division

SCOHA 2006/2007

Dan Austin has resigned from his position as V.P.-Junior Division effective immediately. Dan will remain as the team captain for the Junior Flyers. He has agreed to assist the executive with any information that he has to assist us in a smooth transition. The executive will be realigned to adjust to this and details will be released shortly.

I would like to take a moment to personally thank Dan Austin for all of his hard work over the years on the executive. He has taken on every task with enthusiasm and always kept the membership’s best interests in mind in many thankless tasks. The executive wishes Dan well and we hope that you the membership will thank him for his hard work when you run into him at the arena.

The executive will be having an executive meeting on November 2, 2006 to decide the realignment of duties on the executive for the remainder of the season. We wish to reassure the membership that there will be smooth transition and we will make this adjustment as seamless as possible. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best wishes,

Joe LoCicero



SCOHA 2006/2007
Just wondering why there are none, or I can't find them. I hope it's not because the web guy's team is killing everyone and he doesn't want to lose players. (ha ha ha kidding) See everyone on Friday

In regards to: Steve Bomberry

SCOHA 2006/2007

Steve Bomberry, a long time member of SCOHA and a respected member of his community passed away on October 17th. Steve was well liked by anyone who met him and he will be missed by his friends and family.

SCOHA has made a donation to the charity that his family requested and we will be having a moment of silence before each game on October 20, 2006 and October 22, 2006.

We hope that we can spend these two dates and the remainder of the season honouring Steve’s memory. He was a good man who loved hockey, played clean and had fun with his fellow players no matter what team they played on. I hope that you will raise a glass in this honour.


Joe LoCicero

SCOHA-Lookout lounge progressive offer

SCOHA 2006/2007

The new management has reconsidered their position on the gratuities that they would like to offer our association. Mark, the owner, has asked to forward their apology and plans to meet with the teams on October 13th & 15th to personally extend their offer.

The offer is as follows:

The Lookout Lounge

Progressive Offer to SCOHA

 1 – 2 Players = Large Fries

3 Players = Large Fries/Cheese Nachos

4 Players = Large Fries/Supreme Nachos

5 Players = Large Fries/Cheese Nachos/1LB Wings

6 Players = Large Fries/Supreme Nachos/1LB Wings

7 Players = Large Fries/Pepperoni Pizza/

8 Players = Large Fries/Pepperoni Pizza/1LB Wings

9-10 Players = Large Fries/Pepperoni Pizza/2LB Wings

11+ Players = Two Pepperoni Pizza/2LB Wings

 I look forward to a good partnership in the future with SCOHA and The Lookout Lounge.

RE: Ice Breaker weekend

SCOHA 2006/2007

Attention: SCOHA team captains & executive:

  Your executive has made a decision regarding the games played during the Ice Breaker weekend. Many of the teams did not have even close to a full team out due to other commitments and the short notice players received. The vast majority of you agreed with this conclusion and we felt that it was only fair to start the regular season from the weekend of September 15th. Your input was invaluable in coming to this conclusion. We achieved the goal of the weekend. Players got to meet new team mates and have a good time playing hockey for the first time this season.  It is important to keep in mind that the most important games are the last three, not the first three. See you at the rink.

Thank you,

Joe LoCicero,     President-SCOHA