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26.  Canadian Blood Services
The Stoney Creek Old Timers Association has joined the Canadian Blood Services Partners for Life Program and have pledged to give 20 units of blood over the next year. We are asking all players who are eligible to donate blood to sign up as member of this partnership simply ...
by Bill Curran on 12/18 09:52PM - Story - 2,848 Hits
27.  4th Annual SCOHA Charity Golf Tournament
by Bill Curran on 02/16 10:56PM - Story - 2,408 Hits
28.  A Great Hockey Story
What a Great Story!!! In the middle of a grueling six game road trip where a very young hockey team is away from home, the third game of the trip ends late on a cold Canadian Saturday night. This is the only break on the trip and the three ...
by Bill Curran on 12/24 12:23AM - Story - 2,386 Hits
29.  Schedule Change for Intermediate Division
The boxing day (Dec 26th) games have been moved to: Date Day Time Visitor Home Rink 12/30/2008 ...
by Bill Curran on 12/15 11:38PM - Story - 2,331 Hits
30.  Tim Horton's Free Skating in Hamilton
Ancaster Community Centre December 23 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm December 24 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm December 30 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm December 31 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm January 2 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Chedoke Twin Pad Arena ...
by Bill Curran on 12/10 04:37PM - Story - 2,507 Hits
31.  Caledonia Old-timers tournament. Dec 6th 7th.
Caledonia Old-timers tournament . Dec 6th 7th, 2008. To see tournament Layout and Rules, click read more .
by Bill Curran on 10/30 11:37PM - Story - 2,895 Hits
32.  Team Rep Meeting
A Team rep meeting is booked for Nov. 13th @ 8:30pm at the quad meeting room.
by Bill Curran on 10/30 11:15PM - Story - 2,145 Hits
33.  Tourney Team
Tim Visser and Paul George are looking to put a tournament team together to play in 4 to 5 tournaments this year. If you are interested, Email Tim at We plan on 4-5 tourneys from Niagara Falls to Montreal, Grimsby, St Kits....We are going to pick ...
by Bill Curran on 10/05 09:43PM - Story - 2,777 Hits
34.  Food Deal - LookOut Lounge
Hi Joe, I know you have communicated with Mark recently and decide to do the 'Food Deal' again this year. We have a couple to things that I'm hoping you can communicate to your teams/players. ...
by Bill Curran on 09/29 10:34PM - Story - 2,077 Hits
35.  Substitute Goalies
From time to time, every team will be without their regular goalie. To alleviate any confusion on how to obtain a replacement goalie for your game the executive has appointed Don Ellis as the person to be contacted to arrange for replacement goalies. Our ...
by Bill Curran on 09/08 11:03AM - Story - 2,005 Hits
36.  Summer Hockey
Please note: due to a lack of interest, the summer hockey league has been cancelled. We have had a number of guys show interest. Now we need 56 players to register including 4 ...
by Bill Curran on 04/25 04:35PM - Story - 2,208 Hits
37.  Hockey For Heart Tournament
May 31 at Mohawk 4 Ice Centre If you're not playing in the golf tournament and looking for some hockey: Looking for Teams or Individuals. Win a chance to "Shoot and Win a Car". A chance to play against the NHL ...
by Bill Curran on 03/23 10:32PM - Story - 2,158 Hits
38.  2nd Annual SCOHA Charity Golf Tournament
by Bill Curran on 01/27 01:14PM - Story - 2,318 Hits
39.  Tim Horton's Free Skating in Hamilton
Chedoke Twin Pad Arena December 31 9:00 am to 10:30 am January 2 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm January 3 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm Copps Coliseum December 27 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm January 4 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Coronation Arena December ...
by Bill Curran on 12/15 04:24PM - Story - 3,599 Hits
40.  Men's Powerskating at the Quad
The V erve A cademy of Skating is offering a men's powerskating and hockey skills program starting Saturday September 8/07 from 1:45-2:45 at the Quad Pad. It is a 12 week program with instructors Mike Maurice and Amanda Covre. For more information call 905-648-9292. Thank you, Cheryl ...
by Bill Curran on 08/23 01:40PM - Story - 2,218 Hits
41.  Golf Tournament
Our first annual Golf tournament on May 26, 2007 was a great success. We had good weather and everybody had a great time. I am pleased to announce that we raised $7056.00. I have presented cheques to both Drew Lee and John Grumbach. I would like to take ...
by Bill Curran on 08/12 10:36PM - Story - 4,646 Hits
42.  2007/2008 Season
S.C.O.H.A. MEMBERSHIP Our 2007/2008 season is right around the corner. We have been receiving a large number of registrations for the Intermediate and Masters Divisions with minimal for the Junior division. Due to the lack of response for the Junior division we will only be ...
by Bill Curran on 08/12 09:49PM - Story - 2,232 Hits
43.  Team Captains for 2007/2008 Season
The following individuals have been selected by the SCOHA Executive to be the 2007/2008 team captains. Masters Intermediate Paul McGraw - Sharks Bill Curran - Leafs Joe ...
by Bill Curran on 08/08 10:22PM - Story - 2,079 Hits
44.  2007 AGM
Attention: SCOHA membership C.c.: SCOHA Executive In regards to: 2007 AGM The 2006/2007 season was another exciting year. We congratulate the Canucks in the Junior division and the Flames in the Intermediate ...
by Bill Curran on 04/24 10:57PM - Story - 2,250 Hits
45.  New Interim Executive at Large
Attention: SCOHA membership We asked for candidates for a New Interim Executive at Large and we are please to announce that Tom Burns will be assuming the position for the remainder of the season. Tom has a great deal of experience with our association ...
by Bill Curran on 11/15 10:11PM - Story - 2,275 Hits
46.  In regards to: Steve Bomberry
Steve Bomberry, a long time member of SCOHA and a respected member of his community passed away on October 17th. Steve was well liked by anyone who met him and he will be missed by his friends and family. SCOHA ...
by Bill Curran on 10/21 01:19AM - Story - 2,060 Hits
47.  SCOHA-Lookout lounge progressive offer
The new management has reconsidered their position on the gratuities that they would like to offer our association. Mark, the owner, has asked to forward their apology and plans to meet with the teams on October 13th & 15th to personally extend their offer. The ...
by Bill Curran on 10/10 06:41PM - Story - 1,564 Hits
48.  RE: Ice Breaker weekend
Attention: SCOHA team captains & executive: Your executive has made a decision regarding the games played during the Ice Breaker weekend. Many of the teams did not have even close to a full team out due to other ...
by Bill Curran on 09/28 10:58PM - Story - 2,411 Hits
49.  Face Protection
It has come to my attention that there may have been some confusion over the grace period that facial protection must be worn to play in our association games. The grace period was the “Ice Breaker Weekend”. Effective the weekend of September 22nd all players must wear facial protection. If ...
by Bill Curran on 09/18 10:31PM - Story - 1,871 Hits
50.  2006/2007 Player Draft
Attention: SCOHA Team Captains, SCOHA Executive In regards to: 2006/2007 Player Draft The player draft for the 2006/2007 season will be on August 25th @ the meeting room-Look-Out ...
by Bill Curran on 08/03 12:15AM - Story - 1,846 Hits
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