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1.  2009 Annual General Meeting
The 2009 Annual General Meeting will be on May 28th - 8:30pm @ Mohawk Communtiy Room.
by Joe LoCicero on 04/20 10:17PM - Story - 2,082 Hits
2.  Championship Night on April 3rd
SCOHA Championship Games are on Friday, April 3rd for both divsions
by Joe LoCicero on 02/25 10:50PM - Story - 2,278 Hits
3.  Old Fools Tournament 2009
The registration form is now available on our web site for the 2009 Old Fools tournament on April 17-19. It is a lot of fun with entertainment at the Look Out lounge after the games. Register today!
by Joe LoCicero on 12/29 08:07AM - Story - 2,367 Hits
4.  Lookout Lounge food deal
Hey Joe, Thanks for setting up the meeting last night. If was good to get everyone on the same page. Here is the deal that we agreed to go with. When a SCOHA teams comes up, they need to show their server the little pink card. This card will now ...
by Joe LoCicero on 11/28 01:00AM - Story - 2,483 Hits
5.  2007-2008 season registration
The 2007-2008 season is fast approaching and registrations are coming in fast. Please make sure that you get your registration in quickly so that you can be a part of the upcoming season. Enjoy the summer and see you on the ice soon. SCOHA Executive
by Joe LoCicero on 07/09 08:29AM - Story - 2,290 Hits
6.  Team Captains Meeting
On January 16th @ 8:30pm-The Lookout Lounge the executive will be having a meeting with the team captains from both divisions. It is important that all team captains or a designate attend. We will be discussing the following items: The First annual SCOHA golf tournament. The 2007 ...
by Joe LoCicero on 01/04 11:06PM - Story - 1,751 Hits
7.  Dan Austin steps down as V.P.-Junior Division
Dan Austin has resigned from his position as V.P.-Junior Division effective immediately. Dan will remain as the team captain for the Junior Flyers. He has agreed to assist the executive with any information that he has to assist us in a smooth transition. The executive will be realigned to adjust ...
by Joe LoCicero on 11/01 10:55PM - Story - 2,149 Hits
8.  2006/2007 SCOHA Division Mandate & Draft
RE: 2006/2007 SCOHA Division Mandate & Player Draft The season is fast approaching and your executive has made a decision on the division breakdown based on the membership’s registrations as we promised. The membership has spoken and we will continue ...
by Joe LoCicero on 08/17 01:18AM - Story - 2,129 Hits
9.  Ice Breaker Weekend
The Season begins on September 8th with the "Ice Breaker " weekend.
by Joe LoCicero on 08/11 08:20AM - Story - 1,837 Hits
10.  AGM 2006
AGM 2006 The Annual General Meeting will be on May 26, 2006 at the Look Out lounge meeting @ 7:00pm. Come on out and be a part of your association's decision making process. See you there, Joe LoCicero President
by Joe LoCicero on 04/05 04:00PM - Story - 2,282 Hits
11.  Summer ice
Guys, I know we are deep into our play-offs but an interesting idea has been brought to my attention. Would any of our membership be interested in playing pick up hockey in July & August on Sunday night @ 9:00pm? The cost ...
by Joe LoCicero on 03/17 07:09AM - Story - 2,171 Hits
12.  Banquet Tickets
The Annual Banquet is set for May 6th and tickets are on sale for only $30.00 per person. Contact a member of the executive or call (905) 662-6011 to purchase tickets. It is a dinner & dance with prizes and a great way to finish a great year. ...
by Joe LoCicero on 03/16 04:45AM - Story - 2,334 Hits
13.  2005/2006 PLAY OFF FORMAT & DATES
2005/2006 Play off format Round 1 Junior March 3rd 1 Thrashers vs. 12 Rangers 8:30PM 2 Red Wings vs.11 Sharks 8:45PM 3 Blues vs. 10 Senators 9:30 PM 4 Leafs vs. 9 ...
by Joe LoCicero on 02/01 06:03AM - Story - 3,323 Hits
14.  tournament sweaters
Attention: April Fools Tournament teams C.c.: SCOHA Executive RE: tournament sweaters Mr. Uniform, the official supplier to SCOHA, has offered a special purchase price of $23.95.00 per sweater including sewn on numbers for teams wishing to purchase sweaters to use in the tournament. If you are interested, please contact Joe ...
by Joe LoCicero on 01/28 07:01AM - Story - 2,398 Hits
15.  April FoolsTournament Teams Wanted
The Stoney Creek Old-timers Hockey Association is once again holding our 14th annual spring “Old Fools” hockey tournament on April 21st – 23rd at the Mohawk Four Ice center in Hamilton Ontario. It should be our biggest and most exciting tournament that we have ever held. We would like to ...
by Joe LoCicero on 01/06 08:29AM - Story - 2,514 Hits
16.  Positive SCOHA changes
Referee and on ice issues agreed to at the Captain’s meeting 11.17. Your Executive is happy to report that after two excellent meetings, one involving our 24 team captains and one with the management of the Mohawk Four Ice Center, we are pleased to announce some exciting changes ...
by Joe LoCicero on 11/26 07:30AM - Story - 1,667 Hits
17.  SCOHA Constitution
by Joe LoCicero on 10/28 08:54AM - Story - 1,551 Hits
18.  Attention SCOHA Membership: RE: Proper behavior to officials
It has come to my attention that last night a player in our association displayed inappropriate behavior to a minor official after a game was curfewed due to time. The player was yelling profanities at the minor official (Time keeper) and this will not be tolerated. An appropriate punishment will ...
by Joe LoCicero on 10/01 10:17PM - Story - 1,412 Hits
19.  Message From the Prez
Dear SCOHA membership, Another exciting year is about to begin and your executive would like to inform you on the events that have taken place over the off season. They were as follows: ...
by Joe LoCicero on 09/14 06:38PM - Story - 1,482 Hits
20.  "B" Division-Great Regular Season!
Congratulations to all teams in the "B" division on a great and very close regular season. In fact only 11 points separate 1st to 8th. As well congratulations to the Islanders for winning their final regular season game. They could be the dark horse in the play-offs now that all ...
by Joe LoCicero on 03/17 05:12AM - Story - 2,278 Hits
21.  It's time to get out to the game
Summer is past. The leaves are falling and it's a great time of year. It's Definitely, Hockey season. There is one change this year that some people may not be aware of. Every team must play with only their own roster. This is a positive thing because now you know ...
by Joe LoCicero on 11/16 04:57AM - Story - 1,687 Hits
22.  Policing ourselves on the ice
We have one of the best run old timers leagues around but lately instead of acting like grown men we are behaving like teenagers playing GOON hockey. The referees do a good job officiating our league. We must get through our heads that we are all over 35 years old ...
by Joe LoCicero on 01/22 01:50PM - Story - 2,794 Hits
23.  Vendetti's Canadiens Roar Back
On February 23, 2003 the Canadiens were down 3-1 and in great danger of assuring themselves an extra play-off game when they caught fire and scored two late goals to tie the Flames and gather a much needed point. Donnie Ellis was outstanding for the ...
by Joe LoCicero on 02/24 04:09PM - Story - 2,147 Hits
24.  Mike Chandler Honoured
Mike Chandler was a long time member of our league and pioneered things like his lucky play-off neon red lomg underwear. Mike is a good guy and had to retire this year due to health reasons. He was a team rep. and an asset to our league. He will be ...
by Joe LoCicero on 12/29 11:56AM - Story - 1,462 Hits
The Canadiens would like to wish the rest of the league, both under and over 40 divisions a happy holidays and we look forward to seeing you out on the ice.
by Joe LoCicero on 12/19 03:26PM - Story - 6,294 Hits
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