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2017/2018 Week 1 is in the books!


Red Wings 4 vs Bruins 3
Black Hawks 2 vs Oilers 2
Flyers 5 vs Penguins 3


Bruins 6 vs Flyers 3
Black Hawks 2 vs Leafs 0
Kings 7 vs Penguins 5

Sharks 2 vs Flyers 2
Black Hawks 6 vs Stars 0
Red Wing 7 vs Canadiens 3

9 games and only 7 minor penalties were called.

New Referee changes starting 2017-2018

Our membership took the time to attend our 2017 AGM and voiced their concerns on some refereeing issues. We are happy to report that your executive listened. We have spent the last few weeks in meetings discussing and investigating how we can make the quality of our league and its officials even better than ever.

A committee was set up with this task. The committee interviewed four different referee’s association including Andy Bushey and his team. We also took the time to meet with other associations to get their input on how they felt about the referees that we were looking at.

We are pleased to report that we have made the following drastic changes that will make SCOHA one of the best Men’s hockey leagues in Hamilton:

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