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Positive SCOHA changes

SCOHA 2005/2006
Referee and on ice issues agreed to at the Captain’s meeting 11.17.

Your Executive is happy to report that after two excellent meetings, one involving our 24 team captains and one with the management of the Mohawk Four Ice Center, we are pleased to announce some exciting changes that came into effect as of November 20th. They are as follows:
  1. Under normal circumstances, all games are to be played until concluded. Games are not to be curfewed.
  2. All players and officials are expected to be on the ice and ready to begin once the 18:00 minute clock begins.
  3. 18:00 minutes will be put on the clock and the clock will commence after the zamboni leaves the ice. The clock will stop at the 15:00 minute mark and not commence until the puck is dropped to start the game.
  4. The captain for each team will identify himself to the referees and they are the only players that may speak to the referees.
  5. All referees will legibly sign the game sheets and fill out necessary notations needed for disciplinary issues.
  6. Any profane language during the game by players or officials will not be tolerated. They may face expulsion.
  7. Team captains will ensure that the game sheets are signed by the players. The game is not to begin until all players have signed the game sheet. Failure to do so may result in a delay of game penalty.

These changes will allow the games to flow better and alleviate frustration over curfews. As always SCOHA promotes fellowship and comradery while playing the sport of hockey. Have fun out on the ice and we will be happy to talk to you at the rink.

Best regards,
Joe LoCicero President-SCOHA

Game times....

SCOHA 2005/2006
I am the goaltender for the Flyers and this is my first year with SCOHA. I am enjoying the hockey very much and have a great bunch of guys in our dressing room - however I feel it necessary to point out an area that has become an issue for myself and other team members. I understand completly the narrow allotted times for games and can understand if a team is slow to start and ends up loosing time at the end of a game due to this. We have been involved in 3 - 4 games so far this year where the game has been called due to the time constraints. In each and every occassion it has been the fault of one or more of the following 3 events. 1. Zamboni late in re-surfacing. 2. On-ice officials late in showing up for start of game. 3. On-ice and off-ice officials having lengthy conversations with respect to some obvious calls. This for me is more of a concern rather than a complaint. Perhaps the 'powers that be" can look into this for correction. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. p.s. the score from our last game by the way was not 4-1 Leafs but rather 2-1 Leafs - with our team having possesion of the puck in the opponents end in a 1 goal game and with 22 seconds to go only to have the game called for time was very frustrating - item #1 & #2 was the reason for our start time delay! Regardelss of the reasons would 22 seconds make that much of a difference as to effecting the following game (the Zamboni still had not come out to re-surface after we got back to our dressing room)?

Attention SCOHA Membership: RE: Proper behavior to officials

SCOHA 2005/2006
It has come to my attention that last night a player in our association displayed inappropriate behavior to a minor official after a game was curfewed due to time. The player was yelling profanities at the minor official (Time keeper) and this will not be tolerated. An appropriate punishment will be assessed for this infraction. The young people that keep time for us or any official are not to be treated in this fashion. We only have finite amount of ice time and games must be curfewed if they go over their allotted time. Effective immediately, 17 minutes will be put on the clock and it will start running once the zamboni leaves the ice. The best way we can prevent curfews from happening is to be ready to play once the zamboni leaves the ice. Let’s all understand that we are playing men’s old-timer hockey and act accordingly. Respectfully yours, Joe LoCicero Joe LoCicero President-SCOHA

Need a Goalie???

SCOHA 2005/2006
I'm sure a few of you know me. I'm now 41 and still enjoy the game. Played some Junior B and in several ''A'' Division Mens Leagues. I can't commit to a team because of shift work. Would like to fill in whenever I can. Give me a call if you need a goalie. I'll be sending in my SCOHA registration shortly to be put on the Reserve Goalie List. Thanks ..... Randy Rapedius ..... 905-520-6285.

IMPORTANT ! Intermediate Division Schedule

SCOHA 2005/2006
The new * REVISED * schedules are now available

Attention Intermediate Division Players and Reps. I failed to make an adjustment to your schedule whereby the Islanders ended up with all of their games scheduled at 5:00 and 5:30PM every Sunday. I have to correct this situation as no other teams wanted to trade schedules (understandably of course). I will be posting a new schedule for the whole division as soon as I can and will mark it clearly as a * REVISED * schedule. The first weeks games will not be modified , but week 2 and on are fair game. Please throw out all copies that you have printed that are not titled as * REVISED *. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, my apologies to all and especially to Terry Gudgeon.

Message From the Prez

SCOHA 2005/2006

Dear SCOHA membership,

Another exciting year is about to begin and your executive would like to inform you on the events that have taken place over the off season. They were as follows:

  1. We have a 10 year agreement for our association at the Mohawk Quad pad with the most favorable times that we have ever had.
  2. We have expanded by 4 teams with 4 new team reps., 2 in each division. The Intermediate division (Old “B†division) is full and the Junior division (Old “A†division) is close to full. If you know someone who is interested in playing tell them to hurry!
  3. We were able to improve our rating system by changing to a system that rates players from level 6 down to level 1 to improve parity. A focus group made up of experienced team reps in both divisions along with the executive was formed and every player was re-rated. Special thanks go out to Terry Gudgeon and all of those individuals involved in the process.
  4. New players coming into our league were asked to go out for an hour of shinny in order to evaluate their abilities and all team reps were asked to come out for their input.
  5. 11 sets of new sweaters were purchased to replace old sweaters.
  6. The alcohol & drug policy was reviewed and we will be asking our membership to once again sign a form acknowledging the policy. We encourage you to enjoy yourself at Squires look out lounge upstairs after the game.
  7. Stricter rules were put in for fighting that could lead to ejection from our league for dropping your gloves and fighting so that all members can enjoy the game without the worry of inappropriate behavior.
  8. We have begun a drive for sponsors to keep our cost as low as possible and we are pleased to tell you that we have some new sponsors already. If you know of anyone who is interested in sponsoring please contact us for details.

Your executive, Tom Burns – Past President, Dan Austin V.P. – Junior division, Joe Venditti V.P. – Intermediate division, Frank Scattolon – Treasurer, Bill Curran – Secretary, Jim Mercanti & Steve Doyle – Executive at large and I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new members.

As always, we look forward to your positive comments and we are pleased to serve you, our SCOHA membership for the 2005/2006 season. Have fun this season. 


 Joe LoCicero

Joe Lo Cicero - President-SCOHA


SCOHA 2005/2006

Hi ya'll Does anyone know when the draft is and when the league starts? I need a couple of days notice for training camp!!!!!!!!!!!!lol Peter

Note from Bill C. - new player evaluation games – Sunday, August 28, 2005 - Under Division @ 7:30 P.M. and Over Division @ 8:30 P.M.

The draft will be Sept 8th, 2005 and we start playing the week after that. We won't know an individual player or team's schedule until the draft has taken place.

Goalie Available

SCOHA 2005/2006
I am a mid 20's age goaltender who has recently moved from Niagara to Stoney Creek. I'm looking for a place to play (whether it be a league or pick-up). If anybody needs a goalie or knows of someone who does, could you please contact me. Thanks, Paul Gabriele (905)664-6708