This Week in SCOHA – November 9th, 2023

The Dale Brons Annual Homemade Butter Tart Sale Edition

Another week in the books, folks. Some teams are already in playoff mode while others are struggling like the time a bottle of Italian salad dressing opened up in my laptop bag back in '89. United Flyers are just 1 point up on the Hawks as the two teams meet this Sunday, should be a good game, take the over 5.5 goals, that's the only Proline tip you are getting from me. Masters division sees 4 points separating 1st and 6th! Good greef.

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This Week in SCOHA – October 31st, 2023

The Annual Spooktacular Edition

Well gang, the standings atop both divisions are tighter than a snare drum. United sees the Flyers atop the leaderboard with 10 points but the Blackhawks, Bruins and Redwings are 1,2 and 3 points back respectively. Over in the Masters circuit, first and 5th place are only separated by 2 lousy points!

Rumours were swirling that United Flyers Matt Perri passed away in a hot tub last weekend but it isn’t the same Matt Perry from tv. At any rate, let’s get right down to business and unpeel the onion from last week’s games.

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This Week in SCOHA – October 24th, 2023

The Horseshoe Tavern Edition

First off, thanks to league commisioner Terry Gudgeon for reversing his ban on black stick tape that was marking up the boards too much....

A few teams boarded their team bus with sour moods after a crazy week of action while others remained hotter than a roti from The Hot Spot at Kenilworth and Cannon. Let's get right to the action from this past weekend.

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THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – September 27th, 2023

The 2nd Week Is Always The Hardest Edition

Well fellas, the arena hallways reeked of Rub A5/35 last week, or as some of you call it, hockey cologne.

Some bumps and bruises after the first week were predictable but some lingered into week 2. The weather isn’t quite screaming winter hockey yet but it’s coming. Let’s take a quick look at what shook down in week two before I let this go another night without writing this damn blog.

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THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – September 20th, 2023

Season Premiere Edition

Welcome back, folks. This first blog of the season is brought to you by scrapbooking stores. I mean how many customers do they get in a week? maybe 8? Anyways, this season is a marathon, not a sprint as some genius once said 800 years ago. I refuse to continue this blog without voicing my displeasure with the climate protesters that forced a delay of 20 minutes by sitting at centre ice. We ask Guy Shaver and Dale Brons to leave their politics at home and let us play the damn game we all love. Thank you.

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