Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
Oilers 5 1 0 10 32 13
Flyers 3 2 1 7 29 24
RedWings 2 3 1 5 17 22
Penguins 2 3 1 5 29 27
Bruins  2 3 1 5 20 28
BlackHawks 1 3 2 4 24 37
Team Name Win Loss Tie Points GF GA
BlackHawks 4 1 0 8 20 8
Leafs 3 2 0 6 21 19
Canadiens 2 2 1 5 15 14
Flyers  2 2 1 5 14 17
Penguins 2 3 0 4 10 15
Bruins 1 4 0 2 9 16
Team Name Win Loss Ties Points GF GA
Sharks 4 1 0 8 18 11
Bruins 3 2 0 6 30 12
Kings 3 2 0 6 18 16
RedWings 2 2 1 5 16 14
Flyers 2 2 1 5 16 24
Flames 2 3 0 4 17 18
Stars 2 3 0 4 22 28
BlackHawks 1 4 0 2 16 30

This Week in SCOHA - Oct 16th 2018

This Week In SCOHA – October 16, 2018



OILERS 7 BLACKHAWKS 1: The Oilers just keep on rolling, trouncing the Blackhawks 7-1. A team effort as several different players scored for the division leaders. This game was more overmatched than Mike Tyson trying to recite the alphabet. Blackhawks refuse to let this game ruin a great room. Towering Hawks player Pat Robb post game, “We just have to hit the gym again tomorrow, stay positive, and come back to the rink next week and get a W.”


PENGUINS 6 FLYERS 2: Michael Haslam all wondering who that guy was out there! #87 scored 3 times for the Pens as they wrote up a 6-2 win against their arch rivals, the Flyers. Flyers vow to play some rock music before next game to get the energy levels up a bit higher after this loss that has them 3 point out of first place. “We let this one get away, give them credit, they showed up at the rink with their work boots on, we didn’t”, a somber Carlo Greco explained.


BRUINS 3 REDWINGS 3: Justin Mol and Bob Tenison both had a pair of goals for their respective teams as the game ended in a 3-3 saw-off. Defense was tighter than a snare drum on this night as both teams seemed to execute the trap better than Captain Highliner.




CANADIENS 4 BRUINS 1: Rob Baker had a can of Jolt Cola before the game which gave him enough energy to score 2 goals for the Habs. Alfonso Tinebro canned 2 assists for the winners while Wayne Sliwinski tallied the lone marker for the Bruins who are off to a slow start. Rumours are starting to swirl about a coaching replacement for the 1-4 Bruins but it’s still early...


BLACKHAWKS 3 PENGUINS 0: The first place Blackhawks cooled off the Penguins 3-0 thanks to goaltender Steve Cuthbert’s shutout. The Penguins offense folded up like an Ontario map but they fired a ton of pucks at Cuthbert. Back to the drawing board for the Penguins next week.


LEAFS 6 FLYERS 3: Bob Tenison put a bandage on this one with a pair of goals while Paul Cleary saw the ice well on this night, adding 3 assists. Flyers were down a couple key players as Dave Wichman and Jason Hoffman missed the game due to injury. Both are lower body, team refused comment after the game. Bill Templeman made more saves than a Baywatch lifeguard, making some key stops as the Flyers began to surge in the second period.





KINGS 2 BRUINS 1: Henry Marfisi and Bob Wallace each potted 2 points each, rolling up a key win, as the Kings skated all over the joint in a 2-1 win over the Bruins. Cheesy cannabis puns aside, this defensive battle was a throwback to the old days.  Bruins goalie Joe Locicero made several dazzling saves, looking like Animal from the Muppets behind the drums with quick hands throughout the game.


SHARKS 3 REDWINGS 1: Mark Shadwell wasn’t tired from all the turkey as he helped the Sharks put a bite into the Redwings 3-1 in front of a packed crowd. Mike Archer spearheaded the win with 2 assists while Brian McNamara found the twine for the Redwings who sit in the middle of a log jam in the standings.


BLACKHAWKS 6 FLYERS 2: Bill Kircos napped for 4 hours before the game, grabbed a triple double en route to the rink and played the game of his life, scoring 2 goals for the Hawks in a 6-2 win over the Flyers. Tony Vastano chipped in with 3 points to get the Hawks their first win of the season. Arena staff stayed late to sweep up all the wripped up Pro Line tickets after this one. Hawks Danny Wilde began singing we are the champions in the locker room post game but was quickly reminded about more than ¾ of the schedule remains. Congrats on the win, fellas!


STARS 5 FLAMES 4: Larry Litzgus must’ve liked the scorekeepers perfume as he made his way to the box twice but Stars goalie Brian Deanes shut the door helping the Stars outshine the Flames 5-4. Pat McAleese notched a 3 point night while Bob Tirnanic found the net twice for the Flames who slipped to 2-3 on the year. Plenty of time left guys.


That’s all from this end of the ice...


PS: stick tap to the teams using the pre-printed roster labels!!!!! Makes things alot easier for me....


Chris Marttila





This Week in SCOHA - October 5, 2018 "Junior Division"

This Week In SCOHA – October 5, 2018



While Intermediate and Master leagues were pouring gravy on anything that moved a few weekends ago, Junior Division had a full slate of games on Friday, October 5th.


OILERS 4 REDWINGS 1: Steve Ditta dit what is expected of him, lighting the ol’ lamp and adding a helper as the Oilers kept the wheels turning with a 4-1 win over the Wings. Mark Powell continued his torrid pace with another goal and an apple. Steve Cromwell replied for the Wings who were a bit overdone on this night.


BRUINS 6 PENGUINS 5: A timekeepers nightmare come true as a pair of Bruins decided to wear #77. 3 goals, 2 assists, and a roughing penalty. Flip a coin, Charlie and Bob Tenison, great game! Kevin Clark was on a mission, grabbing 3 goals and an assist but in a losing cause. A high scoring affair as the defense was more shakier than the dessert tray at Rosie O’Donnell’s house.


BLACKHAWKS 6 FLYERS 6: More spares than a bowling tournament as the Blackhawks brought out all the kids in the block for their battle with the Flyers. 10 different players hit the score sheet for the Hawks while Walt Blagdon bagged 4 points for the orange guys. Defence had a few espresso’s before the game, a bit shaky.


That's all from this end of the ice....


Chris Marttila

This Week in SCOHA - Oct.1st, 2018

Week 4 recap:

Junior Division:

PENGUINS 7 OILERS 5 – What does Ross Lacasse and a magician have in common? They both do hat tricks. And that helped the Penguins waddle away with a 7-5 victory over the Oilers.  Bob Tirnanic added a goal and 3 assists for the Pens. Mark Powell powered the losing side with 2 goals and an assist but it wasn’t enough.

FLYERS 6 BRUINS 3 – Walt Blagdon is on fire! The Beyonce of performances so far this season if Beyonce played men’s league hockey. Another 3 goals gives him 10 already. 7 penalties called in this one as play got spicier than a pumpkin ale. 3 assists for Doug Moulton also propelled the Flyers to the win.

BLACKHAWKS 6 REDWINGS 4 – Ron Cybalski stuck a fork into the Redwings with 4 goals and an assist as the Blackhawks held off the Redwings in front of a small but enthusiastic crowd. Things got a bit dusty with another 7 penalty game, must be the change in the weather. When reporters asked Cybalski about his great game, he replied, “Most players skate to the puck, I skate to where it is going to be.”

Intermediate Division:

BLACKHAWKS 5 CANADIENS 3 – Charlie Polizzi notched a pair of beauties and 8 different players found the score sheet as the Hawks upended the struggling Canadiens 5-3. No one was talking to reporters in the Habs room after the game except Rob Baker who is maintaining patience this early in the season. 4 broken sticks were seen in the Canadiens locker room garbage pail post game.

LEAFS 7 BRUINS 3 – Bob Tenison had a cappuccino before the game, went out there and lit the lamp 3 times as the Leafs folded up the Bruins like a used picnic blanket. Bruins vow to go over some game film and are guaranteeing fans a win next week. Another strong game in the crease by “Battlin” Bill Templeman who is doing his best Mike Palmateer impression this year for the Leafs.

FLYERS 6 PENGUINS 4 – Conrad Holtrum sniped a pair and yours truly went top shelf where Mama doesn’t dust as the Flyers held on for the big win. Flyers were up 5-1 heading into the 2nd stanza before Dennis Haradyn sealed the deal. Steve Smith inked 2 goals for the Pens as the comeback fell a bit short.

Masters Division:

FLAMES 4 KINGS 1 – John Jansen wasn’t jingle heimer smith-ing around on this night as he scored a pair of goals to spark the flames to a 4-1 win. When asked about the attention to defence, Jansen added, “Offence sells tickets but a great defence wins Championships.” Meanwhile, over in the Kings locker room, Al Angelone, playing in a contract year,  said his right skate had a small knick in it which hampered things out there.

BRUINS 8 FLYERS 1 – Two good teams met in the schoolyard but the Bruins had all the answers, winning 8-1 in front of a pro-Flyers crowd who went home disappointed. Gary Guthro was all over the place with 2 goals and 2 apples while Gerard Hass been playing well lately, also scoring 2 goals. For the Flyers, Joe Venditti was closely kept in check after last week’s heroics that drew a few oooh’s and awww’s from the Flyer faithful.

STARS 5 REDWINGS 2 – Pat McAleese and Guy Shaver both scored for the Stars who knocked off the 1st place Redwings 5-2 on a night that Stars players began to see their season turning around after an 0-3 start. Stars’ Chris Baratto post game, “Things weren’t all hugs and kisses to start the season but we all dug deep and played a great game tonight. Give that other locker room credit they skated damn hard. Deaner made a ton of big saves early and we all played as a team. Day off tomorrow then it’s back to business to get ready for next week.”

SHARKS 7 BLACKHAWKS 3 – Seven different players found the back of the net as the Sharks took a bite out of the Hawks 7-3. Robert DiGiovanni scored twice for the Hawks but the loss drops them to 0-4 to start the campaign. Hawks Bill Kircos spoke to the media after the game, “Our record isn’t worth a bag of olives, we are playing well but just aren’t getting any luck around the net. We have a confident locker room and the guys will be ready to battle next week.”

That’s all from this end of the ice...

Chris Marttila

This Week in SCOHA - Sept.25th, 2018

Week 3 recap:

Junior Division:
OILERS 4 FLYERS 2 – Four different scorers lit the lamp for the Oilers who kept the pedal to the floor, starting the season with 3 wins. Walt Bludgon notched a pair for the Flyers who faced defeat for the first time this season. Great battle of the titans in the junior division.

BRUINS 7 BLACKHAWKS 5 – Steven Beraldo and Glen Erskine both enjoyed their Gatorade before the game, firing two goals each as the Bruins won a crazy one 7-5 over the Blackhawks. Dennis Cybalski gets a stick tap for his 2 goals in a losing cause.

REDWINGS 3 PENGUINS 2 – Wayne Sliwinski chipped in with 2 points as the Redwings held off those pesky Penguins 3-2 in front of a packed house. Some great plays in this game left more than a few of us rubbing our eyes. Keep an eye on the Redwings, they are climbing the standings and have their minds set on 1st place real soon.

Intermediate Division:

PENGUINS 3 LEAFS 2 – Brian Powell wears #68 for the Penguins and he played like Jaromir Jagr on this night, making the score sheet 3 times with 2 goals and an apple as the Penguins hung on to rake the Leafs. 8 minor penalties were called in this one, the referee started a go-fund me page to buy a new whistle. Warren Russell and Trevor Swanson scored for the Leafs who will are still in the thick of things in a close intermediate division race.

FLYERS 2 CANADIENS 2 – What about a 2 minute 3-on-3 overtime to maybe decide a tie? Just a thought but what do i know. Brock Hotrum scored twice to propel the Flyers while Rob baker, fresh off an emotional anthem playing against his old team, and Alfonso Tinebra, replied for les Canadiens.

BRUINS 3 BLACKHAWKS 1 – The Bruins, led by a hatty by Glenn Rouse, got by the first place Blackhawks in a tight game that had the hockey world sitting at the edge of their seats. 2 points separate first and last.

Masters Division:

KINGS 7 STARS 3 –Henry Marfisi showed up bound and determined to put on a show for the ages and that he did. 3 goals and a helper as the Kings trounced the Stars. Mike Vanderzee added a goal and 2 assists as the Kings continue to battle for first place supremacy. Stars season has started off a bit cloudy but it’s only September 25th, it’s still early.

SHARKS 3 FLAMES 1 – The Sharks splashed water on the Flames 3-1 in a defensive battle. Both teams are in the middle of the log jam in the Masters division and the Flames will be coming out a blazin’ next week.

FLYERS 2 REDWINGS 2 – what a defensive affair as these two teams tied 2-2. Low scoring game but the action on the ice went up and down like a fiddler’s elbow. Both goaltender’s were up to the task. We could smell the A5-35 from up at the bar after this one. Hard played game.

BRUINS 10 BLACKHAWKS 1 – Well that didn’t go as planned. Alastair Kermack “kermacked” the Hawks with 5 goals taking home the game puck for all to see. That Dale Brons is no slouch either, piling up 3 goals and 3 apples for the winners. 21 goals in 3 games for the Bruins as they continue to impress. It’s not a rebuilding year, a retool, they are in it to win it, pal.

That’s all from this end of the ice...

Chris Marttila

This Week in SCOHA - Sept.19th 2018

Week 2 recap:

Junior Division:

FLYERS 7 REDWINGS 1 – Shawn Rowell had fans throwing their hats on the ice after his hat trick and Angelo Fidanza picked up 3 helpers as the Flyers took care of business and have won both their games to start the season. Redwings vow to go over some game film to figure out what happened and will be ready for next week.

PENGUINS 5 BLACKHAWKS 5 – A barn-burner of a game as both teams combined for 10 goals. Scorekeeper almost ran out of ink in her pen. Ron Cybalski had a pair of goals for the Blackhawks while Brent and Ryan Haslan made it a family affair with 2 snipes each for the Penguino's.

OILERS 4 BRUINS 1 – The Oilers turned out to be too slick for the Bruins on this night. Mark Powell’s twig was on fire as he bulged the twine 3 times for the winners.  Andrew Clark with 2 assists also helped out the winning side. Bruins are also going through game tapes to fix a few leaks in the boat, starting off with 2 losses.

Intermediate Division:

LEAFS 5 CANADIENS 3 – The Leafs hung on to beat the Habs 5-3 with 7 different players tallying at least a point. Mike Babcock had them playing a complete team game.

Canadiens are 1-1 to start the season and newly-acquired forward Rob Baker is looking forward to playing his old team, the Flyers this upcoming week. No video tribute will be shown but he plans to speak to his old team and the media pre and post-game.

BLACKHAWKS 4 FLYERS 1 – The Blackhawks continued to steamroll over their opposition early in the season, holding the Flyers to just 1 goal as Charlie Polizzi sniped a pair and goalkeeper Steve Cuthbert shut the door for the winners. Flyers Brock Hotrum forgot about the slap shot rule and sat in the box, felt shame, then was let free.

PENGUINS 2 BRUINS 1 – The defending champs appear to have Championship hangovers after their summer with the cup, dropping their first 2 games of the season. 2 goals by Paul Allain was all the Pens needed to write this victory in the books. We all know the Bruins will turn their season around, it’s still early.

Masters Division:

FLAMES 5 BRUINS 3 – Richard Hamilton sparked the Flames with 2 goals as they beat the big bad Bruins 5-3. Gary Guthro put in a hard day on the job for the losing side with a goal and an apple but it wasn’t enough.

FLYERS 7 STARS 6 – 13 combined goals as fans were treated to an old-fashioned 80’s Oilers-like game. John Annibale was all over the puck like moths on a porchlight, scoring another 4 goals to up his total to 8 in 2 games! I will have whatever he is having for a pre-game meal, thank you very much. Guy Shaver had a hatty for the Stars and now has 5 on the year.

SHARKS 3 KINGS 2 – A defensive battle that coaches like but not the fans as the Sharks took a bite out of the Kings 3-2. 7 players on the Sharks made the game sheet for the winning side.

REDWINGS 5 BLACKHAWKS 1 – Dino Cortina lit the lamp twice while Scott Johnson continued his solid goaltending for the Redwings in a 5-1 win over the Blackhawks. Redwings start the campaign with 2 solid wins, outscoring their opponents 11-4. It’s way too early to tell but the Redwings are a hungry club already talking about the ultimate prize.

That’s all from this end of the ice...

Chris Marttila

2017/2018 Champs

2018 Junior Champs - Bruins

[media:2018031213315782 width:180 height:0 border:0 align:auto link:1 linksrc:disp 2018 Int Champs - Bruins]

2018 Masters Champs - Flyers

Gord Johnson's Pics from First Ontario Centre Games are at

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Junior Championship - Friday April 13th 2018 8:00pm

Penguins   1   VS      Bruins    5      
Intermediate Championship - Sunday April 15th 6:15pm
Bruins 5    VS      Leafs   2
Masters Championship - Sunday April 15th 5:00pm
Flyers   4   VS       Sharks   2   

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