This Week in SCOHA - April 26th, 2022

The Playoff Extravaganza Edition

SCOHA 2021/2022

What a scene it was all weekend as SCOHA-Nation ran wild on anyone that gave a care. Friday Night’s Junior Division Championship was nuttier than a squirrel turd as the game went into overtime before a winner was declared. Intermediate and Masters provided some additional drama as every player skated until their blades ran out. I feel sorry for the fans that thought the games would be on Cable 14 but unfortunately the games were blacked out in our region. Next time they won’t cheap out and buy some tickets.




FLYERS 5 BRUINS 4 (OVERTIME) I couldn’t believe how many fans were in the stands for this one! What an atmosphere as the Flyers finished off a roller coaster ride of a season by winning the cup. To recap: 19 penalties called which caused a dramatic escalation of tension between the two clubs, a few game misconducts, 2 penalty shots, yes 2 penalty shots, and the person who won the $28.00 50/50 draw wasn’t around to claim their prize. Fans went home saying this was easily the craziest game they have ever witnessed. Fans paid for their seat but only needed the edge of it. Flyer’s captain Mike Haslam drove the bus and the horse, scoring 2 pivotal goals from long distance to help the cause. This guy lugged the mail a lot this season, a clear indication he will re-sign with the club in the off-season. Also hitting the game sheet was Kevin Wyatt, who scored the overtime winner, Ryan “orange” Popek and Dave “magic” Johnson. Bruins Dino LaPorta scored a hatty and drove the Bruins bus home after. Jeff Davis also replied for the B’s. Congrats to both teams for a great game that we won’t soon forget. Good luck with summer training and contract negotiations, see you next season! Personally, it was great following this division all year, great players on and off the ice.





CANADIENS 3 BRUINS 1: this one could’ve went either way, kind of like tossing one of those annoying helicopter leaves in the air on a windy day. In the end, the Habs prevailed 3-1 after a great pre-game ceremony to celebrate the life of one of their former stars, Guy Lafleur. A fantastic video tribute was played and a moment of silence took place. This may have inspired a fast Canadiens team as they took it to the Bruins in their end of the ice. Bill “aluminum” Foley wrapped this one up with another outstanding effort and put it in the fridge til later but forgot to write Bill’s Sandwich on it with a Sharpie so who knows what happened to it. Foley had 2 snipes for the Habs. We will have to wait til next weekend to ask him. As for the Bruins, they were hoping for a different outcome. Injuries played a toll on their season but hope to have the main core back in September to take another run at it. Thanks to captain Wayne Slewinski for talking to reporters at length after the game, then thanking them all for their columns all year long.


BLACKHAWKS 7 FLYERS 3: The Flyers ran out of gas, all $1.88 a litre worth of it. Fans gave them a standing ovation at the final buzzer as they left the ice, exhausted after a Covid wave hit their team. Missing a few weeks of action really takes its toll on the body as they can attest to. Blackhawks were led by Doctor Jason Aguanno with 3 goals,Tim “stay away from the fence, you may want to wait til next time to” Pettitt and rookie defenceman Paul McGraw with an EA Sports video gam-like goal for the winners. Amazingly enough, Hawks dman Cory Herbert was in Vegas but found his number on the game sheet for a goal. Brock Hotrum, Rick “wendel” Clark and Steph Rioux scored for the orange guys.





BLACKHAWKS 5 STARS 1: well the Hawks kept their winning ways going after a big 5-1 win over the Stars in one semi-final. Iron Mike Haslam couldn’t miss the net if he tried and Brian Deanes shut the front door on numerous occasions to preserve the win. Bad news is that Deanes wants a leather SCOHA jacket if he wins so he can wear it on his motorcycle this summer. 3 goals for Haslam, one each from Ernie “I can’t eat any more, I am’ Dunston and Nick Miscione also scored for the winners. Stars Peter Subar was a lone wolf, scoring the only goal for the Stars. We spoke to stars GM Chris Barratto post-game, “Well on paper we had a real good team, just didn’t quite get it done in the playoffs. The draft is very key but you never know what can happen throughout the season.”


BRUINS 4 REDWINGS 3: In the other semi-final, Nick Polimeni (is a pal of mine) scored the game winner and added another as the Bruins staved off the pesky Redwings 4-3 in an absolute barn burner. That Terry “are they colours or” Hughes scored a dandy that he will remember for at least a few weeks. Some new guy Dave Armstrong set up 3 goals to help the winning side make it to the finals, something Armstrong is well rehearsed with. Those Redwings folks… give them all the credit in the world as they turned their season around and really made a push for the cup. Captain Terry Gudgeon praised his video crew for all their due-diligence behind the scenes as well as the equipment guys who worked countless hours to make the locker room run smoothly.



CONSOLATION GAMES: good on the league to give the non-semi final teams a consolation game to finish up the campaign. These guys were more than happy to lace em up one more time this season despite a chance at lifting a cup other than a Cooper one.


FLYERS 4 SHARKS 2: Dan McLaughlin scored the game winner as the Flyers got past the Sharks 4-2. Pretty exciting game to watch and they offered up free popcorn in the stands for this one. Sharks Gord Johnson and Dave Cathcart tallied for the Sharks who will have a few weeks off before team staff meet up to get prepared for the draft.


KINGS 1 FLAMES 1: Quite a defensive battle here as the Kings, led by goalkeeper and all-around nice guy Joe LoCicero at one end and Ted Marszalek at the other. Both teams combined for 53 shots on goal but these 2 goalies played a heck of a game! A lot of Proline tickets were torn up after this one as many had the over.



Well that puts a bow on the past week in Scohaville. Intermediate and Masters Championship games are this upcoming Sunday. May wan tot get to the rink early to get a seat as ticket sales are going through the roof. If we don’t see you there, have a great summer, see you in September…



Chris Marttila


SCOHA E-Columnist


by Chris Marttila

Stats guy, blog writer

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