2006/2007 SCOHA Division Mandate & Draft

SCOHA 2006/2007

RE: 2006/2007 SCOHA Division Mandate & Player Draft


The season is fast approaching and your executive has made a decision on the division breakdown based on the membership’s registrations as we promised. The membership has spoken and we will continue with two divisions, Junior & Intermediate, for the 2006/2007 season. We will keep our association’s times the same as last season but ad six more games to the regular season for a total of 28 games plus play-offs. We will revisit this issue in the future when our membership is ready for it.

We have also decided to change the date of the draft to September 5th - 8:00pm at The Look-out lounge meeting room. We believe that the extra time will allow us to completely fill both divisions.

The Intermediate is almost full now and those who wish to play in this division should hurray and get their registration in. The Junior division is slightly behind and we encourage these individuals that want to play in this division to please send their registration in ASAP. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this process and we are confident that we have done our best to serve the membership.




Joe LoCicero


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