SCOHA 2005/2006
When are things going to get better? Since we've moved I haven't seen any of the promises! Our times are later, were playing on holidays (New Years who thought this would be better?) and now another increase in registration! When is it going to get better, I've already seen the BIGGER! I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way? I know you want to keep the negative comments out, but when are the promise going to happen? Not from the executive but the salesmen that encouraged us to move?

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Please review my letter on the web site. I think all of your concerns are address. We did have a marginal increase but added 6 additional games.
This should be an exciting season and the best value in the city with the most amount of games. Our association continues to be a leader in Oldtimers hocker in the community.
Joe LoCicero