This Week in SCOHA – October 17th, 2023

The Guy Stepped On My Stick Edition

Well this past weeks games were nuttier than a slice of pecan pie heated up a little. At any rate, let's dive into the 7 games before people start talking.

United Division:

Blackhawks 7 Sharks 6: The Sharks roster had a big bite out of it but thank god for the spare's list as they put up a good fight, eventually falling 7-6 to the powerhouse Hawks. Marc "hey, how many times do I have to tell you, no cannon balls into the" Poulin kept up his lethal scoring pace, collecting two goals and adding 3 assists for the Blackhawks. Dave Perron scored twice and Marc Bellehumeur was actually held to only 4 assists. Better luck next game pal. For the Sharks, Joe Shulist scored a hatty for the millionth time but his team fell just a bit short. Joe is a craftsman with the puck. It follows him like the effing smoke follows me at a campfire.

Bruins 4 Flyers 4: Flyer's Brent Haslam still works for Haslam, Haslam and Haslam injury lawyers but on this night, he took the Bruins into the back alley and took care of business himself. His 3 goals helped the guys in orange tie a motivated Bruin team hungry for two points. Final score was 4-4 and 13 viewers watched this one on Cable14. For the Bruins, Charlie Polizzi dropped a deuce while spare sniper Jeff "no way" Nolet scored and set up a pair. Words do a poor job to describe how I felt when i missed watching this game.

Oilers 4 Redwings 3: Apparently the Oilers guaranteed a win for their fanbase prior to puckdrop. Good thing wiley veteran Anton Ljucovic scored the winner or the team bus would've had a flat tire after the game. Despite sitting in the box all night, the Oilers fended off the Redwings for the huge 2 points, thanks to rookie goalie Justin Ross' 38 saves. Ljucovic took the game puck home and it will sit on his mantle until someone asks him to take it down or until a sofa isn't level. For the Redwings, Marco Caiella scored twice and Andrew Baker fired home a laser in a losing cause.

Masters Division:

Stars 9 Sharks 3: Well the Sharks tied this gamesheet to a rocket and yelled goodbye. Did I use that line already this year? Not sure. Anyways, Al Angelone & Friends followed coach Chris "Beans" Barratto's game plan of putting pucks in deep which seemed to work. Sharks didn't help things by taking 4 penalties but it's only one game. Look for a strong bounce back this week from the boys in teal, you heard it here first. Sharks captain and gm Ron Cooper called for a Monday 9am video session if he can get his vcr up and running. Be kind and rewind.

Penguins 6 Bruins 4: Pen's John "helter" Elter was all over the place like the 28 squirrels in my backyard looking for black walnuts. Elter scored another 2 goals to lift his hockey club to a big 6-4 win over the B's. You don't have to squint real hard to see the potential Elter has to be a top-5 scorer in this damn league but let's pause and talk about Paul Cleary for a few minutes. He has raised more than a few eyebrows with his start to the season. Huge goal again tonight and lemme tell ya, if this keeps up we will have to get him on the Pucks In Deep Podcast. Stay tuned. Bruins got a hat trick from Steve "around the" Horner, who continues to do Steve "around the" Horner things out on the ice. Definitely a candidate for league mvp as we hit the 1/8th point of the season. He is only 8 goals behind Terry O'Reilly for the Bruins all-time goals list. I say he gets there sooner than later. Upstairs at the "Lost & Found Drinkery", Bruin veteran Dale Brons demanded a Monday 8am practice at Glanbrook Arena. We sent reporters but were kindly asked to leave.

Redwings 6 Flyers 5: Terry Gudgeon scored the game winner with a buck nineteen left as the Wings edged the Flyers 6-5. Terry told reporters postgame that we all need to help control the pet population and to get our pets spayed or neutered. This showcase showdown could've went either way but the Redwings prevailed. He then praised his team for a hard-fought victory. For the Flyers, Guy "Remington F5-5800" Shaver scored a pair and added a helper. Hopefully Shaver will be in the lineup this weekend if he can finish his shift at the Gage Park garden & fall mum show. We will update his game status closer to puck drop.

Kings 3 Blackhawks 2: Joe "thank you very" Muchynski scored the game winner as the Kings fended off the Hawks 3-2. Also scoring for the Kings were Paul "jersey" Shorer and Jim "jump over the candle" Swick. For the Hawks, Andrew Horwath and Frank Bortolin scored 2 of the best goals you will see in a while. Trust me on that one.

Well that takes care of that. Stick tap to the refs who are doing a good job even though buddy tripped on my stick blade and I didnt push that guy against the boards, I shoved him. Anyways, have a great rest of the week, fellas. I'm out.

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist / A.A.N.G.

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