This Week in SCOHA - March 11th, 2023

The What A Load Edition

Sitting Players For Load Management Sinks Oilers In Playoffs

United Oilers captain Jason Hoffman fessed up to reporters on Friday that he now wishes he didn't let players sit for load management ahead of the playoffs. The Oilers are mathematically eliminated from semi-final action after two losses and will play for pride next Sunday versus the Canadiens.

"The regular season is rather lengthy and takes its toll on some of our veterans. We thought a few games off would help heal the bumps and bruises but obviously we were wrong about that."

Most of Hoffman's roster are free agents at season's end but he hopes to begin contract talks as soon as the season wraps up. "Yes, we will be starting to negotiate with pending free agents the second the buzzer goes off next Sunday night."

Off-season exercise regiments are also priority for the Oilers and most players are on board with that. Star defenceman Justin Whitwell feels like climbing the escarpment backwards is a little extreme but will do his best.

Oilers face the Canadiens next Sunday and will be signing autographs after the game for their young fans outside by the team bus before it drives away into the sunset for the final time this year.

Chris Marttila

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by Chris Marttila

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