This Week in SCOHA - March 3rd, 2023

The In Tents Edition

Not gonna lie, we have no time for a beginning opening monologue this week, no lally-gagging, I need to get right to the action.


FLYERS 4 CANADIENS 1: This game had more whistles than Pamela Anderson walking past a construction site on a July afternoon. 8 penalties were called as the refs needed to break in their Fox 40 whistles. When the dust cleared, the Flyers took care of the Habs 4-1. Doug Moulton scored a pair for the winners while Bill “lasagna leftovers wrapped in aluminum” Foley replied for the Canadiens. This Flyer team is rolling, folks. Haslam fans are already planning the parade route in Binbrook starting at Binbrook Pizza. Been there, they make a great pizza.

BRUINS 4 BLACKHAWKS 2: Can’t figure out this Hawks team. Up and down like a fiddler’s elbow all year. I would be remised if I didn’t extend everyone’s condolences over to Hawk veteran Walt Blagdon who is having a difficult time. We are all thinking of Walt as he goes through his loss. Stay strong my friend.

Alan Herron blasted home a pair for the winning side and Yves Bisson even got into the act with a major snipe that he is still talking about at work. Hawks were down 6 guys and just ran out of gas.

SHARKS 6 OILERS 4; This was an old Smythe Division game that saw 14 penalties called. When all was said and done, the Sharks fended off the Oilers 6-4. Justin “Limeridge” Mol scored a couple for the winners while John Carvalho ripped home a pair before his knee fell off. Good news is he will be back for this weekend’s action after a few sessions with team medical staff. This game had all the earmarks of a playoff war before it even started. Sharks Steve Cromwell was chirping the Zamboni driver to go straighter while flooding the ice. Fans from both sides began throwing the stale popcorn at each other during the intermission.


FLAMES 3 REDWINGS 2: This was defensive battle from the drop of the puck until the final buzzer. Dave Graham scored the game winner as the Flames dodged a scrappy Redwing team 3-2. Give Redwings goalie Jonas Scott all the credit in the world as he faced 46 shots on the night. The ice bath and the a5/35 was his best friend after the game, that’s for sure.

FLYERS 2 Penguins 0: Flyers Dave Armstrong is dragging his team into the war. He knows how to win no matter what league he is in. A big 2-0 victory for the Flyers over the Penguins as Alex Greychuk shut the front door, stopping all 34 shots he faced. Nick Miscione and the previously mentioned Armstrong scored for the guys in orange as they have only one goal this year, to lift the cup and bring it up to the bar afterwards for photo opportunities.

STARS 5 SHARKS 2: After the Sharks played the game of their lives last week, the Stars stepped all over their trumpets this time, recording a big 5-2 win in front of a packed house (. Stars captain and GM Chris Barratto spoke at length to reporters after the game about his pre-game meeting he had with his players, adding that a few sticks were smashed over the garbage can before heading out onto the ice to get his team motivated. Stars tender of the twine Scott Johnson made 23 saves to preserve the win for his side. Hard to read the game sheet but it looks as if Dean McLaren scored a pair for the winners.

BLACKHAWKS 4 BRUINS 1: Blackhawks play a style of game that only us gritty forwards can attest to. Every single guy in that damn lineup is at least a #3 grit sandpaper. They folded up the Bruins like an origami owl 4-1 and seem to be rolling as they look to make the cut for the semi-finals. Vince Mercuri had the game winner while Terry “superfly” Hughes had the lone goal for the Bruins. Hey fellas, Hughes can’t do it all out there. He even loaded up the team bus afterwards all by himself!

Anyways, there’s no handbook on how to win the championship in this league. This weekend we will talk to a few SCOHA veterans on how they prepare for the nerve-racking playoffs, stay tuned for those interviews. Keep safe as we are about to get pounded by the storm of the century. See you at the rink on Sunday!

Chris Marttila

SCOHA Blogologist

by Chris Marttila

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