THIS WEEK IN SCOHA – October 20, 2021

The “It’s a Long Season” Edition

SCOHA 2021/2022
Week 2 has come and gone. Someone needs to remind our SCOHA anthem singer it’s not American Idol, keep the song moving… good grief. Went overboard like the pepperoni’s on an Attic pizza. At any rate, let’s recap the weekend that was.. 
JUNIOR DIVISION: talk about some fast hockey, folks! I would be walking around like I stepped on a piece of walnut shell the next day if I played a night of this hockey! 
BRUINS 6 REDWINGS 2: The Laporta Show was too much for the redwings on this night. In front of a loud and enthusiastic crowd, the B’s took advantage of a smaller Redwing lineup, cruising to a 6-2 triumph. Greg Lintott sat in the penalty box twice, felt shame, but still went out there and scored a goal. In a losing cause, John “get in the” Carvalho scored both Wing goals. 
OILERS 3 FLYERS 1: Kevin Wyatt scored a pair of goals to propel the oilers over the Flyers 3-1. Oilers captain Steve Ditta spoke to the media after the game. Word got out that he still owes Columbia House 39 cents for 12 rock cassettes. He added there will be no comment at this time. We will continue to follow this story as it unfolds. League newcomer Mike Rostecki clearly has shaken the “rost” off his skates as he scored the lone goal for the Flyers. 
BLACKHAWKS 6 FLYERS 3: Hawks’ Jason Aguanno slithered away with a pair of goals to lead his team to a 6-3 win over the Flyers. And what about wiley veteran Paul McGraw manning the blueline. His prolific backhand brilliance was on display all night, wowing the announced crowd of 8. Flyers captain Jason Hoffman hit the scoresheet with a goal and an assist. This guy’s skating is as smooth as cherry yogurt on granola.  
CANADIENS 7 BRUINS 2:  The Bruins were without their captain Wayne Sliwinski for this one. His team got out the blender and mixed up the lines to get things going but it was too late. 7-2 Habs was the final. Habs rookie Dennis Klander plays a simple but effective game. He is as cool as the other side of the pillow out there. This kid is going to go far in this league, just watch. A bunch of Canadiens registered points in this one, but look out for #24. Mike Desrorges is his name and he is walking into the rink ready to win the championship right now. His rookie card is gaining popularity, ask the kids at the team bus who were lucky to get his autograph after the game. 
STARS 3 SHARKS 0: Stars goalkeeper Alex Greychuck posted his first career masters division shutout, stopping 38 shots for the bagel. Chris Barratto with a goal of the year candidate before he leaped the glass and almost took out the popcorn vendor walking by. Stick tap for Richard Paquet for filling in between the pipes for the Sharks. Ron Cooper addressed the media post game and said there will be no pucks on the ice for practice the next day, just heavy skating. They will be back hungry this upcoming week. 
FLYERS 7 BLACKHAWKS 3: Flyers Dale Brons had a can of Jolt Cola before the game. He jogged to the rink, scored 2 goals, then sprinted back home. He doesn’t even cringe while unwinding a paper clip. Ghislain Piche also had a productive evening picking up a pair for the winning side. Blackhawks captain and all around nice guy Bill Kircos lit the lamp twice in a losing cause. Despite the loss, Kircos found time to meet fans outside the dressing room for a few old SCOHA stories. 
BRUINS 5 REDWINGS 1: ok who woke the bear? Bruins sniper Dave Armstrong fired a hat trick and added 2 apples as the Bruins took care of the redwings 5-1 in front of 3 fans. Joe “thank you very” Muchynski added 2 goals and an assist for the winners. Captain Gord Bryce after the game praised his team’s play at both ends of the ice. He was still unsure if he wanted to give the guys the day off Monday. We will update that when we hear. Steve “110” Watt scored a beaut for the Redwings. 
FLAMES 5 KINGS 3: Gary Guthro was the 1st star of the game with a goal and an assist to power the Flames past the Kings 5-3. Kings managed to stay out of the penalty box and played well enough to win but fell a bit short. Kings Guy Shaver scored a goal and added an assist. He could honestly no-look every pass if he wanted to. Keep a keen eye on him, he will start piling up the points very soon. The rust is off the blades as far as Shaver is concerned. 
Well that pretty well sums up the week that was at the rink. For those that are nursing some injuries, hope you get back to action soon, we miss you out there! Time keepers are doing a swell job, even that new loud guy. Have a great rest of the week, fellas, we will see you at the arena in a few days.  
Chris Marttila 

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