This Week in SCOHA – April 30th

6 Foot Edition

SCOHA 2019/2020

Smoking up and skipping school had a lot of you in trouble constantly but now weed is legal and schools are closed. Damn kids are living the dream! This thing is dragging on and on. I still haven’t stooped to doing a puzzle, I don’t know about you.  Intermediate sniper Brock Hotrum tried to make his own hand sanitizer but it came out as a rum and coke, what are the odds….

Looks like Mike Miscio hasn’t been following social distancing rules as he was seen hosting a Twister & Spicy Chili night at his place over the weekend. Definitely not a very safe combination to say the least.

We heard from Master’s division veteran Bill Kircos and he broke news that he has been battling a bout of wrestler’s ear since the season was put on pause. He blamed a rather energetic pet dog for the injury. Hope he is all healed up before the season resumes.

We really hope there aren’t any players who are contemplating hanging up their twirlers once the arena lights go back on. If so, we hope you give it a second thought. These past few months have definitely put a damper on this slugger’s mood and I can’t wait to get back out there. I’m sure many others can echo my sediments.

I’ve had several emails asking what our cub reporter Guy Shaver has been up to. We reached out to Guy and he was pretty excited to try out his new NHL bedsheet set he got. He also added that he has had several dreams of his Sharks winning the cup and showing it off up at the bar, something that won’t sit well with a confident Flames squad.

Meanwhile, over in the Junior loop, Flyers Blaine Betzold has been spotted mountain biking up the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Despite the huge incline, he stopped halfway up for a quick interview saying he was pretty confident the season will resume very soon.

So what’s everyone watching on tv these days? We are in the middle of Rectify on Netflix. Good show about a guy who spent 19 years on death row for a murder he didn’t commit. DNA evidence invalidates his conviction. Once out, he is having a hard time adapting to life outside his cell. Just a suggestion if you are looking for a new show to watch.

Well that’s all from this end of the couch. Have a great weekend, supposed to be great weather to knock off the chores list outside…

Chris Marttila

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