This Week in SCOHA - March 29th, 2020


SCOHA 2019/2020

Well it's SCOHA Sunday and the rain has stopped. Half of us are still in our pj's still from Friday night and we have watched all of Netflix. I started watching some Ozark show, I thought that was the name of the Buffalo Sabres backup goalie. Highlight of the weekend was listening for the tune my dryer makes when the load is dry.

There has been an uptick of Scoha players arguing amongst themselves and starting tense conversations lately. We urge those in question to find better ways to accommodate their time. Arts & Crafts, puzzles, and chasing your cat around with laser pointers are just a few ways to pass time.

Masters Kings Gary Guthro got out the pots and pans to cheer on the healthcare workers but his neighbours started yelling at him to keep it down. It was 3:30 in the damn morning, Gary!!!

A buddy of mine told me the term "flattening the curve" reminds him of the plastic street hockey blade we used on our sticks. You would warm it up over the stove element to make a hook like Tim Hunter's nose. There was always one guy in the game who would take a slap shot and the blade would fly off. Most likely Wayne Sliwinski trying to score from half. Nice safe times! This Heritage moment brought to you by Topps hockey cards. Wonder how many Scoha goalies made their own sponge pads for the street and a blocker out of a shoebox lid.

Guy Shaver apparently forgot his favourite snoopy blanket at the rink after his 14-day “corn-teen” campout so if anyone sees it, please return it ASAP, he can’t sleep without it. A gofundme page will be set up on his behalf in case no one finds it.

Nickheathsport on twitter is an England rugby announcer that is making videos of everyday life and adding his intense rugby commentary voice to them. Give him a follow it will lighten your day during these dark times....

On the league front, no news as of yet. A quick back of the envelope calculation is that we have ample time to finish things off, it’s just a matter of when the city opens up the doors. But when we do return, I wonder if the 6 foot distancing rule will be in effect out on the ice. Also, a few players are wondering if Mary up at the bar is honouring social distancing at home and if she will be off for a year starting December. We will have to wait and see lol.

Have a great week, fellow Scohaians, as we forge ahead... Question of the week: Did you wear Cooperalls, ever? And is that sub shop still open across from the old Barton Doublerinks? Best super assorted in the world…

Chris Marttila

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