This Week in SCHOHA- December 17th, 2019

Tree is up!

SCOHA 2019/2020

Well the tree is finally up and the pressure is on. Players are eating a lot more chocolate this time of year which means more energy on the ice. Let’s try and maneuver through the mall crowd and get to the weekend that was in Scohaville.


REDWINGS 9 PENGUINS 0: A few Penguins said it was like climbing a mountain with flipflops on. The Redwings crushed the Penguins into Christmas 2021 with a convincing 9-0 victory thanks to a hatter from Ross Lacasse and a pair from Dino Laporta and Geoff Fitzgerald. Al “Sour Cream and Onion” Ringer got the 28 save shutout. The Redwings brought their bigwheels to the bike show on this night, but you have to feel for Pens goalie Roman Bratzov who still had time for reporters after the game while soaking in an ice bath. “We got absolute waffled but we will get em’ next week”.

BRUINS 4 FLYERS 2: Peter Thompkins and Justin “Limeridge” Mol both had a goal and an assist as the Bruins won their 5th straight 4-2 over the Flyers. Both teams had their chances, the fans applauded both teams and someone took home the $7.00 for the 50/50 raffle and the bonus Christmas ham. Flyers were short some players, brought in some spares but they just couldn’t post the “w”.

OILERS 6 BLACKHAWKS 5: Oilers Mike Czepita played the drum for them (pa rum pa pum pum) with 2 goals and an assist to lead the Oilers to a 6-5 win in a slugfest down at the QuadPad. Hawks had a hatty and 2 assists from Ron Cybalski who after his hat trick goal celebration, had arena staff get up on ladders to scrape him off the ceiling. I won’t bore you with the 90 reasons I like this Oilers team but in a nutshell, they lose a game and come right back with a spirited effort, get back on the horse, and win games. Maybe I am a little underslept but I can see this team contending for the cup this year.


CANADIENS 3 BLACKHAWKS 1: Jason Beaulieu did everything but replace the aluminum siding on the arena, scoring a goal, adding an assist, filled the damn water jugs, and loaded up the team bus after the game. Habs win another game, it never gets old. Jim Marentette won 98% at the faceoff dot as he is proving to be a wily veteran in that department. Hours and hours of basement faceoffs seem to be paying off.

PENGUINS 6 FLYERS 2: The Penguins went bananalands on a Flyers team that still trying to find their footing with only 1 win on the year. As my old buddy Jon once said, we’re halfway there and we are livin’ on a prayer. The Bob Tenison travelling circus rolled into Philly and this time only had 2 goals and an assist. He used the other end of his stick for the 2nd half of the game. Joe Millin chipped in with a pair of apples for the winners. Back to the drawing board for the struggling Flyers who are trying to keep the room positive.

LEAFS 2 BRUINS 2: Walt Blagdon scored the game tying goal as the Leafs skated away with a 2-2 tie against the pesky Bruins. Etienne Venne and J.J. Fielding each combined for 83 saves in a game that saw more shots than a night at the Boar’s Nest Saloon. Wayne Slewinski and Chris Scott replied for the B’s who have tied their last 3 out of 4 games.  I am just throwing a dart here but I will bet you 8 bucks the Bruins tie this upcoming week.


BRUINS 6 BLACKHAWKS 0: Peter Subar had an extra plate of mama’s meatballs before the game, belched the garlic all over the place then went out there and scored a pair of goals as the Bruins folded up the Hawks like a napkin 6-0. Ed Mooney stopped 24 shots for the shutout in the B’s nest. Bruins have won 5 out of their last 7 games are in serious conversation to make it to championship Sunday in April. Let’s pause and talk about Bruins Brad Kinnear, a promising young upstart, drafted 4th overall in 1986. His game has evolved into a stay at home defenceman with a heavy shot. Legions of fans make the trip to se this guy play ice hockey and he sticks around after the game to say hi.

REDWINGS 4 SHARKS 1: Dino “Tennis” Cortina had 2 Red Bulls before the game which spells bad news for the visiting Sharks. Cortina had 2 goals and an assist and was named the 1st star of the game in a 4-1 win over San Jose. Sharks Jim Albanese left the game with an injury, we hope he is feeling well soon. Guy “Remington F5 Lithium Comfort Series” Shaver had the lone goal for the Sharks and yes I googled types of Remington shavers… Sticktap to Sharks goalkeeper Brian Deanes, this one could’ve got ugly but he made a few pad stacks to keep his team in it until the clementine eventually came unpeeled.

KINGS 8 FLYERS 3: With Flyers Dave Armstrong healing but not back in the lineup yet, the Flyers hit the runway pretty hard, losing to the Kings who have now won 5 out of 6 and are showing tremendous consistency in their game. Howie “Danceclub Re” Micks is on fire, someone call 911. 4 goals, all top shelf as he continues to carve a niche in this league. Ever try and stickhandle past Kings giraffe John Toth? It’s like trying to skate around the CN Tower for crying out loud.

FLAMES 6 STARS 3: Flames Paul Opie’s initials are P.O. and he delivered the mail to the p.o. box, scoring 3 goals and adding a helper as the Flames burned out the Stars 6-3 to put a damper on Stars’ Dale Brons bobblehead night. The first 18 fans received a n autographed momento to put on their mantle of the Stars hero. He went out there and scored a pair of goals but it wasn’t enough as the Flames were on fire, winning their 3rd straight and haven’t lost since the beginning of ice.

Well that about does it from this end of the rink. One more week until the big guy in the red suit stops by. Hopefully he brings some cheer into a few locker rooms. Action heats up a few notches after Christmas, looking forward to the unofficial 2nd half of the season. Have a great rest of the week, fellas, keep your stick on the ice.

Chris Marttila

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