Marty's Matchups for week 12

Chris Goes Semi Pro-Line

SCOHA 2019/2020

This Weekend’s “Marty’s Matchups”, previewing this weekend’s SCOHA action…

JUNIOR DIVISION Game of the Week:

Flyers (7W 3L 1T = 15PTS) vs Redwings (7W 2L 2T = 16PTS)

It’s the matchup all SCOHA fans have circled on their calendars. Redwings Dino Laporta faces off against Flyers sharpshooter Ryan Haslam. Both players have 27 and 26 points respectively and are ready to put on a show for us all.  Flyers have won 4 straight while the Redwings have only lost 1 game in 7 starts. There will be unbottled joy watching these two teams let loose their similar bandwagon style of hockey. I am predicting a high scoring game as both teams will have little respect for the goaltenders. My prediction: 7-5 Flyers.


Canadiens (9W 1L 0T = 18PTS) vs Penguins (6W 2L 2T = 14PTS)

Canadiens have knocked off 7 wins in a row and don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Habs goalie Bill Templeman keeps rattling off awestruck performances between the pipes and is well on his way to a Vezina trophy win. Bill Foley leads the way in points with 17 points in 9 games for Les Habitants while Bob Tenison keep serving up aces for the Leafs with 13 points in 10 games so far this season. Penguins sit 4 points back of the Canadiens in the standings so this is a huge game for both teams. My Prediction: 5-3 Penguins

MASTERS DIVISION Game of the Week:

Bruins (8W 0L 2T = 18PTS vs Flames (4W 4L 2T = 10PTS)

Bruins Troy Izlakar and Peter Subar are tearing this entire divison into 18-month aged sharp sargento cheese. Izlakar’s one-timer makes Kim Jong Un’s rockets look like they’re in slow motion. Flames Ghislain “Go Train” Piche (12 points in 9 games) has his team skating hard and digging in the corners like a student getting the last few crumbs out of a Dorito bag. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Bruins goalie J.J. MacNeil who seems to have sheets of cellophane across the crease he is playing so well. Bruins have the best goals against average amongst all SCOHA teams at 1.80 so it’s easy to say they will continue that trend. My Prediction: 4-1 Bruins.

Chris Marttila

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