This Week in SCOHA - October 29th, 2019


SCOHA 2019/2020

Tomb it may Concern:

This Hallowe’en edition will leave many howling while some will be getting ready to hand out those boring toffees in the orange wrapper or non-ripple chips with only 5 in the bag. Scary stuff this past weekend at the ol’ barn so let’s get right to it. Bone appetit!



FLYERS 4 PENGUINS 1: Flyers Ryan Haslam came to the rink dressed up as a vampire and was a pain in the neck out there for the Bruins, scoring a pair of goals and an apple as his team flew to a 4-1 victory. Brian Powell is so calm out there…. Nothing gets under this skeleton’s skin. He added a goal and 2 assists for the winners. Steve Cromwell threw a treat into the orange bucket for the Penguins.

REDWINGS 4 OILERS 2: Ross Lacasse also dressed up as a skeleton, brought some spare ribs to the arena and went out there and scored two goals as the Redwings got past the Oilers 4-2. Paul Sargeant slaughtered the Oilers as a spare, collecting a goal and an assist for the winners.

BLACKHAWKS 5 BRUINS 5: #87 on the Bruins must be a ghost because his name wasn’t on the gamesheet. Anyways, congrats on the hat trick for the Bruins as they tied the Hawks 5-5. Justin Mol also dropped a deuce for the Bruins while Brent French was tres excite out there, scoring a pair for Les Noire Hawks.


BLACKHAWKS 5 BRUINS 4: The Hawks finally filled the pillow case with candy and one their first game of the season, a spirited 5-4 win over the Big Bad Bruins. 5 different players scored for the Hawks including Brock Hotrum, who apparently likes his oatmeal lumpy, you heard it here first. Bruins Wayne Slewinski has found his stride. He threw back 4 coffee crisps before the game and scored a pair in a losing cause.

CANADIENS 3 FLYERS 2: Never mind Halloween folks, it was Christmas Yves for Mr. Bisson out there! He scored a pair of goals to lead his Habs over the Flyers 3-2. Went up to the bar after and was smiling like he slept with a hanger in his mouth. Another great game by Bill Templeman who could’ve had a stray axe in his temple, he would’ve still stopped the damn puck. Bill Foley got another 2 points like that’s anything new…. These guys continue to roll the bones this year, they were all over the puck like Nell Carter on a bag of kettle corn all night long. 9 minor penalties were called as the timekeeper must have had a bowl of candy at her side. Dave Wichman tried to ride the broom to a much-needed victory but his squad fell a bit short….

LEAFS 1 PENGUINS 1: A Spooktacular performance by both Garnet Wilson and Steve Cuthbert between the pipes as this defensive battle ended up 1-1. Leafs Jason Aguanno and the Pens Bob Tenison (who else?) scored for their team. “Another 5 minutes of 3-on-3 extra time would’ve been great to watch”, a Penguins fan hallered as both teams made their way to the locker rooms. It would also help out a lot of Proline tickets…


BRUINS 2 BLACKHAWKS 2: I had an “un-candy” feeling this one would end up in a tie… Hawks Bruno Digiovanni had a large bowl of spook-ghetti before the game, scored a pair of snipes as his team battled the Bruins to a 2-2 final score… As the saying ghost, better to grab the 1 point than none at all… Hawks Bill Kircos came close to scoring the game winner but someone knocked off the ghoulpost….

FLAMES 5 STARS 0: Flames goalie Ted Marszalek didn’t let any candy apples get by him as the Flames burned the stars 5-0. Jason Anderson went home after the game for a bowl of vein-illa ice cream after scoring a pair of beauts for the winners while Larry Sipos added a pair of helpers

REDWINGS 7 SHARKS 3: Henry Marfisi showed up to the party dressed up as Wayne Gretzky as he scored a hatty in a Redwings big 7-3 victory over the Sharks. Let’s not bring the pumpkin back in the house before mentioning Terry Gudgeon’s 2 assists that scared the Sharks out of the water… Larry Litzgus hogged all the KitKats out of the bowl and scored a pair in a losing cause…

KINGS 7 FLYERS 3: This Bob Wachnuik kid is going to have one heck of a hockey career if he keeps this up… 3 snipes upstairs where Norman Bates keeps his family as the Kings recycled the flyers 7-3. Gary Guthro also dressed up as a skeleton so he couldn’t hold his beer down, scored 2 goals for the winning side while Kelly Rintjema lit the pumpkin candle twice for the Flyers. Side note: Flyers Enzo Giammichele’s name can barely fir on his jersey but this guy can handle the puck like Benny Hill handled the ladies… smooth. A goal and an assist to add to his totals..

Well I am all punned out for this week. Full player stats will be posted before the weekend’s action. Someone save me a crispy crunch and we will see everyone at the rink. Shout out to the guys who bring a little extra ice for the locker room cordials, you are like Esso, you go that extra mile….

Chris Marttila

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