This Week in SCOHA –September 18th, 2019

SCOHA 2019/2020

Week 2 is in the books. Legions of fans turned out for an action-packed Sunday of SCOHA hockey. Kids waited for autographs and selfies after games like never before. Let’s shake out the rug and see what went down.

BRUINS 2 OILERS 0: Lane Dunlop stayed in his lane all night, turning back more rubber than Pamela Anderson on a Tuesday afternoon, as his Bruins held off the Oilers 2-0. Justin Mol continued his torrid scoring pace to start the season with another goal while Andrew Clark set up both goals for the winners.

FLYERS 4 REDWINGS 4: As seen live on TSN4, the Flyers and Redwings played quite the spirited game, ending in a 4-4 tie. Ryan Haslam notched a pair for the Flyers while 4 different players replied for the Redwings. This game was anyone’s to win. “Both locker rooms were fine with the one point but early season points are key in building team confidence. We will go over some game films and be ready for a win next week”, Redwings captain Yves Bisson added.

BLACKHAWKS 8 PENGUINS 5: The Penguins had enough room to bring the marching band on the road trip with them.
Give these guys all the credit in the world, falling short 8-5 to the Hawks. Brett Rivers led the way with a pair of snipes while 6 others lit the lamp for the winners. Hawks’ Ron Cybulski pulled the team bus then tallied another 4 points, throwing his hat into the league scoring race, currently a 3-way tie going into this weekends’ action.

CANADIENS 2 FLYERS 1: Flyers had about 40 shots and 6 breakaways but Canadiens goaltender Bill Templeman had the cellophane wrapped around the net to secure the big win. Lemme tell you this for free: Templeman, when on his game, cannot be beat. His glove seemed like it was the size of a toilet seat. Back to the drawing board for the 0-2 Flyers who play the Leafs this weekend in a must win game for the mood in the room. “The chances are there, we are tearing the logo off the puck every night, the wins will come”, Dave “mayor of scohaville” chimed in.

PENGUINS 6 LEAFS 4: Bob Tenison picked up 3 goals like a vacuum picks up fallen French fries under a car seat as the Penguins staved off the Leafs 6-4 in front of an announced crowd of 6. Joe Millen helped out with a goal and an apple for the winners. Leafs’ Jason Aguanno scored 2 beauts in a losing cause but he still posted the gamesheet on the fridge with the letter G magnet.

BRUINS 5 BLACKHAWKS 1: The big bad BRUINS ARE OFF TO A 2-0 START TO THE SEASON. Tim Pettitt is flying out there. If he was Mary Poppins, he would say he doesn’t need a damn umbrella. 3 goals for Tim and Brian Powell’s 2 snipes led the way for the Brew Crew. Pettitt leads the league in points. Teams are strategizing to try and hold him off the game sheet. He said bring it on.

BRUINS 5 REDWINGS 1: J.J. MacNeil looked like Gerry Cheevers out there, stopping the puck in any way possible as his Bruins skated past the Redwings 5-1. Troy Izlakar scored a hat trick which brought the crowd to their feet more than once. The game sheet will be a focal point above Troy’s fireplace for a few weeks. Props to Grant Voisin for 3 helpers for the winners. He took a picture of the sheet to show family and friends.

BLACKHAWKS 3 FLYERS 3: 6 different players scored in this 3-3 saw-off. Hawks Bill Kircos and his unrelenting attack in the opposition end made for a high-paced, action packed game. 50/50 draw topped 12 bucks and every fan went home with a Kircos autographed puck.

FLAMES 5 SHARKS 4: Flames’ Ghislain Piche scored 2 of the finest goals ever scored in SCOHA as his team held off the surging Sharks 5-4 in the tsn4 late night game. Sharks Guy “Remington” Shaver creamed the puck for 2 goals and added an assist. Larry “the Cable guy” Litzgus also replied for the Sharks. A lot can be said for Flames’ Mike Vanderzee out there. His backhand is lethal. It could put a hole in the outhouse.

STARS 2 KINGS 1: What a barn burner! Both goalies stacked more pads than the ladies’ toiletry aisle at Shoppers. In the end, the Stars prevailed with a 2-1 squeaker. Hats off to both teams for a great game. Several scouts were on hand. Stars captain Chris Barratto manages his team’s salary cap like Homer Simpson managed the budget at the Springfield Sanitation Commission.

Well that all but seals the envelope on another week of SCOHA action. If there was any lingering doubt, each week will see the quality of play increase. Some guys are still either getting the rust off their skates or haven’t realized there is a piece of clear tape on their blade yet.

Shout out to the men in stripes who have done a great job so far and the timekeepers who are doing great!

That’s all from this end of the ice, have a great rest of the week. Junior Division switches back to Friday nights this week so they will have to set their pvr for those ridiculous movies on the W Network.

Chris Marttila

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