This Week in SCOHA – Dec. 4th, 2018

Another action-packed week of SCOHA hockey that has many fans sitting on the edge of their sofa’s.  Just a heads up, message your team rep if you detect any gamesheet errors and have them email me before the 8pm Monday deadline so I can fix it before posting the weekly update. That being said, let’s dive in and take a closer look at this past week’s results before I forget all these cheesy one-liners...



BRUINS 6 BLACKHAWKS 2: Glenn Erskine handed out 3 apples and Andrew Clark tucked away 2 goals as the Bruins took care of the Blackhawks 6-2 on Friday night while the rest of us were home putting up the tree. 3 wins in a row for the B’s as they are hitting their stride at the right time. 2 points now separate 2nd and 5th place in a jammed up Junior Division race. Blackhawks’ Mike Troback had his work boots on, collecting 2 goals for the Hawks who had a modest 4 game winning streak snapped.


OILERS 6 FLYERS 5: Oilers subbed in Dino LaPorta (backyarda) and it paid dividends as he scored 2, grabbed an apple on the way out and even sat in the box for 2 to make his presence felt on the ol’ game sheet. Dennis “Heradactal” Haradyn fired home his 1st goal of the season and celebrated like he just won a spiral ham at the Christmas bizarre. Steve Ditta nother great job, scoring 2 and adding 2 helpers for the Oilers who get back into the winning column after a couple losses. Flyers played with a depleted lineup as the sniffles are running rampid throughout their locker room. Ron “Good Grief” Vankleaf tallied a pair for the Flyers while Carlo Greco notched a productive 3 point night.


PENGUINS 6 REDWINGS 5: it was a typical #68 and #87 Penguin show down at the igloo as these guys continue to bulldoze their way through the schedule as the Pens slid past the Redwings 6-5. The Wings made things interesting with 2 late goals but couldn’t get the equalizer, making it 6 straight defeats but are keeping their chins up in the dressing room. “We are still having a fun season, the wins will come, the effort is there, we are just running in to some hot goaltenders”, said Ryan “my back is still” Aikens after the game. “Let’s load up the bus and get a good sleep before practice tomorrow”, he added.



PENGUINS 4 BRUINS 3: Bruins played alot of the game with no goalie, not even a rubber boot or a jersey hanging off the cross bar! This game should’ve been 84-2. Pens’ Dave Armstrong scored a goal and added an assist. This guy keeps it so damn simple out there, he loves books. Also on the penguins side of the sheet, Mike “Electric” Guitard had a solid game. He is so smooth out there, twists an Oreo open and all the cream is always perfectly on the one side! Golf clap as he scored his 1st of the season. Bruins Wayne Slewinski did his part, scoring a hat show but that backfired like a 73 Dodge Monaco as the Brew Crew lost a big game.


FLYERS 4 BLACKHAWKS 3: Flyers Mike “Hagandaas” Hawes aka the Green Hornet, lit the lantern for his 1st of the year then celebrated until the wee hours as the Flyers held off the Hawks 4-3. This game went back and forth like fans were watching a tennis match, but the Flyers hung on to erase a 2 game losing streak. Flyers dman Ryan “Long Branch” Maybrey went through the Hawks team a few times, did everything but bonk them all on the head with an empty wrapping paper tube.  Hawks were led by Walt Blagdon who is your typical apple machine, adding another 2 assists to his basket. Strong games by bother tenders but Flyers squeeked out the W. Flyers welcomed back gritty forward Ryan “Hall Monitor” Hall after being absent for 10 games. Turns out he still had last year’s schedule under the gino’s pizza fridge magnet.


CANADIENS 4 LEAFS 1: Habs’ Rob Baker scored his 10th and finally got an assist! Hey goalies here’s a tip, he’s shooting.

Rob continues his romaine lettuce off-ice regiment and despite the constant trips to the bathroom, is feeling a heck of alot better out there. Canadiens’ promising young upstart Alfonso “Tinman” Tinebro chipped in with a sweet goal that would make Guy Lafleur raise a brow. Leafs were missing 9 foot 3 goalie Bill Templeman this week but their fill-in played a solid game despite the loss.



FLYERS 7 BLACKHAWKS 2: Look out league, the John Annibale freight train is back on track. 2 goals helped lift the Flyers off the ground, beating the Hawks 7-2. Flyers are runway is wide open and they are ready for takeoff after hanging low for a few weeks. These guys are for real. Robert Jacobs gingle-heimered the Flyers with a pair of beauts for the winners and Bill Pauhl grabbed 3 apples off the shelf.


STARS 6 FLAMES 2: Stars’ Kelly Rintjema is always in the right spot at the right time. Grabbing points like they are going out of style. Another 2 assists for him in this game. He is a lot like my cat, Nuffers, always has eyes wide open for anything to jump at and is all over it like a moth on a porch light. 2 wins and a tie for the Stars in their past 3 games. Good job, fellas. Stars’ Guy “Remington” Shaver continued his smooth play of late, scoring 2 for the winners. Sub goalie Alex Greychuck filled in admirably in Brian Deanes’ absence.


SHARKS 3 REDWINGS 3: While the rest of us were roped in to a hot chocolate and a drive around to look at Christmas light date night, these 2 teams were battling it out on the ice. Sharks’ Mark “Slim” Shadwell with 2 goals while Danny DiGiacinto (took me 8 tries to type that name right) was on Shark Patrol on this night, scoring his first 2 goals of the year.


KINGS 2 BRUINS 2: For those fans clammering for a high scoring affair, good luck with that. A defensive battle where things were tighter  than a snare drum. Not many chances but hey, let’s still give the goalies a high 5 for their effort. Bruins tied the thing up with only 25 ticks left on the clock. Kings’ Munish Baranowski put his whistle away and scored a sweet goal. Kings’ Mike Vanderzee was buzzing around the ice like he was on a mission. I mean this guy drinks dirt bike juice before the game.


At any rate, that was the week in a nutshell. Fans are starting to fill the seats, concession sales are booming, and TSN is looking at adding SCOHA to their broadcast schedule. Special thanks to Masters Whirling Dervish Jimmy Albanese for stopping by our table Sunday night for some nostalgic stories about the league.  And oh ya, ask for bacon on your teams’ free pizza, you will thank me later. That’s all from this end of the ice..


Chris Marttila

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