This Week in SCOHA - Oct.30th, 2018

Before puck drop, let’s hope the guy who broke his femur this past weekend is feeling a bit better and knows we were all worried about him. 

With Halloween less than a day away, several players brought out their special broomsticks, showed some tricks, and treated themselves to their first goal of the season. Stick tap to all 10 of you who scored. More firsts than Grade 8 prom night for crying out loud.

PENGUINS 3 REDWINGS 2: The Haslam brothers did the heavy lifting for the Penguino’s as they rallied past the Redwings 3-2. Dale Scott had some pre-Halloween sugar and scored a goal and an assist for the Redwings in a losing cause. Both teams are fighting for 2nd place trying to catch the Oilers for the division lead.

BLACKHAWKS 4 BRUINS 4: Dino LaPorta earned the construction helmet in the locker room after the game as he helped his Blackhawks tie the Bruins 4-4. LaPorta notched 2 goals and an assist while Justin Mol filled the net like a crab expedition on Deadliest Catch with 4 goals on the night.

OILERS 7 FLYERS 4: Jacob Denobriga had more luck than a 2-time Lottomax winner, firing home 4 goals for the winners. Flyers had 4 different goal scorers, who dip to 3-4-1 on the season. Flyers had the Nickelback tunes blaring in the room pre-game but that didn’t make a difference on this night.

PENGUINS 4 BRUINS 3: If you think the Penguins are about to slow down their pace, clearly it is time to pay your tab and leave the bar. Troy Izlakar drove the guys home with a goal and 2 assists while Bruins’ Wayne Sliwinski reminds us of a swiss army knife, he’s several parts to his game we would all want, adding 2 goals and an apple. Bruins are sitting in the basement but will get some more nails in the roof and be ready for next week. Bruins’ Tim Pettitt post game, “Well we can’t let our slow start get to us, we need to get more shots on goal and drive the net more. It’s still early, so stop asking me these ridiculous questions.” Bruins’ Denis Martin is still smiling like he slept with a hanger in his mouth after his 1st of the season.

FLYERS 4 BLACKHAWKS 2: For the Blackhawks, the cheese fell off the cracker on this night as the Flyers doubled up the Hawks 4-2. Brock “Nifty Mitts” Hotrum scored a goal and added 2 apples while Veljko try and pronounce his last name is still hanging off the glass after scoring a beaut for his 1st. Hawks’ Gary Poole put the winter cover on his 1st goal of this long season as well. The injury bug is going through the Flyers room like a redneck’s tooth through a cob of corn, but as team captain Dave Wichman adds, “My foot feels like the size of a vacuum cleaner right now but once I can get a damn skate on, I will be back in the best shape ever.”

CANADIENS 2 LEAFS 1: A Hockey Night in Canada slugfest had hockey fans smiling like a butcher’s dog waiting for this one. Habs’ Rob Baker was running the arena stairs before the game but got lost in the north end stairwell. Once he emerged, he found the net for the game winner. He is playing some king size kit kat hockey right now and has his team skating like they mean it. The Leafs offense got tangled up like a bag of Christmas lights but will find their stride next week. Both goalie’s stood on their ear lobes on this night.

STARS 6 BLACKHAWKS 3: Guy Shaver is the Chevy Silverado of the league right now. He racked up a hattie and an assist to spearhead the Stars over the Hawks 6-3. Stars’ goalkeeper Brian Deanes new pre-game yoga routine seems to be working wonders as he is knocking off each team one by one. Larry Litzgus also threw his hat into the circle, adding 3 assists for the Stars. Looks like ghosts scored 2 of the 3 Hawk goals as the scoresheet was left blank on 2 occasions. When Hawks forward Ed Walton was approached by reporters post-game, he added, “We telegraphed a few passes like it was 1837...” Brad Kinnear scored a “spook-tacular” goal for his first of the year.

FLYERS 2 FLAMES 2: Both teams played a solid 200 foot game as fans went home either happy or sad thanks to a 2-2 draw. Enzo Giammichele (say that fast 3 times) scored a pretty sweet goal for his 1st of the year, going end to end like our old buddy, Bobby Orr once did. Words fail me on what else to say about this game... Zamboni missed a spot, i dunno....

KINGS 7 REDWINGS 1: A real saliva test for the Redwings went south in a hurry as the Wings got folded up like a used picnic blanket 7-1 by the Kings. Jim Marfisi and Rob “chicken and cheese” Nacha led the way with 3 points each while the Kings defence was tighter than a snare drum. Another 2 goals for Joe “thank you very” Muchynski, great game fellas. Redwings remained on the ice post-game for a no-puck intense practice, they are promising a solid effort next week.

BRUINS 3 SHARKS 2: Mike Martini poured himself his 1st of the season but it wasn’t enough as the Bruins harpooned the Sharks 3-2 in front of a small crowd Sunday night. The 50/50 winner took home 3 bucks, but someone shorted a dime. Thanks to Joe LoCicero for donating the losing amount. Bruins Gary Guthro, back after a few weeks, went bar down with a nifty goal to lead the winners. Mike Archer did his part, setting up 2 goals for the Sharks.

That’s all from this end of the ice...

Chris Marttila

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