This Week in SCOHA - Oct 16th 2018


OILERS 7 BLACKHAWKS 1: The Oilers just keep on rolling, trouncing the Blackhawks 7-1. A team effort as several different players scored for the division leaders. This game was more overmatched than Mike Tyson trying to recite the alphabet. Blackhawks refuse to let this game ruin a great room. Towering Hawks player Pat Robb post game, “We just have to hit the gym again tomorrow, stay positive, and come back to the rink next week and get a W.”

PENGUINS 6 FLYERS 2: Michael Haslam all wondering who that guy was out there! #87 scored 3 times for the Pens as they wrote up a 6-2 win against their arch rivals, the Flyers. Flyers vow to play some rock music before next game to get the energy levels up a bit higher after this loss that has them 3 point out of first place. “We let this one get away, give them credit, they showed up at the rink with their work boots on, we didn’t”, a somber Carlo Greco explained.

BRUINS 3 REDWINGS 3: Justin Mol and Bob Tenison both had a pair of goals for their respective teams as the game ended in a 3-3 saw-off. Defense was tighter than a snare drum on this night as both teams seemed to execute the trap better than Captain Highliner.


CANADIENS 4 BRUINS 1: Rob Baker had a can of Jolt Cola before the game which gave him enough energy to score 2 goals for the Habs. Alfonso Tinebro canned 2 assists for the winners while Wayne Sliwinski tallied the lone marker for the Bruins who are off to a slow start. Rumours are starting to swirl about a coaching replacement for the 1-4 Bruins but it’s still early...

BLACKHAWKS 3 PENGUINS 0: The first place Blackhawks cooled off the Penguins 3-0 thanks to goaltender Steve Cuthbert’s shutout. The Penguins offense folded up like an Ontario map but they fired a ton of pucks at Cuthbert. Back to the drawing board for the Penguins next week.

LEAFS 6 FLYERS 3: Bob Tenison put a bandage on this one with a pair of goals while Paul Cleary saw the ice well on this night, adding 3 assists. Flyers were down a couple key players as Dave Wichman and Jason Hoffman missed the game due to injury. Both are lower body, team refused comment after the game. Bill Templeman made more saves than a Baywatch lifeguard, making some key stops as the Flyers began to surge in the second period.


KINGS 2 BRUINS 1: Henry Marfisi and Bob Wallace each potted 2 points each, rolling up a key win, as the Kings skated all over the joint in a 2-1 win over the Bruins. Cheesy cannabis puns aside, this defensive battle was a throwback to the old days.  Bruins goalie Joe Locicero made several dazzling saves, looking like Animal from the Muppets behind the drums with quick hands throughout the game.

SHARKS 3 REDWINGS 1: Mark Shadwell wasn’t tired from all the turkey as he helped the Sharks put a bite into the Redwings 3-1 in front of a packed crowd. Mike Archer spearheaded the win with 2 assists while Brian McNamara found the twine for the Redwings who sit in the middle of a log jam in the standings.

BLACKHAWKS 6 FLYERS 2: Bill Kircos napped for 4 hours before the game, grabbed a triple double en route to the rink and played the game of his life, scoring 2 goals for the Hawks in a 6-2 win over the Flyers. Tony Vastano chipped in with 3 points to get the Hawks their first win of the season. Arena staff stayed late to sweep up all the wripped up Pro Line tickets after this one. Hawks Danny Wilde began singing we are the champions in the locker room post game but was quickly reminded about more than ¾ of the schedule remains. Congrats on the win, fellas!

STARS 5 FLAMES 4: Larry Litzgus must’ve liked the scorekeepers perfume as he made his way to the box twice but Stars goalie Brian Deanes shut the door helping the Stars outshine the Flames 5-4. Pat McAleese notched a 3 point night while Bob Tirnanic found the net twice for the Flames who slipped to 2-3 on the year. Plenty of time left guys.

That’s all from this end of the ice...

PS: stick tap to the teams using the pre-printed roster labels!!!!! Makes things alot easier for me....

Chris Marttila

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