This Week in SCOHA - April 10th 2017



Bruins 4 - Red Wings 1         Bruins capped off a magical playoffs and downed the Wings. Tom Mitchell with a pair in this good game to close up the season for the Junior Division.



Flyers 10 - Penguins 9    TSN and ESPN are in a mad scramble to get the footage for their instant classic show. Flyers had leads of 5-0 and 7-3 and 8-5 and then had it all crumble with only 12 seconds left. It had to go to OT and nothing was decided and then went to shoot out  and the Flyers prevailed and proved that in the playoffs it all starts for real (they finished dead last in the regular season).  Big scores for Captain Dave's team Rob Baker with 4 goals and  3 helpers and Jim Lennie with 3 goals. Pens led by Captain Dave Armstrong with 3 goals as did Brian Powell with his own hat trick.



Sharks 4 - Red Wings 2    Sharks have done it a rare feat as they win back to back championships under Captain Ron. The game was a nail biter as the Sharks got a late empty net goal. Sharks had two goals by Mike Archer  and were aided by good goaltending by Richard Paquet. 

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