This Week in SCOHA - Feb 28th 2017

Junior: “Game 23” Last regular season game 

Flyers 4 - Oilers 4 Game 23 had a bunch of ties as the Flyers and Oilers battled to a draw
Bruins 1 - Blackhawks 1 The goalie dual of the weekend
Penguins 7 -  Redwings 4 Pens put the puck in the net 7 times as they were led by

Intermediate: “Game 23” Last regular season game

Sharks 8 - Penguins 3 The Pens got pounded often and early by the Sharks led by Mike Martini with a pair
Kings 2 - Flyers 2 Nice game by the Flyers going into the playoffs as they tied up the Sharks
Blackhawks 5 -  Bruins 3 Hawks got by the Bruins

Masters: “Game 23” Last regular season game

Canadiens 2 - Sharks 2 The Habs picked a point as they deadlocked the Sharks
Redwings 3 -  Blackhawks 2 Dale Brons of the Wings opened the scoring up quickly and he ended the game with a goal ( with about 12 seconds left) as the Wings clipped the Hawks
Flyers 4 -  Stars 4 The Flyers and Stars could not solve a thing on Sunday as it ended in a tie

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