This Week in SCOHA - Feb 10 2014

SCOHA 2013/2014

Intermediate Division 40+ games:

Flyers 4 - Avalanche 1. Flyers goal scores were Steve Saulnier with 3 and Joe Bedard, replying for the Avalanche - Mike Archer.

Blackhawks 6 - Bruins 4. Blackhawk goals with 2 goals each were Ed Walton and Dale Brons singles to Bill Kirkos and Brian Latimer. Bruins goals were Gary Guthro with a pair and singles to Nick Miscione and Paul Lewington.

Kings 6 - Penguins 4. Kings goals were Dino Guidice and Alasdair Smith with 2 goals each and singles to Frank Sergi and Dave McComb.Penguins goals were with the hat trick Marc Verrier and the single to Tim Pettit.


Masters Division 50+ games:

Devils 3 - Sharks 2. Devils goal scores were Mark Shadwell with a pair and Peter Syring with the single. Sharks goals were scored by Dino Cortina and Anthony Picone.

Canadiens 5 - Stars 4. Scoring for the Canadiens Vince Mercuri and John Oliviera with 2 goals each and Dave Jarvis with the single. Stars goals were from Bruce Gunby,Jim Swick, Bill Reid and Gord Bryce.

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